1982-2003 Ford Mustangs Double Hook Clutch Quadrant and Clutch Adjustment Kit INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Download DOUBLE HOOK QUADRANT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: At the bellhousing, remove the plastic splash shield. Use a pry-bar to slacken the clutch cable and disconnect it from the clutch fork. STEP 2: Under the dash, pull the end of the cable loose from the quadrant STEP 3: Under the dash there are two plastic parts that make up the factory clutch quadrant mechanism. They are held in place by clips on the end of the shafts. Remove the clips from the end of the shafts. STEP 4: Press the clutch pedal fully to the floor (you may have to pull the carpet aside) and pry the plastic quadrant and springs off. STEP 5: Press the clutch pedal to the floor again. Align the new aluminum quadrant with the shafts and slide the aluminum quadrant on. Center the quadrant in line with the hole where the cable comes through the firewall.… Read More

2007 Honda CB600 HORNET ASV C/5 Part# CRC510

Congratulations on your purchase of an ASV C/5 Sport Streetbike lever. The correct installation of control levers on a sport/street motorcycle is critical. Incorrect installation or the installation of an incorrect part can result in a malfunction of your clutch and / or front brake system. This lever should be installed by a certified mechanic; preferably at your local motorcycle dealer service dept. ASV Inventions, Inc. accepts no liability for malfunctions as a result of incorrect installation or the installation of a part that was not designed specifically for your motorcycle. Please check the list below to confirm that the correct year, make and model of your motorcycle is listed. If the correct year, make and model of your motorcycle is not listed below, then this part is notthe correct part for your motorcycle and must not be installed onto your motorcycle. Tools and supplies needed: 1) 10mm wrench or socket, 1) Flat blade screwdriver.… Read More

2002 Chrysler 300M Special GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL

Download 2002 Chrysler 300M Special V6-3.5L VIN G Vehicle Level Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Shift Linkage Shift Cable Service and Repair Floor Shift. 42LE – Automatic Transmission GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL 1. Using suitable size allen wrench, remove the shift handle retaining screw (Fig. 251). 2. Remove shift handle from shifter assy. 3. Remove console bezel from vehicle. 4. Loosen nut on shift cable adjust lever (Fig. 252) 5. Remove retaining clip from shift cable conduit bracket (Fig. 253). 6. Disconnect shifter cable from cable attach stud (pin) (Fig. 253). 7. Remove cable from center console routing. Leave flat on floor for ease of removal. 8. Raise hood. Remove gearshift cable from throttle/gearshift cable bracket (Fig. 254) 9. Unseat cable grommet at firewall and remove cable from interior of vehicle (Fig. 255). 10. Raise vehicle on hoist and disconnect fill tube bracket from transaxle. Rotate fill tube to gain access to shift cable clamp.… Read More

1996 Ford Bronco/F-Series Clutch Hydraulic Line

Download SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Description Tool Number Clutch Coupling ToolT88T-70522-A. Removal 1. Note the routing of the clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube (7A512) line from clutch master cylinder (7A543) to the clutch slave cylinder. 2. Remove retainer pin from clutch master cylinder holding clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube in place. 3. Raise the vehicle and install suitable safety stands. 4. Disconnect clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube from external clutch slave cylinder. On vehicles equipped with concentric clutch slave cylinders, remove tube using Clutch Coupling Tool T88T-70522-A. Installation 1. Follow the removal procedures in reverse order. 2. Bleed system. Refer to appropriate clutch hydraulic system bleeding procedure in the Adjustments portion of this section. Hydraulic Clutch Control System, 4.9L, 5.0L and 5.8L Gasoline Engines with Mazda R2 and S5-47 ZF Light-Duty and 7.3L and 7.5L S5-47 ZF Heavy-Duty Transmissions Section 08-02: Clutch Controls 1996 Bronco/F-Series Workshop Manual REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Procedure revision date: 05/18/2000 SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Description Tool Number Clutch Coupling ToolT88T-70522-A Item Part Number Description 1 2450 Brake Pedal and Bracket Assembly 2 N804443-S100 Clip 3 7A512 Clutch Slave Cylinder to Clutch Master Cylinder Tube 4 N806880-S100 Clip, Double 5 N620481-S2 Nut, M8-1.25 6 7A543 Clutch Master Cylinder 7 7A564 Clutch Slave Cylinder 8 7513 Clutch Release Lever Dust Shield 9 7515 Clutch Release Lever 10 7A554 Clutch and Brake Pedal Pivot Shaft Lever 11 620483-S2 Nut A — Tighten to 10-14 Nm… Read More

Honda Goldwing GL1200 Electronic Cruise Control Manual Installation

1st step. The actuator spool is installed in the CIU housing with the actuator cable. The actuator spool is rotated to fully extend the cable. 2nd step. The dual spool and carburettor cable are installed. The carburettor cable is attached to the lower groove in the dual spool. The other end of the carburettor cable is attached to the carburettors. Note the position of the roll pin. It is nearly contacting the end of the groove in the actuator spool. The free play in the carburettor cable must be adjusted so that the cable outer can be pulled out 2 ~ 3mm before the carburettors start to open. This ensures that the cruise control cannot prevent the carburettors returning to idle. If more free play is allowed the response of the cruise control is compromised. This adjustment of free play is usually performed after final assembly of the CIU is completed and the CIU is in its final location.… Read More

1988 Jeep Cherokee Clutch Hydraulic Installation Guide

REMOVAL & INSTALLATION TRANSMISSION Removal 1) Remove the shift knob and lock nut from transmission and transfer case shift levers (if equipped). On Wrangler models, remove screws attaching transmission and transfer case shift lever boots and remove both boots. 2) On all other models, raise outer gearshift lever boot and remove upper part on center console. Remove lower part of console, remove inner boot and gearshift lever. 3) On Wrangler models, remove transmission shift tower dust cover. Remove transmission shift lever and stub shaft. DO NOT remove shift lever from stub shaft. 4) On all models, raise and support vehicle. Drain transmission lubricant. Mark rear drive shaft for reassembly and remove rear drive shaft. Support transmission assembly and remove crossmember. Disconnect speedometer cable and wiring from back-up light switch. 5) On 4WD models, drain transfer case lubricant. Disconnect transfer case vacuum hoses and linkage. Tag vacuum hoses for reassembly. Disconnect front drive shaft and secure out of way.… Read More

1988-2007 Honda Shadow VT600 Zombie Levers Installation Manual

PROCEDURE: CLUTCH LEVER STEP 1 Read and understand all steps in the instructions before starting the installation. Park the motorcycle on a hard, level surface and turn off the ignition. STEP 2 Tighten the cable adjustment screw on the clutch perch in toward the lever to gain adequate slack for removing the clutch cable. STEP 3 When you have enough slack in the cable, you can remove the cable from the lever by lining up the slot on the adjustment screw and removing the cable from the lever. STEP 4 Remove the hardware that secures the lever to the perch. INSTALLATION STEP 5 With the old lever removed, you can install the new Zombie lever and secure it with the stock hardware removed in step 4. STEP 6 You can re-secure the clutch cable and tighten up the slack by turning the cable adjuster. You will want about a 1/8″ of play in the clutch lever after installation of the new Zombie lever.… Read More

Peugeot – Auxiliary Input Part No. PUGX1 Installation Guide

Download This Interface is designed for use with the majority of Peugeot models ranging from ’98. This is compatible with the following standard Peugeot head units: 106, 306 and 806 models with Philips Head Unit 22RC200/35/65 or Clarion Head Unit PU2294A 206/307 models with Philips/VDO Head Unit 22RC260/65Z, 22RC220/35Z or Clarion Head Unit PU2325A, PU2294C, PU2325B, PU2358A, PU2471A 406 models with Clarion Head Unit PU2184A / PU1633A / PU1646A This interface is not designed specifically for use with the Peugeot Satellite Navigation system, but in some instances it may work. When connected this interface will allow the audio from an auxiliary input (DVD, MP3 etc) to be played through the vehicles speaker system via the CD mode on the OEM head unit. PRECAUTIONS Vehicles manufactured after 1999 including 206, 307 & 607 may require the head unit initialising by a Peugeot main dealer. INSTALLATION It is important that the installation sequence is followed to ensure complete and proper recognition by the factory head unit.… Read More

Honda XR50 Takegawa Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Installation Instructions

Download 1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the installation. 2. Drain engine oil. Remove footpeg bar. Remove kickstarter. Remove rear brake pedal. Remove the right side cover. 3. Remove the ball retainer and spring. Remove the clutch lifter lever. Remove the oil through and spring. Remove the clutch lifter cam plate. 4. Remove the four bolts holding the clutch plate. Under this plate is the clutch locknut. Peel back the tab(s) on the lock washer. Remove this nut using either a Honda clutch locknut wrench or the Takegawa clutch locknut wrench (Part # 010-9-01-021, $26.98 MSRP). Aflywheel holder tool may help to remove this part. 5. Remove the lock washer B, 14mm lock washer and clutch asembly. 6. Install the Heavy Duty Centrifugal clutch assembly onto the crankshaft. install clutch assembly onto primary gear. Be sure to fully seat clutch assembly onto primary gear. Turn primary gear slowly by hand until clutch assembly drops over gear and into location.… Read More


Download 2006 Dodge Truck RAM 2500 Truck 2WD L6-5.9L DSL Turbo VIN C Vehicle Level Heating and Air Conditioning Compressor HVAC Compressor Clutch Service and Repair Service and Repair. DENSO A/C COMPRESSOR REMOVAL NOTE: * The compressor clutch assembly can be serviced with the refrigerant system fully-charged. * Typical A/C compressor shown in illustrations. 1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the accessory drive belt. 3. Disconnect the engine wire harness from the compressor clutch field coil connector (1) located on the top of the A/C compressor (5). 4. Remove the bolts that secure the A/C compressor to the engine and support the A/C compressor. 5. Carefully remove the compressor clutch field coil connector and wire lead from the connector bracket (2). 6. Remove the compressor shaft bolt (3). A band-type oil filter wrench or a strap wrench may be used to hold the clutch plate (4) from rotating during bolt removal.… Read More