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Utilizing Tech 2 to Retrieve Part Numbers for Radios, Compact Disc (CD) Changers and Instrument Panel Clusters (IPC)

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Download Models: 2000-2008 Passenger Cars and Trucks (Including Saturn) 2003-2008 HUMMER H2 2006-2008 HUMMER H3 2005-2008 Saab 9-7X 2005-2008 Isuzu Conventional Medium Duty Models. This bulletin is being published in conjunction with a GMSPO Parts bulletin GMP04-018 (US only) in order to clarify that the removal of several components solely to obtain part numbers may not always be necessary. Parts numbers for numerous radios, CD changers and I/P clusters are retrievable using a Tech 2®. This eliminates the need to remove the component solely to determine the part number. The part number can typically be found under the “Data Display”, “ID Information” or “Module Information” Menu selection and is titled “8 Digit GM Part Number,” “End Model Part Number” or a similar data parameter. Note that if the component was removed during the diagnostic process, then the part number found on the part label can be used to order the replacement part.… Read More

Ford Focus Part Numbers: 60886 24805 77176 Installation Instructions

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Download Hitch Shown In Proper Position Wiring Access Location: PC1, 2 Equipment Required: Tin Snips Wrenches: 10mm, 11/16 1. Lower exhaust system at the rubber isolator. Spraying a lubricant on the metal hanger rod and the rubber isolator helps removal. 2. Loosen the heat shield by removing the nuts. Note: heat shield cannot be removed. 3. Trim heat shield around the notch at the attachment hole. SeeFigure 2. 4. Bend heat shield back into position and re-install nuts. 5. Using pull wires, feed spacers (Item 2) and carriage bolts into position (both rail) . Access hole located at end of the frame rail and before the impact bar. Leave pull wire attached. Note: It is much easier if bolt and spacer are not engaged while inserting them into frame, refer to illustration. See Figure 3 6. Install spacer (Item 2) between hitch and frame. Both sides. See Figure 2 7. Raise hitch into position over the exhaust.… Read More

2008 Honda Accord Windshield Manual Installation Instructions

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Vehicle type: Four-door sedan NAGS® numbers*: Windshield part numbers FW2814, solar, third visor, FW2815, solar, FW2816, solar, electrochromatic mirror; front door glass FD23508-09; rear door glass FD23510-11; rear vent glass FV23539-40; and back glass FB23512, solar, heated.
Preparation 1. Always wear eye and hand protection when working with glass. Make sure you have the right glass and moldings and the urethane systems you are about to use are current. Windshield part numbers areFW2814, FW2815, and FW2816. 2. Cover the front seats, floorboards, dash and steering wheel with a clean drop cloth or disposable plastic covers. 3. Drape a fender cover over the fender and tape up any vulnerable areas on the vehicle to protect against possible damage. Tape up the defroster vents to prevent debris from falling into the openings. 4. Tap the rear view mirror down and off the mirror pad. 5. Remove the windshield-wiper nut covers. 6. Remove the windshield-wiper nuts using a 17-millimeter wrench or socket.… Read More

2006 Honda Ridgeline Windshield Manual Installation Instructions

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Vehicle type: Four-door crew-cab pickup NAGS®numbers*: Windshield part numbers FW2538 solar, electro-chromatic mirror, with sunroof, heated wiper-park area; FW2537 solar, with sunroof, heated wiper-park area; FW2536 solar, electro-chromatic mirror, heated wiper-park area; and FW2535 solar, heated-wiper park area; front door glass FD22564-65 F R/L solar; rear door glass FD22566-67 R R/L solar; and back glass FB22675 center slider solar and FB22568 slider
A. Windshield
Preparation 1. Cover the front seats, floorboards, dash and steering wheel with a clean drop cloth or disposable plastic covers. Note: Always wear eye and hand protection when working with glass. Make sure that you have the right glass and moldings, and that the urethane systems you are about to use are current. Windshield part numbers are FW2538, FW2537, FW2536 and FW2535. 2. Pull the rearview mirror in a downward fashion off the mirror pad. 3. Release the two retainers on the inside of the glove box and pivot the box to expose the wiper-park heater connector.… Read More

2002-2003 Acura RSX Sport Springs Installation Instructions

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Download Remember to always use jackstands when not using an automotive lift. Always work in a clean environment and use the appropriate safety equipment and tools to avoid any potential damage or injuries. Comptech recommends the use of a Genuine Honda Service Manual to supplement these instructions. All Comptech products are intended to be installed by a professional installer. Removal and installation of springs can be dangerous due to the possibility of springs jumping and striking nearby persons or objects. Comptech recommends spring installations be performed by a qualified licensed mechanic, experienced in the removal and installation of suspension springs. We also advise that the installation be done at a qualified dealer that is knowledgeable and experienced with Acura products. •All springs have part numbers stamped directly on the coils with a “R” or “F” (Front or Rear) designation after the numbers. All springs also have a tag attached that indicates spring load/rate and are designed for the left and right side of the RSX.… Read More

1997-2002 Audi A4 Part# 04140070 Installation Instructions

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Download underdrive stock belt layout (Ultra S) Part# 0214107. Accessory pulleys (Ultra A): alternator Part# 0114307 & power steering Part# 0114407. Check that the part numbers match the part number engraved on the back of the pulleys. If the part numbers or quantity of parts do not match, do not install the pulleys and call the dealer you purchased the parts from or call our tech line direct. Installation Instructions 1997-02 Audi A4, A6 & S4 2.7T / 2.8L, 1998-02 VW Passat 2.8L w/Bosch Alternator • Notice : These instructions are not a replacement for the factory manual; factory specified tools maybe required for removal of the original parts. • Raise the hood to gain access to the engine compartment. • Perform the service position (extension of the nose). This procedure is outlined in detail within the factory manual. • Raise the front end of vehicle and secure with a jack/ safety stands.… Read More

Honda/Acura Nitrous Oxide Injection System Manual Installation Instructions

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System Requirements When used correctly, Kit Number 08201NOS is designed to work with stock Honda internal engine and driveline components. The jet combination in this kit generates a 50 HP gain at the flywheel. If the jetting is increased over 50 HP, it is advised to upgrade the fuel delivery system, retard timing, and use a colder spark plug to ensure safe operation. Higher HP levels also require additional modifications, such as forged pistons.
Chapter 2 Kit Installation 2.1 Bottle Mounting Instructions Accurate calibration of your NOS nitrous system depends on the bottle remaining at a stable temperature. Mount the bottle away from heat sources, such as the engine compartment or exhaust system, and away from windows, where the bottle is exposed to direct sunlight. 2.2 Bottle Orientation Bottle placement is critical to the performance of your NOS nitrous system. It is important to understand how the bottle valve and siphon tube are assembled to properly orient the bottle in your vehicle and ensure that it picks up liquid nitrous while undergoing acceleration.… Read More

HONDA ACCORD Part 60953 24787 77161 Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions HONDA ACCORD Includes Hybrid 6 cylinder Part Numbers: 60953 24787 77161 Wiring Access Location: PC3 Equipment Required: Wrenches: 11/16?, 3/4? Drill Bits: 9/16? 1. Lower exhaust by removing both rubber isolators from muffler hangers. Be careful not to allow mufflers to fall under their own weight. 2. Both heat shields will need to be marked and drilled 4 1/2?from the forward most hole on the frame channel. Mark holes then hold hitch in position to check. Refer to illustration for clarification. Remove heat shield to drill. 3. Thread bolt leader (9) onto end of carriage bolt (1) and insert bolt leader through reinforcing plate (7). Fish the bolt leader and assembly through the access hole in frame and carefully pull through existing hole in frame till bolt is in position. Leave boltleaders attached so the hardware does not get pushed back inside the frame. Repeat for other side of vehicle.… Read More

Honda/Acura B-Series Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifolds Installation Manual

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DESCRIPTION: Edelbrock Victor X intake manifolds are designed to optimize horsepower gains for Honda race engines when operating in the 7,000 to 10,000+ rpm range. Specific applications are listed below. These manifolds feature five-inch long, tapered runners and a large, round plenum for optimal airflow on both all motor, and forced-induction applications. The 66mm machine-profiled throttle body opening fits oversized throttle bodies without grinding. Victor X manifolds will accept either a GSR or a standard idle air motor, and include Civic / Integra Type R throttle cable bracket bosses. Model numbers 4760,4764, and 4767 include four extra fuel injector bosses, which must be machined to add a secondary fuel system. The 4761,4765, and 4768 include already machined secondary fuel injector bosses and a machined fuel rail. NOTE: Victor X manifolds move the throttle body by several inches. The air inlet system you are using may require modification.
INSTALLATION PROCEDURE BEFORE BEGINNING: If you are installing a manifold with a secondary fuel system (4761,4765, or 4768), it is recommended to install the secondary fuel rail and your injectors BEFORE installing the intake manifold onto the engine.… Read More

FORD FOCUS SEDAN HATCHBACK Installation Instructions

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Download FORD FOCUS SEDAN, FORD FOCUS 5 DR -ZX5 (HATCHBACK) FORD FOCUS 3 DR -ZX3 (HATCHBACK) Part Numbers: 77114 24692 60870. 1. Raise hitch into position. Note: the driver’s side bracket is positioned inboard of the tie down hook, passenger’s side bracket is posistioned outboard of the tie down hook. Note: placement of the block with 2 holes varies by model. See figure 1. 2. Install carriage bolts and blocks thru vehicle tie down hooksas shown and loosely install flat washers and hex nuts. Sedan model: 3. Fishwire carriage bolt and block thru end of frame rail and into existing hole in frame. 4. Install remaining fasteners as shown. Hatchback: 3. Using the hitch as a template, drill 1/2″hole in the forward most end of slot in side bracket on passenger side. 4. Fishwire carriage bolt and block thru access hole on the bottom of frame rail. 5. Install remaining fasteners as shown.… Read More

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