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Audi V1 Interface and V1 Power Hardwire Installation Guide

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Download requirements: • Audi vehicle with CAN bus or CDE interface for instrument cluster radio information. • Steering wheel buttons, TAPE button or additional wired button. • V1 Radar Detector • V1 Direct Power Adapter • 2 straight 4 conductor RJ11 cables (like the ones included with the V1) • A-B USB cable for updating and setup tools: • Radio removal tools (available from ADR) • Trim wedge (available from ADR) • 3M Electrical taps (available from ADR) • Wire strippers/cutters • Flat head screwdriver • Towel • Felt or cloth for rattle protection • Flashlight • Electrical Meter (Volt meter) important: Your Audi owner’s manual specifically states that the installation of non-Audi approved accessories such as radios, radar detectors, telephones, etc. may cause damage to the vehicle, affect the vehicles safety, interfere with the electrical system of the vehicle or affect the validity of the Audi Limited Warranty. The Automotive Data Research Interface is not an approved Audi accessory installation steps: 1 Clean off the area where are you are planning on placing the V1.… Read More

2000-2002 Audi Quattro StartupRacing Contest and Competition Suspension Installation Manual

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Download B5 Audi Quattro (2000-2002 Audi S4 and 1996-2001 Audi A4). Suspension Removal General 1. Loose wheel bolts 2. Raise the car and support it with two or four jack stands (if only using two, support front first, then rear) 3. Remove wheels Front 1. Remove the bolt that attaches the shock clevis to the control arm. (18mm and 19mm) 2. Remove upper control arm bolt (16mm) 3. Disconnect the upper control arms from the upright (WD40 helps here) 4. Open the hood, and remove the plastic piece hiding the battery, along with the pollen filter cover (8mm) 5. Remove these three identical bolts. They hold the upper control arm plate, as you remove the last bolt, make sure you hold the shock body as it will be loose. (16mm) Remember the orientation of washers as you remove them. 6. Remove the OEM shock along with the spring, and place on a clean flat surface.… Read More


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Download The AUD-AUX will convert the CD changer port in 1998-2005 Audi vehicles that are pre- wired with a 13-pin connector to an auxiliary input. (Not compatible with factory 8-pin connector in rear of the vehicle). With this adapter installed you can connect any auxiliary audio source to the Audi Concert, Concert II, Symphony, Symphony II (6-disc in-dash) radios. INSTALLATION Note: Audi radios are code protected. Verify that the code is available before disconnecting battery 1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2. Locate the factory data cable. 3. Plug the factory data cable into the 13-pin female DIN plug of the AUD-AUX. NOTE : Vehicles that have the factory CD changer will need to have the changer disconnected from the vehicle harness in order to plug the AUD-AUX. 4. Plug in male RCAs to auxiliary device. 5. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. VERIFY OPERATION 1. With radio on, activate auxiliary device.… Read More

2002 Audi TT Timing Belt Replacement

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Download Tools recommended include: Bentley Publishers Audi TT Service Manual (book or CD), Torque Wrench (3/8″ drive recommended), Floor Jacks (2 minimum), Jack Stands (3 minimum), Tool Set including ratchet / extensions / wrenches / metric sockets (various lengths) / hex bit sockets / torx drivers / Allen wrenches (hex key), Wheel Chocks (2), Small Clamps, and a digital camera to document your progress in case you need to go back and review how it was originally installed. Supplies recommended include: 3 Liters of VW/Audi G-012 Coolant Antifreeze, 3 Liters of Distilled Water, ½ – gallon size clear plastic pitcher (for mixing Distilled Water and Coolant), 1 Liter of VW/Audi G-004 Power Steering Fluid (a lot less is needed), Loctite high temperature Threadlocker, Bucket & Hose to drain coolant (hose ID approximately 10mm), Shop Towels/Rags, Plastic Bags, Zip Ties, Rubber Stoppers (to plug coolant and power steering hoses), Marking Pen (Red China Marker), and an Abrasive Pad (ScotchBrite).… Read More

Audi A3 Convertible SmartTOP Roof Top Control

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Download Mods4cars, the southern California based specialist in high-end electronics for convertible top and remote controls, announced the release of their latest “SmartTOP” comfort roof top control for the new Audi A3 convertible. Customers are now able to raise and lower their convertible top at the touch of a button while driving at low speed or remoteley using their factory key fob. The new T-Adapter saves 50% installation time. The adapter is included at no extra cost. It allows an simple plug-and-play installation of the SmartTOP module without the need to remove single contacts from the plug. Also, the original condition can easily be restored in seconds. The SmartTOP-A3 offers plenty of customizable, useful features, in one easy to install product. This unique comfort controller can be installed by anyone with the help of the detailed installation manual. Installation requires little electronic skills and only standard tools. No soldering! The module comes with all wires and parts needed.… Read More

Audi MMI-3G Interface Installation Manual

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Download This interface can insert video/RGB onto MMI 3G screens, so reverse image, AV, TV tuner video can be displayed. It has the following features: æ Plug and play installation without hurting the original circuit. æ 1 RGB+2AV+1 camera video input. æ Optional headrest can be installed. ?1?System connection? The 6P power connector definition: ó DIP Settings 1 ? Yellow ?Constant power 12V? 2 ? BLACK ?Ground to Chassis 3 ? GREEN ?reverse video trigger wire[=12V when reverse] 4 ??? ?input switch trigger?should be connected to 12V or 5V to switch the input[max. 25V] GREY ?this wire is not used in this interface? RED ? ACC, when connect to 12V, this interface starts working. DIP To ON position To OFF position 1 RGB enabled RGB disabled 2,3 AV1/2 enabled AV1/2 disabled 5 when green wire=12V?go to inserted camera when green wire=12V?go to original video. 4?6 No function 7?8 For Audi MMI-3G?these 2 must be set up.… Read More


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Download Information on the use of anchoring stands (including their attachment to the EZ Liner mainframe) appears in the Universal Anchoring Systems Owners Manual. (Part No. 618740.) • Read all of these instructions prior to using the Audi A-2 Anchoring Accessory. • Clean jack tubes using one of the anchoring pins. (See Figure 1.) a. Insert a steel punch (or bar) through the 1/2 inch hole at end of pin and use it as a handle. b. Rotate the pin right and left as it is moved in and out of the jack tube hole. NOTE: Holes must be clean to allow for easy installation and removal of the anchoring assembly. IMPORTANT: DO NOTuse force to drive the pin into the jack tube. Using force to drive the pin into the hole may make it difficult (or impossible) to remove the pin. 1) Lift side of vehicle using suitable lifting device and place anchoring stands near front and rear corners of vehicle’s center section.… Read More

Audi A4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Installation Instruction

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Download Audi A3 (8P) Sportback, Cabrio Audi A4 (8E) B6, B7 Audi A6 (4B)* Audi TT (8J) Roadster, Coupe´ Audi A4 (8K) Audi A5 (8T) Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Installation Instruction. Installation instruction – A3 (8P), A4 (8E), A6 (4B), TT Please remove the head unit using suitable tools, after removing disconnect the necessary wiring. With a plug & play connection you will complete the fitting of the hands free kit. Please see scheme below. Unlock the connection and put the delivered wiring between the head unit and the connector coming from the vehicle. Wire the loom for the interface connection towards the glove box. Find a suitable location for the interface box within the vehicle. Make sure you will reach the interface at any time (regarding to software updates). ATTENTION: Does the vehicle have airbags fitted along the A-column it is essential to wire the loom for the microphone BEHIND the airbag.… Read More

1996 Audi/Volkswagen Bose Integration Harness

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Download 1996-Up Audi / Volkswagen Bose Integration Harness For models amplified without Bose: 1996-03 Audi A4 / 1996-03 Audi A6 2000-01 Audi S4 / 2002-03 Audi S6 Use the White, White/Black, Gray, and Gray/Black speaker wire for the front speaker output and use the Green and Purple RCA’s for the rear speaker outputs. Be sure to connect the Blue/White wire to the aftermarket radio’s amp turn-on wire. The White and Gray RCA’s will not be used. For models amplified with Bose: 1996-03 Audi A4 / 1996-03 Audi A6 1997-03 Audi A8 / 2000-01 Audi S4 2002-03 Audi S6 / 2001-03 Audi S8 2000-03 Audi TT Use the White and Gray RCA’s for the front speaker output and use the Green and Purple RCA’s for the rear speaker outputs. Be sure to connect the Blue/White wire to the aftermarket radio’s amp turn-on wire. The White, White/Black, Gray, and Gray/Black speaker wires will not be used.… Read More

2000-2004 Audi TT Coupe Brake System

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Download Audi TT Coupe 2000-2004, Audi TT Roadster 2001-2004 – Brake System. ABS/ESP ITT Mark 20 system components, removing and installing Brake light switch (square housing) , removing and installing Note: To ensure a secure fit, the switch may only be installed once. Removing – Remove storage compartment on driver’s side. Repair Manual, Body Interior, Repair Group 68; Storage compartments, covers – Unplug electrical connector. – Remove brake light switch -1- by turning counter-clockwise through 90. Installing Install in reverse sequence; note the following points: – Pull brake light switch plunger fully out. – Press brake pedal down as far as possible by hand. – Guide switch through installation hole and secure by turning 90 clockwise -arrows-. – Release brake pedal. – Make sure proper function of brake lights when brake pedal is pressed and released. Brake light switch (round housing) , removing and installing Note: To ensure a secure fit, the switch may only be installed once.… Read More

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