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2002 Land Rover Freelander Camshaft Timing Belt Service Repair

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Download Remove 1. Disconnect battery earth lead. 2. Remove ancillary drive belt . 3. Remove RH front road wheel. 4. Remove 3 bolts securing RH splash shield to body and remove shield. 5. Remove 3 bolts securing camshaft timing belt LH rear cover and remove cover. 6. Rotate crankshaft in a clockwise direction and align the engine “SAFE” position, notch on crankshaft pulley aligned to the “ARROW” on front mounting plate and the timing marks aligned on the rear camshaft gears as illustrated. Align Front Timing Belt. 7. Remove bolt securing PAS pipe to engine front mounting plate. 8. Remove 3 Torx screws securing PAS pump pulley and remove pulley. 9. Remove 3 bolts securing PAS pump to front mounting plate and tie pump aside. 10. Release alternator battery lead terminal cover, loosen terminal nut and disconnect lead from terminal. 11. Disconnect multiplug from alternator. 12. Remove lower bolt and upper nut and bolt securing alternator to front mounting plate.… Read More

i-R DICE iPod Integration Kit for Audi Radio Interface Kit

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Download Model Supported A3 06+ 1, 2 Symphony I, II Radio A4 98-06 A6 98-04 A8 98-01 S4 98-05 S6/R6 98-04 S8 98-01 Allroad 00-05 i-Audi-R TT 00-06 i-Audi-R 1, 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Symphony I, II Radio Chorus and Concert Radios i-Audi-R i-Audi-R i-Audi-R i-Audi-R i-Audi-R i-Audi-R i-Audi-R. Installation Instructions 1. Pull vehicle into service bay and access trunk area. 2. Disconnect both battery terminals. These cables must be disconnected during installation to insure proper initialization of the DICE module when the DICE when it is connected. 3. Remove radio by inserting the (4) factory keys (not included) into the slots on each corner of the radio. Radio removal keys (not included) 4. CD changer interface will be on left hand side of radio, it is the smaller left-hand connector on the bottom of the harnesses.… Read More

2005 Audi TT Coupe Sirius or XM Audi Satellite receiver Installation Instructions

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Download Step#01 Make sure ignition keyis removed. Empty trunk of contents. Move luggagecom- partment floor assembly byfolding forward to allow access to the driver’s side fender panel. Step#3A With the 10mm wrench or1/4″ drive ratchet with 10mm universal, remove the first sheet metal screw from the bracket and set it aside. Note: There are two additional fasteners securing the bracket. Step#02 Remove the lamp assemblybyremoving (2) thumb wheel screws. Afterremoval, partiallypull the tail lamp assembly straight back. Upon removal, disconnect wiring harness and set lamp assembly aside in a safe location to prevent damage. Note: Placement of thumbwheel screws: White thumb wheel screw is at the top, the black one is inserted at the bottom. Page 2 of 10 XM orSirius Audi Satellite receiverinstallation Step#03 With the 8mm wrench, remove the alarm horn from the bracket, disconnect the wire harness, and set the screws and horn aside forreinstallation later. Step#3B With the 10mm wrench, remove the second and third 10mm nuts, and set them aside.… Read More

2000-2002 Audi Quattro StartupRacing Contest and Competition Suspension Installation Manual

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Download B5 Audi Quattro (2000-2002 Audi S4 and 1996-2001 Audi A4). Suspension Removal General 1. Loose wheel bolts 2. Raise the car and support it with two or four jack stands (if only using two, support front first, then rear) 3. Remove wheels Front 1. Remove the bolt that attaches the shock clevis to the control arm. (18mm and 19mm) 2. Remove upper control arm bolt (16mm) 3. Disconnect the upper control arms from the upright (WD40 helps here) 4. Open the hood, and remove the plastic piece hiding the battery, along with the pollen filter cover (8mm) 5. Remove these three identical bolts. They hold the upper control arm plate, as you remove the last bolt, make sure you hold the shock body as it will be loose. (16mm) Remember the orientation of washers as you remove them. 6. Remove the OEM shock along with the spring, and place on a clean flat surface.… Read More

Audi A4 Quattro Suspension Kit Installation Instructions

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Download • Remove Wheels • Remove nut (1) and bolt (2). (According to manufacturer, “Audi”, bolt and nut must be replaced) • move the two upper balljoints (3 and 4) upwards. • remove nut (5) and bolt (6). • remove caps and take off nuts (7 and 8). • remove complete shock spring assembly. • Dismantel using spring compressor • while dismantling the shock spring assembly – review the parts list. • Note: When removing the spring shock – unit consider the position of the pivot bearing (Figure 2). • Adjust lower spring seat height (see parts list, upper edge spring plate to center attachment bolt) • Installation is the reverse or removal. Note torque specs of following page. Kit instructions for threaded Suspension Kit Audi A4 Quattro • Remove Wheels • Remove nut (1) and lower damper attachment bolt (2) • Remove nut (3) and bolt (4). • Remove four bolts (Noted as 5) and remove the complete suspension assembly.… Read More

1994 Ford Mustang Heating and Defrosting REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION

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Download 1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . 2. Remove two console armrest mounting access covers (047A62) at rear of console panel (045A36) (snaps out) to gain access to armrest retaining bolts. 3. Remove four armrest-to-floor bracket retaining bolts and remove armrest assembly (snaps out of console). 4. Remove console panel gear shift plate (044G24) (snaps out). On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, shift boot is attached to bottom of finish panel. Remove shift knob and slide boot and console panel gear shift plate up shift lever to remove. 5. To remove top finish panel position emergency brake lever in the UP position. Remove four retaining screws and lift top finish panel up. Disconnect necessary wire connectors. 6. Remove two console-to-rear floor bracket retaining screws. 7. Insert a small screwdriver into two notches at bottom of front upper finish panel and snap out. 8. If the vehicle has a radio chassis (18806) , the radio chassis must be removed.… Read More


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Download 1. Read all warnings and instructions completely and carefully before you begin. 2. Check to make sure the kit is complete (refer to the Parts List, section E). 3. Only install this kit on the vehicle for which it is intended. If anytime during the installation you encounter something different from what is outlined in the instructions, call technical support at (928) 636-0979. 4. Park the vehicle on a clean, dry, flat, level surface and block the tires so the vehicle cannot roll in either direction. 5. Disconnect both battery cables. Disconnect the negative cable (1) first, then the positive cable (2) from the battery (3). 6. Remove cover (4) and airbag “SIR” fuse (5) from fuse panel (6).Get ready to install the kit. 1. Remove the grille. a. Remove ten pull clips (7) and grille (8) from core support (9). b. Remove two turn signal lamps (10) from turn signal housings (11).… Read More

Audi A4/VW Passat (B5 chassis) 1.8T Front Mounted Intercooler

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Download :- vehicle lift or Jack and axle stands, T25 and T30 Torx drivers, 6mm Allen key or socket, 7mm spanner, 10mm spanner, flat and pozzidrive screwdrivers, hacksaw (blade for cutting aluminium), drill and 6mm drill bit. Large side cutters, craft knife Overalls, safety footwear, latex gloves and safety glasses are also recommended. 1/ Raise vehicle and remove the engine undertray. This will be fixed by up to 7 screws that are released by turning anticlockwise through 90°. Then remove the 5x T35 screws from the inner front edge of each front wheelarch as pictured below. Now remove the 2 outer lower grilles from the front bumper and remove the 2 securing bolts as shown (6mm cap head bolts). Passat will require the indicators unclipping and the t30 screw on the top edge of the bumper removing and may not have the bolts as pictured below. Disconnect the front fog light electrical connections and remove the whole front bumper assembly.… Read More

Audi S4 Side Mount Intercooler Installation

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Download Lift the car and secure it with jack stands. Ramps will also work. Remove lower engine splash shield. Remove side grilles from bumper. Use a slotted screwdriver through the grille inserts and pry the two tabs behind the inner most edge of each of the inserts. Remove 3 bolts securing each headlight in place. Use caution when removing bolt behind the turn signal bulbs, as they are hard to retrieve if dropped. Disconnect headlight plug. From the turn signal end, pull the headlight forward slightly, and then slide outwards to remove from inner locating dowel. Remove headlight and disconnect turn signal bulb connector. You can also remove the bulb and connector together. Remove two torx screws securing bumper to inner fender liner. One screw per side. Disconnect washer fluid hose Using a 6mm Hex bit, remove bolts (2) securing bumper to bumper shocks. One per side. Pull upwards and outwards on the rear outer corner of the bumper.… Read More


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Download 1 Remove the Dash Panel. Place both hands on either side of the center dash panel, firmly grip and slide forward, then lift. Step 2 Remove Upper Dash Panel Screws. Remove the four T-20 torx screws securing the upper dash panel. Step 2 Remove the Upper Dash Panel. To remove the upper dash panel, firmly pull the panel upwards being careful not to damage it. Step 3 Remove Lower Dash Panel. Underneath you will find the ecu housing cover. Remove the torx T-20 screws that secure the cover. Pull the ECU housing cover upward to expose the ECU. Step 4 Remove the ECU. To remove the ECU wiring harness, pull the tabs on harness away from the ECU. As this is done, the harness connector will pull away from the ECU. The reinstallation of the ECU is the reverse of the removal. Step 5 Installing the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Depending on the ECU version of your Beetle, an upgraded FPR may be required.… Read More

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