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Download steps 1. Jack the front of the vehicle in accordance to manufacture recommendation and support with jack stands, so the front two tires are off the ground. 2. Remove the two front tires/wheels. 3. Disconnect the sway bar end links at the top. 4. Disconnect the brake line from the strut tower. 5. Separate the upper ball joint from the spindle. Use a ball joint separator or other suitable tool. 6. Remove the 3 upper strut mounting nuts on the top off the strut tower. 7. Loosen the lower strut bolt and nut and push the upper control arm up and pull the strut toward you. 8. Apply the thread lock to the (3) strut studs and install the stud extenders and tighten down. 9. Install the spacer lift on top of the strut plate. 10. Push the upper control arm up and push the strut inward and place the jack under the lower control arm and jack up so the strut studs will go threw the strut tower, use the new lock nuts and washers to install the strut.… Read More

1999 – 2002 Ford F-150 2WD and Ford Expedition Front Big Brake Update

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Download Kit Contents Your StopTech Big Brake kit includes the following: 1 pair of ST-40 four-piston calipers, sized specifically for the vehicle 1 set of high-performance street pads (not suitable for track use) 1 pair of 355 X 32mm two-piece rotor assemblies 1 pair of aluminum caliper adapter brackets 2 pair of 7/16-20 self-locking Jet nuts 2 pair of 12mm washers 1 pair of hub assemblies 1 pair of stainless steel brake lines 1 pair of Adel clamps 1 pair of 10mm button-head bolts (for use with the Adel clamps) 1 pair of self-locking nuts (for use with the Adel clamps) 1 pair of banjo bolts 2 pair of copper crush washer s 1 pair of rubber end caps. Tools and Equipment Required Different models and years of vehicle use different-sized fasteners, and every effort has been taken to correctly identify the proper sized tool for each step of the installation.… Read More


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Download REMOVAL Step 1 Before you begin – let vehicle cool for about an hour. Disconnect battery. Raise vehicle and support on jack stands. The higher you raise it, the easier it is to work under. If your installing a new transmission and converter, skip to STEP 3 Step 2 Drain oil from transmission by removing the drain plug. This is a good time to install a TCI® Drain Plug Kit, TCI® #805800. Pans without plug must be slowly removed by freeing one end and allowing bolts on other end to hold pan. The pan will drop down to allow the fluid to run out the end. Use a drain pan to catch fluid. Remove remainder of bolts and slowly lower pan and pour remainder of fluid in drain pan. Replace filter and clean pan and install new pan gasket. (New gaskets and filters available from TCI®). Reinstall pan and torque pan bolts to OEM specs.… Read More

FORD F150/250-350: 1987-1996/1998, FORD Ranger: 1993 and up MAZDA B Series: 1994 and up Tailgate Lock PL2300 Installation Instructions

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Download Installation 1. Lower the tailgate and remove the access panel with a Torx T-30 driver. 2. Release the rod ends from the plastic clips of the scissor links by prying the yellow clasps up with a screw driver. 3. Remove the two 10 MM nuts holding the scissor bracket and remove it and remove the handle. 4. Pry the plastic dust cover from the handle and discard it. 5. Slide the LOCK BRACKET over the driver’s side stud on the handle and slide the EL over the passenger’s side stud of the handle. 6. Insert them into the tailgate from the outside. 7. Insert the scissor bracket into the tailgate from the inside. Tighten it down with a nut on the driver’s side. 8. Turn the lock counter clockwise with the slot in the horizontal position. This is important for the next step. 9. Insert the BOLT ASSEMBLY and position it onto the driver’s side stud on top of the scissor link with the other nut.… Read More

Ford-Toyota-Lexus 555F Interface Module Wiring Installation Instructions

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Download The 555F interface module is used when installing remote start products in Ford, Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with factory immobilizers. The 555F allows for easy interfacing between the remote start and the factory immobilizer, while maintaining the integrity of the OEM system. WIRE CONNECTION GUIDE FOR FORDS RED (+)12V: Connect this wire to a fused (+)12V source. BLUE (-) ACTIVATION INPUT: Connect this wire to the (-) through activation output of the remote start system. 555FCAPSULE: The 555F capsule should be placed on the outside of the antenna ring as close to the ribbon cable as possible. LEARNING THE 555F CAPSULE FOR FORDS To program the 555F capsule for a Ford vehicle, use the procedure that corresponds to the appropriate vehicle year. 1996 and 1997 Ford Vehicles: 1. Install the remote start and make the appropriate wire connections on the 555F. 2. Make sure that the 555F capsule can reach the front of the key cylinder where the key is inserted.… Read More

1997 – 2002 Ford Econoline GRDP6 Guardian or Guardian II Lift Interlocks Installation Instructions

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Download Use the instructions that were included with the original Guardian or Guardian II kit, and make the following modifications: VEHICLE 1 HARNESS – 1997-2002 Econoline with Gas Engine and Transmission Code E or 9 only – This application will not have a Ford OEM Blunt cut wire for “Park”. An auxiliary 4-pin Park Harness (Part # GRDP6) will be needed and the Vehicle 1 Harness will need to be modified. Cut the Orange wire on the Vehicle 1 harness near the connector. Save the grommet, and discard the Orange wire. Locate the Ford gray 4-pin connector located above the transmission bell housing. Separate the connector halves and connect the gray “T” harness connectors from the GRDP6 Harness between them. Drill a 5/8″ hole in the bulkhead flange for the engine cover (see picture). Feed the two green wires through the hole from the engine compartment. Slide the saved grommet onto the harness and secure in the hole.… Read More

Ford Triton cylinder heads Spark plug thread repair

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Download Specifically designed and tested for 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L 2 and 4 valve heads, Model years 1991 through 2005 The only inserts approved by Ford Motor Company for the 5.4 and 6.8L 2 valve engines Ford Technical Service Bulletin # TSB07-15-2. The Ford Triton Spark plug holes have been divided into three Types for model years 1993 through 2005. The drawings below will help you identify each Type. Full-Torque spark plug inserts for aluminum heads are made of aluminum and are hard anodized to improve the strength and integrity of the threads. They are made of aluminum to insure they will transfer heat from the spark plug the same as original. Ford Motor has completed substantial dyno testing of Full-Torque inserts to validate and approve their use in aluminum cylinder heads. The chart to the right can be used as a guide only. Some heads manufactured between 1998 and 2003 may not conform to the chart.… Read More


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NOTES: • Purchase new VCT solenoid attachment bolts, as they are not reusable, and Silicon Gasket Sealant from a Ford Dealer. It is not recommended to use any other gasket sealant. • If doing the work in vehicle, purchase the special service tools required in the service procedures below from a Ford Dealer. a. The Wedge Tool is needed to hold the timing chain in place so the front cover does not have to be removed. This will save you a lot of time and work if you are working on an engine in a vehicle. b. If you are doing a new engine build-out of a vehicle, you will not need these tools. • Follow service procedures to remove ignition coils, oil level indicator, valve covers and camshafts. • Replace camshafts with Ford Racing camshafts: a. RH camshaft p/n: XE-6251-309994 b. LH camshaft p/n: XE-6C255-309995 • Follow service procedure to install Ford Racing camshafts, valve covers, dipstick, ignition coils and air induction system.… Read More


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Download What is an auxiliary input adapter ? An auxiliary input adapter is a vehicle specific device that connects to the radio’s CD Changer/DVD or Rear Seat Entertainment port and converts it to an audio input. With this auxiliary input installed you can connect and listen to any audio device (iPod, MP3, DVD, Sat Radio tuner etc) on the car speakers. The FRD04-AUX also features a built-in audio adjustment pot with 0 to +20dB input sensitivity range of 0.475 volts to 4.75 volts (peak to peak) which allows you to match the audio level of the Auxiliary device to that of the AM/FM Radio or CD. All Ford Compatible radios must have an “AUX” button and 16-pin “Phase II” radio connectors in the following vehicles: FORD LINCOLN 2007-08 Edge 2006-07 Mark LT 2007-08 Expedition 2007-07 MKX 2006-08 Explorer 2007-08 Navigator 2004 -08 F-150 2006 Zephyr 2005 -07 F-250 2005-07 F-350 2005-07 F-550 MERCURY 2005-08 Focus 2005-06 Montego 2005-0-7 Freestyle ² 2006-08 Milan 2005-06 Mustang 2006-08 Mountaineer 2007-08 Sport Trac.… Read More


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Download 1. With the truck parked on a clean, dry, and level surface set the parking brake. Chock the rear wheels. Using a floor jack raise the front of the truck and support the frame rail with approved jack stands. NEVER WORK UNDER AN UNSUPPORTED VEHICLE. 2. Using a 22 mm socket remove the lug nuts on the front wheels and remove the front wheels. 3. Measure the amount of thread showing on the torsion bar adjuster bolts. See Photo 1. Drivers Side ______ Passenger Side ______ Using a 18mm socket remove the adjuster bolt . 4. Remove the shock absorbers using a XX wrench. Retain factory hardware for reuse. 5. Using a Ford approved torsion bar tool as shown in Photo 2 to relieve the pressure from the adjuster bolt and treaded adjuster block. See Photo 2. 92754400 97-03 FORD TORSION BAR KEYS Thank you for choosing Rough Country for your suspension needs .… Read More

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