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2002 Land Rover Freelander Camshaft Timing Belt Service Repair

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Download Remove 1. Disconnect battery earth lead. 2. Remove ancillary drive belt . 3. Remove RH front road wheel. 4. Remove 3 bolts securing RH splash shield to body and remove shield. 5. Remove 3 bolts securing camshaft timing belt LH rear cover and remove cover. 6. Rotate crankshaft in a clockwise direction and align the engine “SAFE” position, notch on crankshaft pulley aligned to the “ARROW” on front mounting plate and the timing marks aligned on the rear camshaft gears as illustrated. Align Front Timing Belt. 7. Remove bolt securing PAS pipe to engine front mounting plate. 8. Remove 3 Torx screws securing PAS pump pulley and remove pulley. 9. Remove 3 bolts securing PAS pump to front mounting plate and tie pump aside. 10. Release alternator battery lead terminal cover, loosen terminal nut and disconnect lead from terminal. 11. Disconnect multiplug from alternator. 12. Remove lower bolt and upper nut and bolt securing alternator to front mounting plate.… Read More

2000 Volkswagen Beetle Vehicle starts and stalls

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Download Vehicle Application: 2000 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L, GAS, Eng Des AEG 2002 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L, GAS, Eng Des AZG 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan 2.8L 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L, Eng Cfg L4, Eng Des AEG 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L, Eng Des AVH 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.8L, Eng Cfg V6, Eng Des AFP 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L, Eng Cfg L4, Eng Des AVH 2001 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0L, GAS, Eng Des AVH 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS Wagon 1.8L 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0L, Eng Des AEG 2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L, Eng Cfg L4, Eng Des AVH, USA/Canada 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8L 2007 Volkswagen Passat 3.6 3.6L 2002 Volkswagen Beetle 1.9L, DIESEL, Turbo, Eng Des ALH Customer Concern: Vehicle starts and stalls. Trouble code P1570 (17978). The security light is flashing. Tests/Procedures: 1. As of model year 2000, Volkswagen has changed the immobilizer system and the 7 digit PIN numbers are no longer available to the aftermarket.… Read More

1994 Ford Mustang Heating and Defrosting REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION

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Download 1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . 2. Remove two console armrest mounting access covers (047A62) at rear of console panel (045A36) (snaps out) to gain access to armrest retaining bolts. 3. Remove four armrest-to-floor bracket retaining bolts and remove armrest assembly (snaps out of console). 4. Remove console panel gear shift plate (044G24) (snaps out). On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, shift boot is attached to bottom of finish panel. Remove shift knob and slide boot and console panel gear shift plate up shift lever to remove. 5. To remove top finish panel position emergency brake lever in the UP position. Remove four retaining screws and lift top finish panel up. Disconnect necessary wire connectors. 6. Remove two console-to-rear floor bracket retaining screws. 7. Insert a small screwdriver into two notches at bottom of front upper finish panel and snap out. 8. If the vehicle has a radio chassis (18806) , the radio chassis must be removed.… Read More


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Download 1. Read all warnings and instructions completely and carefully before you begin. 2. Check to make sure the kit is complete (refer to the Parts List, section E). 3. Only install this kit on the vehicle for which it is intended. If anytime during the installation you encounter something different from what is outlined in the instructions, call technical support at (928) 636-0979. 4. Park the vehicle on a clean, dry, flat, level surface and block the tires so the vehicle cannot roll in either direction. 5. Disconnect both battery cables. Disconnect the negative cable (1) first, then the positive cable (2) from the battery (3). 6. Remove cover (4) and airbag “SIR” fuse (5) from fuse panel (6).Get ready to install the kit. 1. Remove the grille. a. Remove ten pull clips (7) and grille (8) from core support (9). b. Remove two turn signal lamps (10) from turn signal housings (11).… Read More

Audi A4/VW Passat (B5 chassis) 1.8T Front Mounted Intercooler

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Download :- vehicle lift or Jack and axle stands, T25 and T30 Torx drivers, 6mm Allen key or socket, 7mm spanner, 10mm spanner, flat and pozzidrive screwdrivers, hacksaw (blade for cutting aluminium), drill and 6mm drill bit. Large side cutters, craft knife Overalls, safety footwear, latex gloves and safety glasses are also recommended. 1/ Raise vehicle and remove the engine undertray. This will be fixed by up to 7 screws that are released by turning anticlockwise through 90°. Then remove the 5x T35 screws from the inner front edge of each front wheelarch as pictured below. Now remove the 2 outer lower grilles from the front bumper and remove the 2 securing bolts as shown (6mm cap head bolts). Passat will require the indicators unclipping and the t30 screw on the top edge of the bumper removing and may not have the bolts as pictured below. Disconnect the front fog light electrical connections and remove the whole front bumper assembly.… Read More

Audi A4 and Volkswagen Passat 1.8T BCS (Boost Control System) Installation Instructions

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Download 1) In order to gain access to the engine computer, it is helpful to reposition the windshield wipers. Turn the ignition on and turn on the windshield wipers. When the wipers reach the vertical position, turn off the ignition. Make sure the ignition is turned off and the key is removed before continuing with the installation. 2) Inside the engine compartment there is a plastic box near the firewall on the driver side. In order to access the back screw, remove the plastic cap located adjacent to the driver side wiper arm. Remove the screws that hold down the plastic cover. 3) Remove the black plastic cover to access the ECU. 4) Find a suitable location to mount the BCS. In most cases the unit is installed in the opening of the center console near the car stereo. The unit is held in place with the Velcro that is provided.… Read More

2006 Honda Civic SI Comptech Supercharger Kit Installation Instructions

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Download STEP #1 Evacuate A/C system: • Have your local Air conditioning shop remove the HFC-134a refrigerant from your A/C system. They can reuse your coolant. After the supercharger installation you will need to return the car to them and have them refill and charge the system. This service should cost approximately $80.00. STEP #2 Remove ECM and ship to Hondata: • Remove the battery. • Remove ECM cover (A). • Remove bolts (D), then lift up the ECM. • Disconnect the ECM connectors A, B, and C. • Remove ECM and ship to Hondata (see Address to right.) STEP #3 Drain Coolant: • Jack up and support the front of the car on jack stands. • Make sure the engine is cool and remove the radiator cap. • Drain the cooling system by loosening the drain plug (A) at the bottom of the radiator. • Once all of the coolant is drained close the drain plug.… Read More

1996-1999 Audi A4/1998 VW Passat Short Shifter Installation Instructions

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Download The following parts are included in this package: – Shifter – Shift Linkage Bracket The following tools are recommended for installation: – 13mm socket and ratchet – 10mm socket and ratchet – socket wobble (universal joint) attachment – socket extension – snap ring / circlip pliers – 6mm allen socket head bit – flexible plunger-type four-claw retriever – torx T-25 driver (only for 2000 A4, S4 and A6 Biturbo) Installation Tips Familiarizing yourself with the short shifter pieces will help make the installation process very easy. Take the time to study each of the pieces that make up the short shifter and read through the installation instructions before you begin. Step 1 – Remove shift knob Step 2 – Remove shift boot Pry up the edges of the shift boot with fingertips, remove from console. Step 3 – Remove black plastic collar Step 4 – Remove circlip Use circlip pliers to remove circlip from shift lever.… Read More

Audi A6 spec.dock iPod Solution Installation Instructions

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Download removing the OEM ashtray insert from the ashtray carrier, exposing the two Torx T-20 screws in the base of the ashtray carrier. Remove these two screws and set aside. Using only your fingers, gently pull on the bottom edge of the climate control panel to release it, then work your way around the sides to the top to completely free the climate controls. Remove them from the dash completely by disconnecting the plugs on the back of the unit shown here. Once the climate controls are disconnected, do not turn on the vehicle ignition until they have been reconnected! Doing so will cause the airbag light to come on and stay on until reset. Next, using only your fingers again, pull down gently on the plastic trim panel located under the climate controls you just removed. This piece will snap down and then slide toward you. Set aside. Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the notch at the front edge of the ashtray carrier, and pry up gently to unsnap the front edge.… Read More


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Download •Double DIN Radio Provision •Stacked ISO Units Provision •A) Radio Housing • B) Rear Support Tray • C) ISO Brackets •D) Mounting Bracket (Acura legend) • E) (2) #8 x 1/2″Phillips Pan Head Screws •F) (6) #6 x 1/4″Phillips Flat Head Screws. 95-7801 DASH DISASSEMBLY ACURA CL 1997-1999 1 Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent an accidental short circuit. 2. Unclip the radio trim bezel and disconnect the clock and climate control wiring. Remove (2) 8mm hex-head screws securing the factory head unit and disconnect the wiring. (Fig. A). 3. Cut and remove all mounting clips on the Radio Housing EXCEPT clips “A” and “H” . (Fig. B) Skip to step #3b on Page 10.
ACURA INTEGRA 1990-1993. 1 Disconnect the negative batteryterminal to prevent an accidental short circuit. 2. Remove (3) screws from eachside of the center console and remove the console. Remove (2) screws securing the factory head unit to the sub-dash support bracket.… Read More

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