1996-1998 Honda Civic EX Bomz Racing Air Intake Manual Installation

Removal of Factory Intake 1. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable. 2. Loosen the clamp on the intake tube at the throttle body. 3. Loosen and remove the two bolts that secure the airbox. 4. Disconnect the air temperature sensor electrical connection. 5. Remove the crankcase vent tube from the stock intake tube. 6. Remove the complete air intake assembly. 7. Loosen and remove the bolt that secures the wiring harness bracket to it’s support bracket. Install of Intake 8. Install the reducer onto the intake tube. 9. Install the intake tube onto the throttle body and secure it with the clamp. 10. Remove the air temperature sensor from the stock intake tube. 11. Install the air temperature into the grommet on the intake tube. 12. Insert the crankcase vent tube into the second grommet on the intake tube. 13. Reconnect the air temperature sensor electrical connection.… Read More


Download PRODUCT ACCESSORIES DESCRIPTION The 1100F interface module is used when installing remote start products in Ford vehicles equipped with a factory immobilizer. The 1100F allows for easy interfacing between the remote start and the factory immobilizer, while maintaining the integrity of the OEM system. The factory transponder-based anti-theft system uses a small electronic chip hidden in the key to send a code to the vehicle’s transceiver when the ignition is energized. The key must be placed in the ignition and turned to the RUN position. This energizes a coil surrounding the key, which in turn energizes the chip, which sends a code to the vehicle. If the vehicle does not detect the code being sent, the vehicle will start and then immediately shut off or will just crank, and the anti-theft light will flash. The 1100F provides a valid code to the vehicle whenever it is remote started, but does not affect the immobilizer system during normal vehicle operation; the immobilizer system remains fully functional.… Read More

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Fuel Pump Resistor Service Manual

Download Subject: 01033 — Fuel Pump Resistor Models: 1997-1998 Buick Regal GS & Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with L67 3.8L V6 Engine (Located in the High Corrosion Provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario) Condition General Motors has decided that all 1997-1998 Buick Regal GS and Pontiac Grand Prix GTP model vehicles equipped with L67 3.8L V6 engines, located in the high corrosion provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, may develop an electrical open in the fuel pump resistor. This condition prevents operation of the fuel pump and the engine will not run. Correction Dealers are to install a new resistor on the plenum with an aesthetic cover. Vehicles Involved Involved are all 1997-1998 Buick Regal GS and Pontiac Grand Prix GTP model vehicles equipped with L67 3.8L V6 engines and built within these VIN breakpoints: Year Division Model Plant From Through 1997 Buick W Oshawa 2 V1400025 V1482781 1998 Buick W Oshawa 2 W1400008 W1614345 1997 Pontiac W Fairfax VF200090 VF359094 1998 Pontiac W Fairfax WF200104 WF342330 Important: Dealers should confirm vehicle eligibility through GM Access Screen prior to beginning campaign repairs.… Read More

Acura 2.3CL and 3.0CL Security System Installation Notes

Download Locate the Keyless Security Control unit underneath the passenger seat and refer to the 2 connector illustrations below to make your connection. Connector A: A1: Ignition A2: Interior light (Supervision) A3: Door Actuator (Motor) A4: Trunk Actuator (|Motor) A5: Door Actuator (Motor) A6: Starter Cut Relay A7: Security Indicator A8: Siren Out (-) A9: Door Actuator (Motor) A10: Ground A11: Light Flash Out (+) (Parking) A12: Battery 12v+ Input Connector B: B1: Hood switch B7: Lock &(Alarm Arm) Pass sideB13: Not used B2: Unlock Input (-) B8: Lock &(Alarm Arm) Driver sideB14: Not Used B3: Unlock Input (-) B9: Trunk Latch Input (-) B15: Not Used B4: Not Used B10 Key In Ignition (Neg input) B16: Light Flash Out (+) Head. B5: Unlock Input (-) B11: Lock Input (-) B17: Unlock Input & (Alarm dis.) B6: Lock Input (-) B12: Door Ind (Instrument cluster) B18: Start Input (12v in Crank)… Read More

2007 Honda Accord CR-V and Civic Remote Engine Starter FAQ

Model Information Release date for Accord Remote Starter System: September 20, 2007 Release date for CR-V and Civic Remote Starter System: End of September 2007 Technical Questions Q: What does the Honda Remote Engine Starter System do? A: The Honda Remote Engine Starter is a two-way remote system that starts and stops your vehicle’s engine anywhere within a 200-foot range. It’s designed to warm up your vehicle in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Q: How much is the Honda Remote Engine Starter? A: Approximately $499.00 without installation for all applicable Honda models. Check with your Honda dealer for the installation cost. Q: Can I install it myself? A: AHM does not recommend that customers install the Honda Remote Engine Starter due to the complexity of its electrical components. Authorized Honda Technicians are professionally trained to safely install the Remote Engine Starter. Q: Can I have my neighborhood audio shop install the Honda Remote Engine Starter?… Read More

Ford-Toyota-Lexus 555F Interface Module Wiring Installation Instructions

Download The 555F interface module is used when installing remote start products in Ford, Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with factory immobilizers. The 555F allows for easy interfacing between the remote start and the factory immobilizer, while maintaining the integrity of the OEM system. WIRE CONNECTION GUIDE FOR FORDS RED (+)12V: Connect this wire to a fused (+)12V source. BLUE (-) ACTIVATION INPUT: Connect this wire to the (-) through activation output of the remote start system. 555FCAPSULE: The 555F capsule should be placed on the outside of the antenna ring as close to the ribbon cable as possible. LEARNING THE 555F CAPSULE FOR FORDS To program the 555F capsule for a Ford vehicle, use the procedure that corresponds to the appropriate vehicle year. 1996 and 1997 Ford Vehicles: 1. Install the remote start and make the appropriate wire connections on the 555F. 2. Make sure that the 555F capsule can reach the front of the key cylinder where the key is inserted.… Read More

1998 – 2001 Ford Explorer 4WD Ford Ranger Explorer Sport Trac / Edge Mountaineer 4WD Torsion bar key front leveling kit

Download Part # 22907 1998 – 2001 Ford Explorer 4WD 1998 – 2007 Ford Ranger / Explorer Sport Trac Edge / Mountaineer 4WD Torsion bar key front leveling kit Part# Description Qty. 22907-01 Torsion bar keys 2 22907INST Instruction manual (customer copy) 1 22907INST Instruction manual (installer copy) 1 WARNINGDECAL Warning decal 1 MIRRORHANGER Rear view mirror hanger 1. Important customer information: Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension highly recommends that a qualified and/or certified mechanic performs this installation. If you desire to return your vehicle to stock, it is the customers responsibility to save all stock hardware. This vehicles reaction and handling characteristics may differ from standard cars and/or trucks. Modifications to improve and/or enhance off road performance may raise the intended center of gravity. Extreme caution must be utilized when encountering driving conditions which may cause vehicle imbalance or loss of control. DRIVE SAFELY! Avoid abrupt maneuvers, such as sudden sharp turns which could cause a roll over, resulting in serious injury or death.… Read More

1998 Buick Park Avenue Engine Coolant Consumption or Coolant Leak

Download Engine Coolant Consumption or Coolant Leak (Inspect For Material Degradation/Replace Intake Manifolds) Models: 1995-1997 Buick Riviera 1995-1999 Buick LeSabre, Park Avenue 1996-1999 Buick Regal 1998-1999 Chevrolet Lumina, Monte Carlo 1995-1996 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight 1995-1999 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight 1998-1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 1995-1999 Pontiac Bonneville 1997-1999 Pontiac Grand Prix with 3.8L Engine (VIN K — RPO L36) Condition Some customers may comment on excessive engine coolant consumption, or an engine coolant leak near or under the throttle body area of the upper intake manifold. Cause Upper intake manifold composite material may degrade around the EGR stove pipe and could result in an internal or external coolant leak. Correction 1. Follow the upper intake manifold removal instructions found in the Engine Unit Repair Section of the Service Information Manual. 2. Refer to the arrow in the illustration of the upper intake manifold above. Inspect the inner diameter of the EGR passage for signs of material degradation.… Read More

Vehicles Equipped with a Webasto Sunroof System

Download Models: 1997-2000 Buick Century 1988-1991 Buick Reatta 1988-1999 Buick Riviera 1989-2000 Buick Park Avenue 1998-2000 Buick Regal 1988-1997 Cadillac Seville 1988-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood 1988-2000 Cadillac Eldorado 1989-2000 Cadillac DeVille 1995-2000 Chevrolet Cavalier 1998-2000 Chevrolet Malibu 2000 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo 1988-1995 Oldsmobile Ciera 1989-1996 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 1994-1998 Oldsmobile Achieva 1995-1999 Oldsmobile Aurora 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette 1998-1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass 1998-2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue 1999-2000 Oldsmobile Alero 1987 Pontiac 6000 1989-1998 Pontiac Bonneville 1994-2000 Pontiac Grand Am 1995-2000 Pontiac Sunfire 1997-1998 Pontiac Trans Sport 1997-2000 Pontiac Grand Prix 1997-2000 Chevrolet & GMC S/T Models (Blazer, Jimmy) 1997-2000 Oldsmobile Bravada.… Read More


Download To install studs : Remove a main bolt (main cap can be removed or left in place), tap threads, coat coarse threads with oil, screw stud in by hand, thread 2 main nuts on tray stud and lock them tightly together, lightly tighten tray stud 10-15 ft/lbs (making very sure that double nuts are not slipping or have run into the main cap), remove the 2 main nuts, coat the fine threads with oil, install the stud washer and nut, torque main stud with oil to torque spec of 65 ft/lbs for 7/16″ or 85 ft/lbs for 1/2″ studs, install 1 silver tray adjusting nut on the 3/8″ fine thread with the serrated face towards you (away from the engine). Do all the required studs locations to mount the tray in this fashion. You are now ready to mount the tray assembly. To install tray : Once all necessary tray studs have been installed properly, consult the special considerations section for the initial tray height and correct width, adjust the tray nut to this height, slide tray assembly into place and onto mounting studs, make sure that tray is supported equally by all studs (no wobble), the install the 2nd silver tray nut with the serrations toward the tray and torque with oil to 35 ft/lbs.… Read More