1997 F150 – Ford Expedition Radio Replacement Installation Instructions

Download Parts REQUIRED for the install Description Snap on in dash wire harness ** Please read instructions first Radio dash installation kit 1999 Ford F150/Expedition kit Optional parts for this install None. Remove Factory Radio STEP 1 : The plastic dash panel surrounding the radio must be removed. This dash panel simply unsnaps by pulling. With your hands, grab one corner and pull until the plastic dash panel completely pulls away from the main body of the dash. The Ford radio is snapped into the vehicles dash. With the proper tool, known as Ford radio removal keys, the Ford radio can be pulled forward out of the dash. A clothes hanger can be used instead of actual Ford radio removal keys. Cut the clothes hanger and bend 2 pieces in a ‘U’ shape. For more information on how to remove the radio, see the diagram below. STEP 2 : Pull the radio from the dash.… Read More

1990 – 1995 Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Radio Replacement Installation Instructions

Download Remove Factory Radio STEP 1 : The Ford radio is snapped into the vehicles dash. With the proper tool, known as Ford radio removal keys, the Ford radio can be pulled forward out of the dash. A clothes hanger can be used instead of actual Ford radio removal keys. Cut the clothes hanger and bend 2 pieces in the shape as shown in the photos above. For more information on how to remove the radio, see the diagram below. STEP 2 : Pull the radio from the dash. Unplug the antenna cable from the rear of the radio. Unplug the 2 wire harness connectors from the rear of the radio. This vehicle may have the Ford Premium Sound System installed in the vehicle. When you pull the Ford radio out of the dash, there may be a square connector plugged into the rear of the Ford radio. If there is a square plug, then your vehicle has amplifiers.… Read More

2005 Ford Mustang GT Roush Fog Lamp Wiring Harness Installation Instructions

Download 1. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS STOP! READ IMPORTANT SAFETY CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS BEFORE PROCEEDING. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Appropriate disassembly, assembly methods and procedures are essential to ensure the personal safety of the individual performing the kit installation. Improper installation due to the failure to correctly follow these instructions could cause personal injury or death. Read each step of the installation manual carefully before starting the actual installation. 1. Always wear safety glasses for eye protection. 2. Place ignition switch in the OFF position. 3. Always apply the parking brake when working on a vehicle. 4. Block the front and rear tire surface to prevent unexpected vehicle movement. 5. Operate the engine only in well-ventilated areas to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide. 6. Do not smoke or use flammable items near or around the fuel system. 7. Use chemicals and cleaners in well-ventilated areas. 8. Batteries produce explosive gases, which can cause personal injury.… Read More

Ford Mustang Fuel Injection Conversion

Download These instructions will provide the basic and necessary information to allow a carbureted 302 to be converted to SEFI Fuel Injection. There are several different types of fuel injection conversions available, however, this instruction will concentrate on the High Output, MASS-AIR setups found on the 92-93 Ford Mustangs. There are two main advantages to using this type of setup. The first advantage is that the computer in the MASS-AIR system will automatically compensate for any engine modifications that have been done prior to the installation of the fuel injection system. The second advantage is that fuel is sent to each cylinder individually only during the appropriate firing cycle, meaning that fuel is sent sequentially to each cylinder only when the spark plug is ready to fire. This makes for an extremely efficient firing cycle . SEFI stands for Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection. This system is complex to be sure, therefore, this instruction is going to skip all the technical mumbo-jumbo, and focus on the bare essentials to install this system properly.… Read More


Download KIT FEATURES • DIN Radio Provision with Pocket • ISO Mount Radio Provision with Pocket • Double DIN Radio Provision • Stacked ISO Mount Units Provision • Painted To Match Factory Dash • A) Radio Housing • B) ISO Brackets • C) ISO Trim Plate • D) Double DIN Brackets • E) Double DIN Trim Plate • F) Pocket • G) (2) Top Clips and (4) Middle Radio Housing Clips Wiring & Antenna Connections (sold seperately) XSVI-5520-NAV – Ford Interface AFSI-02 – if equipped w/ sync 70-5522 – Ford Sub Harness KIT COMPONENTS A TOOLS REQUIRED: Small Flat Blade Screwdriver/ Panel Removal Tool • Phillips Screwdriver • Socket Set • Cutting Tool. 95-5816 DASH DISASSEMBLY. to prevent an accidental short cir- cuit. 1 Unclip and remove the trim panel surrounding the shifter and including the cup holders. (Figure A) Remove (2) 9/32″ screws facing up above the gauge cluster then unclip and remove the trim panel surrounding the gauge cluster.… Read More


Download What is an auxiliary input adapter ? An auxiliary input adapter is a vehicle specific device that connects to the radio’s CD Changer/DVD or Rear Seat Entertainment port and converts it to an audio input. With this auxiliary input installed you can connect and listen to any audio device (iPod, MP3, DVD, Sat Radio tuner etc) on the car speakers. The FRD04-AUX also features a built-in audio adjustment pot with 0 to +20dB input sensitivity range of 0.475 volts to 4.75 volts (peak to peak) which allows you to match the audio level of the Auxiliary device to that of the AM/FM Radio or CD. All Ford Compatible radios must have an “AUX” button and 16-pin “Phase II” radio connectors in the following vehicles: FORD LINCOLN 2007-08 Edge 2006-07 Mark LT 2007-08 Expedition 2007-07 MKX 2006-08 Explorer 2007-08 Navigator 2004 -08 F-150 2006 Zephyr 2005 -07 F-250 2005-07 F-350 2005-07 F-550 MERCURY 2005-08 Focus 2005-06 Montego 2005-0-7 Freestyle ² 2006-08 Milan 2005-06 Mustang 2006-08 Mountaineer 2007-08 Sport Trac.… Read More

1990-1993 Acura Integra Radio Replacement

Download Remove Factory Radio NOTE : To remove the Honda factory radio, (2) two screws at the rear of the radio must be removed from underneath the radio which can be accessed from behind the radio. The Honda radio is secured to the pocket below the radio and will pull out of the dash connected together as one unit. STEP 1 : Move to the passenger side of the vehicle. The screws that secure the radio/pocket assembly to the dash are at the rear of the radio. The only way to access these screws is to look up at the rear of the radio from the passenger side of the vehicle. With an 8mm socket or phillips screw, locate and remove the screws as can be seen in the photos shown in the NOTE to the left. STEP 2 : Once the screws at the rear of the radio/ pocket assembly have been removed, the radio can be pulled forward out of the dash.… Read More

FORD Focus Edge Fusion Interface Installation Manual

Download This interface can insert RGB navigation/2AV/Camera signal onto Ford Focus, Edge ,Fusion and other ford screen. Features of this interface: ? It is compatible with all Ford 4Pin LVDS screen CD/screen systems which are available in Focus, Edge? ,Fusion and more, they have separate CD unit and screens. ? 64Mega dynamical memory is used inside for 2-dimensional spatial zoom and guarantee stable video signal to panel no matter what the input video source the installer use.[PAL/NTSC/No signal] ? Plug and play installation without hurting the original circuit and warranty label, Special PPS shell makes this interface stable against noise, Low EMI, and very reliable.[the black plastic shell is actually conductive] ? Optional Touch operation to installed DVD/TV tuner can be activated, so the installer can operate DVD without using the remote controller. ? Optional control port for installer’s expanding convenience, the control port has a Audio Relay selection trigger voltage ,also one touch screen selection trigger voltage, so the user can original touch screen for installer navigation unit, this is especially good for imported ford cars.… Read More

FORD LINCOLN MERCURY Satellite Radio Owners Manual Installation Instructions

Download 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing the iSimple® Media Gateway. The Media Gateway is designed to provide endless hours of listening pleasure from your factory radio. To ensure that your SCC1 satellite radio tuner performs correctly with your radio, we recommend that you read this entire manual before attempting installation of the Media Gateway. The Media Gateway allows connectivity for Sirius Satellite Radio tuner (SCC1 sold seperately) enabling full control of this device from the factory installed radio. It also retains original system features such as rear seat entertainment (if equipped). 2. Precautions PREVENTING DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE Some installations require you to make wiring connections. To eliminate the risk of an electrical short, we recommend disconnecting the vehicle’s battery prior to installation. If you do not feel comfortable making these connections, we suggest you seek professional installation. PROPER MOUNTING LOCATION Securely install the interface in a location free from: heat, humidity, moving parts, sharp metal edges or direct sunlight.… Read More