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1995-2000 Audi A4 Cabin Filter Installation Guide

Filed Under (Audi) by admin on 24-12-2013

Download VW*Passat*B5*from*1997-2000; * Audi*A4*from*1995-2000 P3740,*C3740 Replacement interval 15.000 km/10,000 miles or after 12 months Intervalo de cambio 15.000 km o despues de 1 año Intervalle de remplacement 15.000 km ou une fois par an Assembly is the reverse order of operation Para concluir la instalacion, seguir el orden inverso Le remontage s’effectue dons l’ordre inverse Tools needed are a Phillips screwdriver. Open the hood. Notice the cover for the cabin filter is on the cowl on the passenger side. Remove the screw form the cover. Remove the cover by pulling toward the front of the vehicle. The filter is now visible. Remove by pushing up on the filter to loosen from housing and then pulling out toward the front of the vehicle. Replace with clean cabin filter. Replace cover by lining up the notches on either side of the cover plate to the grooves in the filter housing. Replace the screw in the cover plate.… Read More

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