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2001-2005 Honda GL1800 Audio Amplifier Manual Installation Instructions

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This sheet must be read completely to: 1. Provide assistance/clarification to the installer. 2. Avoid causing injury to installer, customer, end user, or others. 3. Prevent damage to motorcycle and/or accessory. 4. Prevent death to customer or other vehicle operators . Installer: Please forward this sheet to the customer after reviewing it. 5. It is virtually impossible for us to be able to address every possible situation an installer or user will encounter. This requires both to exercise due diligence and to apply some level of common sense. If you have any question or problem during the installation, please contact us as necessary. Read the instructions completely prior to installation. 90% of questions we receive could be answered simply by reading the instructions in their entirety. Phone support will always provide the quickest response. Important Information in our instructions will be provided in the following manner: 6. SHOP TIP: this is information we have gathered from hands-on installs or customer feedback.… Read More

Honda VTX1800 S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit Manual Installation Instructions

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Statements in this instruction sheet preceded by the following words are of special significance. WARNING Means there is the possibility of injury to yourself or others. CAUTION Means there is the possibility of damage to the part or motorcycle. NOTE Other information of particular importance has been placed in italic type. S&S recommends you take special notice of these items.
INSTALLATION: 1- Remove the stock air cleaner housing according to the Honda® factory service manual. 2- Remove the intake duct control hose from the intake duct control solenoid according to the Honda factory service manual. See Picture 1. 3- Install the rubber vacuum line cap over the intake duct control solenoid fitting. 4- Remove the intake air temp sensor from the air box as shown in Picture 2. 5- Install the intake air temp sensor into the aluminum back plate with the included 10-24 x 1/2″ socket head cap screws as shown in Picture 3 making sure to use Loctite® 243 on the threads.… Read More


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Download The interface is truly plug and play. The factory connectors are individually keyed so you cannot plug them into the wrong location. 1. VEHICLES WITH OR WITHOUT A FACTORY XM TUNER PRESENT • The installation of the HONDA/ACURA LOCKPICK is the same for vehicles with or without a factory XM tuner present. After gaining access to the back of the radio, locate the 14 pin connector which matches the connectors of your IPOD LOCKPICK harness. Unplug the factory 14 pin connector and plug it into the female connector of the LOCKPICK harness. Then plug the male end of the harness into the former factory location 2. PROGRAMMING YOUR INTERFACE • The HONDA/ACURA IPOD interface is universal in application and requires only a simple switch setting to properly program it to match your vehicle and options. The IPOD LOCKPICK is shipped with all switches in the UP position. If your vehicle is already equipped with a factory XM tuner then place switch 4 in the DOWN position.… Read More

2002 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis Workshop Manual

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Download Adjust the blower motor setting to LO and then to HI. * Does the blower motor operate correctly? Yes REPAIR circuit 515 (OG/RD) for a short to ground. TEST the system for normal operation. No GO to R2 . R2 CHECK THE BLOWER MOTOR SPEED CONTROL Blower Motor Speed Control C1308 EATC Module C228b * Does the blower motor operate? Yes INSTALL a new blower motor speed control. TEST the system for normal operation. No GO to R3 . R3 CHECK THE BLOWER MOTOR SPEED CONTROL CIRCUITS FOR AN OPEN Blower Motor Speed Control C1308 Measure the resistance between the blower motor speed control C1308: * pin 1, circuit 269 (LB/OG) and the EATC module C228b pin 10. * pin 2, circuit 752 (YE/RD) and the EATC module C228b pin 23. * pin 3, circuit 754 (LG/WH) and the EATC module C228b pin 24. * Are the resistances less than 5 ohms?… Read More

2003 Honda RSX Shift Knob Manual Installation Instruction

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Download PARTS LIST Flange nut Wire tie Collar INSTALLATION 1. Push down the plastic top of the boot with both hands, and remove the shift knob by turning it counterclockwise.Ring 3. Push the boot so it is inside out. 4. Using a utility knife, cut off the wire tie. Take care not to damage the boot when cutting the wire tie. 5. Insert the ring from the kit into the opening of the boot with the wrinkled leather end facing down. 9. Reinstall the console trim. 10. Install the flange nut on the shift lever to the end of the threads. Note the direction of the flange nut. 7. Turn the boot so it is right side out.
8. Fit the retaining tabs on the collar into the grooves on the ring by squeezing them with your hand. Check that the retaining tabs on the collar are aligned in the ring grooves properly.… Read More

Honda QH5000 Quick-Hitch Manual Installation Instructions

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This manual covers the installation and operation of the Honda QH5000 Quick-Hitch on Honda RT5000, Honda H5013, and Honda H5518 tractors. A parts list and customer service information are included on’ pages 5 and 6. Make sure this manual remains with the Quick-Hitch if resold.
1. HITCH PIVOT INSTALLATION RT5000 and H5013 Tractors: The 16.1 mm diameter hitch pivots provided with the tractor must be replaced with 22.1 mm diameter pivots. Pivot, 22.1 mm (2 required) H/C 3502374; P/N 76323-752-JO0 a. Remove the six 8 x 16 mm flange bolts from lower frame cover B, and remove cover B for access to the hitch pivot rear mounting holes. It is not necessary to remove lower frame cover A. b. Remove the three 8 mm flange bolts from each hitch pivot, and remove the pivots. c. Install 22.1 mm diameter hitch pivots in the rear mounting holes, as shown, using the 8 mm flange bolts that were removed from the original hitch pivots.… Read More

Ford 8.8 31 Spline-Bearing OXLocker Installation Manual

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This is your OX Locker installation manual for the Ford 8.8 This installation guide is illustrated with a Jeep TJ (rear). Note: Use of an installation kit that includes the following Timkin bearing and race part numbers is required: 31 Spline-Bearing # LM603049 Race # LM60312.
Carrier Assembly. 1. Install the 4 springs in the 4 chamfered holes. 2. Install thrust washer behind locking side gear. 3. Remove the small cap, locking ring, locking gear and the following parts shown-set screw, dowel pin, shaft, spider gear (on opened end) spider gear washer, spider gear cap and snap ring. 4. Your carrier should now look like this-open on one side with the shaft and spider gear missing. This will enable you to install your axles and c-clip later through these procedures. 5 Install locking side gear with gears facing engagement with spider gears. 6. Slide the ring gear around the carrier.… Read More

FORD DIESEL ENGINES Hydronic5 Espar Heater System Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair Manual

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HYDRONIC 5 for FORD DIESELENGINES Heater Model 25 1920 05 Installs are for models 250/350 4 wheel drive & 4 wheel ABS 2 wheel drive & 4 wheel ABS. Heater Warnings to Installer •Correct installation of this heater is necessary to ensure safe and proper operation. Read and understand this manual before attempting to install the heater. Failure to follow all these instructions could cause serious or fatal injury Explosion Hazard •Heater must be turned off while re-fueling. •Do not install heater in enclosed areas where combustible fumes may be present. Fire Hazard •Install the exhaust system so it will maintain a minimum distance of 50mm(2″) from any flammable or heat sensitive material. •Ensure that the fuel system is intact and there are no leaks. Asphyxiation Hazard •Route the heater exhaust so that exhaust fumes cannot enter any passenger compartments. •If running exhaust components through an enclosed compartment, ensure that it is vented to the outside.… Read More

2007 Ford Fusion SA315 Siren Speaker Bracket Installation Instruction

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Download 1. Remove the plastic cover located in the front of the vehicle, under the hood (Fig. 1). 2. Remove the 2 bolts holding on the hood latch mechanism and set the hood latch aside (Fig. 1). Do not disconnect the cable. 3. Install the siren speaker to the mounting bracket as shown below. 4. The bracket mounts to the metal frame (Fig. 2) of the vehicle. Hold the bracket (with speaker) onto the mounting area in its exact mounting position and secure it with the 4 self-drilling screws supplied. You will need to first drive the self-drilling screws in part way, with a drill and socket. Caution:You must drive the self tapping screws in with a drill and socket until they are tightened almost all the way, then finish tightening them by hand. If you drill them all the way in, they will strip the hole. 5. Extend the WHITE (positive) and BLACK (negative) speaker wires to your siren amplifier and connect as shown in the amplifiers instructions.… Read More

Honda CB 750 Hypercharger Kit Installation Instruction

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Download Part # Included 600163 1 Hypercharger Assembly 8513 1 K&N Hyper Filter 609432 1 Bracket/Adapter Kit, including: 1 Hyper Mounting Bracket 1 Idle Adjustment Mounting Bracket 2 M6 Aluminum Tapered Bolt Cap 1 Rubber Manifold 2 1″ x 0.75 OD Aluminum Spacer 1 Rubber Bump Stop 2 M6 x 1.0 x 45mm SHCS Fastener 3 1/4-20 x 5/8″ SHCS Fastener 3 1/4-20 Hex Nut 1 Anti-Seize Compound 1 Barbed Nylon Hose Connector 1 90-degree Barbed Nylon Hose Connector 619432 1 Elbow and Connector Kit, including: 1 10″ Float Bowl Hose 5/16″ ID 1 16″ Vacuum Hose 5/32″ ID 1 Barbed Nylon “T” Hose Connector 1 1/8″ Threaded Nylon Plug 609432JJK 1 Jet Kit for Shadow 750 1 3.0 Drill Bit 1 M4 x .7 Tap 1 #140 Main Jet 1 #145 K Main Jet 1 #1.2 Small-headed Air Bleed, Threaded 1 0.55mm Shim 309432 1 Installation Instructions. tools suggested Allen wrenches, sockets, and #2 Phillips screwdriver.… Read More

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