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i-BMW-T DICE iPod Integration Kit

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Download If vehicle has DSP, please see BMW-DSP supplement in addition to this guide. Models Supported: AUX Audio Source: MP3, DVD, TV… DICE Module iPod Vehicle (CD changer/SAT Port) BMW 3-Series 96-05 i-BMW-T BMW Standard/Business 5-Series 97-03 7-Series 9/98-01 X3 04-06 X5 00-06 1 *All BMW vehicles MUST be pre-wired for factory CD changer. 1 – Cars with OEM Sirius require BMW SAT harness. DSP requires additional DSP module. Z4 03-06 M-Roadster 99-02 Z3 96-02 M-Coupe 99-02 M3 96-06 M5 00-03 Z8 00-03 1(except ’96 318ti) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business BMW Standard/Business i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T i-BMW-T Installation Instructions: 1. Pull vehicle into service bay and access trunk area. 2. Open Trunk and access boot area. 3. Disconnect both battery terminals.… Read More

2003 BMW 325I Sport Wagon Check engine light on and fault codes stored

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Download 2002 BMW 325I 2.5L 2003 BMW 325I Sport Wagon 2.5L, Eng Des M54, USA Customer Concern: Check engine light on and fault codes stored. Vehicle running normally. Tests/Procedures: 1. Based upon stored fault codes for secondary air system, there is little or no flow of secondary air into engine. Typical causes for this issue are failed secondary air pumps and/or secondary air check valves. Secondary air pump should operate under normal circumstances when vehicle is first started to perform system test. Pump will normally be heard running when standing in front right corner of vehicle. 2. The secondary air pump is located in the right front of engine compartment. A secondary air pump relay located in the glove box is controlled by the engine control module and sends power to the secondary air pump. 3. Air pump can be disconnected and supplied with power and ground at pump to verify operation is possible.… Read More

1997 Honda Civic Alarms Fitting Wiring Diagram Manual Instructions

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ALARM/SIREN POSITION Position the compact alarms and the sirens in the engine compartment, under the battery support.
CENTRAL UNIT POSITION Position the modular systems and the modules under the dashboard on the drivers side.
POWER SUPPLY + 30: connect to the free faston at position 5 on the front part of the fuse box. – 31: connect with a ring terminal to one of the terminals coming out of the original power supply on the left lateral side, drivers side.
IGNITION WIRE + 15/54: connect to the YELLOW/BLACK wire of the 6 way brown connector of the fuse box.
DIRECTION INDICATORS Connect to the 1,5 mm2 GREEN/BLUE and YELLOW/GREEN wire located in the 20 way green connector at the centre of the fuse box.
CENTRAL DOORS LOCKING See diagram nr. 60 for antithefts of the Bridge serie and diagram nr. 60A for antithefts of the 3100 serie.
IMMOBILISATION POINT Fuel pump Cut the 1,5 mm2 YELLOW/GREEN wire located in the brown connector which works as a support to the grey relay of the fuel pump located to the left of the fuse box.… Read More

2003 Cadillac Escalade Code C0660 will reset.

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Download Vehicle Application: 2003 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L, Vin T, USA/Canada 2005 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LS 5.3L, GAS, Vin T 2003 Cadillac Escalade EXT 6.0L 2005 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Slt 5.3L, FLEX, Vin Z 2005 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LS 5.3L, FLEX, Vin Z Customer Concern: Code C0660 will reset. Tests/Procedures: 1. Check the RTD fuse located in the underhood fuse block. 2. Check for Battery Voltage (B+) on the Orange wire at the automatic level control air compressor pin F. 3. If less than B+ at pin F, check for a wiring and connection problem between the air compressor and the underhood fuse block. 4. Disconnect the compressor leveling module connector and check the resistance from the positive battery voltage circuit of the exhaust solenoid valve and the control circuit of the exhaust solenoid valve. Should be 30-90 ohms. 5. Check for B+ on the Dark Blue wire pin B at the air compressor with the exhaust solenoid commanded off.… Read More

BMW GROM Interface Dashboard Mounting Instruction

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Download Tools needed 1. Wire crimp tool (optional) Preparation 1. Turn off car’s engine and remove key from ignition 2. Using the stereo removal tools carefully remove radio from the dash pocket 3. Located the vehicle specific cable and T-Tap clips that came with your adapter (picture 1). 4. At the back of the stereo locate harness which connects your radio to the car. It should have pins like shown below (either of two shown ) on a diagram 1 5. 3 wires coming out of adapter’s vehicle specific cable are marked with the colors (black, red and orange). Depending on your harness you need to connect those wires to the appropriate car stereo wires according to the diagram 1 above 6. To simplify the installation 3 T-Tap clips have been included with the adapter. Secure male terminals on a wires coming out of the adapters so you have it like shown below (picture 1) Adapter installation 7.… Read More


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Download ALARM/SIREN POSITION CENTRAL UNIT POSITION Position the compact alarms and the sirens on the support near the locking of the bonnet. Position the modular sistems and the modules under the central tunnel or under the passenger’s side seat. POWER SUPPLY +30: connect directly to the positive pole of the battery. -31: connect directly to the ground terminal located behind the driver’s side sill cover. IGNITION WIRE +15/54: connect to the 2 mm2 BLACK wire, in the wiring harness coming out of the fuse box located on the left side of the dashboard. DIRECTION INDICATORS Connect to the BLACK/WHITE wire at the position nr. 11 in the 21 way light brown connector, marked “D”, BLACK/GREEN wire at the position nr.10 in the black connector marked “B”, BLACK/WHITE wire at the position nr.8 and BLACK/GREEN wire at the position nr.6, in the 12 way black connector, marked “A”. To make the connection it is necessary to separate the lines by means of diodes.… Read More


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Download PART NUMBER: 21-416 2000-2003 ACURA TL V6-3.2L C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-670 2001-2003 ACURA CL V6-3.2L C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-670 1998-2002 HONDA Accord V6-3.0L C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-670. 1. Preparing Vehicle a. Make sure vehicle is parked on level surface. b. Set parking brake. c. If engine has run in the past two hours, let it cool down. d. Disconnect negative battery terminal. e. Do not discard stock components after removal of the factory system. 2. Removal of stock system a. Remove the stock air box assembly and attaching hardware from inside the fender well. b. Disconnect the breather hose and the Fuel Injection Air Control System hose from the air inlet tube. c. Loosen and remove the air inlet tube from the throttle body. d. Raise the front of the vehicle with a jack. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper jack and jack stand placement to properly support vehicle.… Read More

BMW X3 Argos Bluetooth Phone Interface Installation and Users Guide

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Download BMW vehicles: E46 3-series**03/02+ E39 5 series**03/02+ E53 X5* *03/02+ E83 X3* *ALL E85 Z4 ALL**. Installation procedure First lets determine if you need to install a microphone: To start with, if you are installing the module in a Z4 OR your vehicle previously had a BMW factory phone or BMW Assist then good news! Your car already has a mic installed and you WILL NOT need to install one (skip to next section). Second, installation of a microphone You will need to remove the overhead console cover to access the wiring for the mic. Pictured below are the steps for removal of the cover. First, gently pry apart the overhead light panel from the back of the panel using a small screwdriver or other suitable tool (butter knife). Next, using just finger pressure, pull down the cover plate that has the microphone grill in it. Next, locate the correct three conductor wire (below left).… Read More

1999-2003 Ford F-Series 7.3L PowerStroke Edge Juice Module Installation Instructions

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Edge Module and Sensor Wire Installation For trucks with fuse box in a different location, an alternate location for mounting will have to be found. One suggestion is to mount the Juice Module on the side of the air filter box. 1. It is strongly recommended when installing electrical devices that both batteries should be disconnected. Use a 13 mm or 8 mm wrench depending on battery style and remove the negative terminal cable end from each battery. 2. Place the Juice module on top of the fuse box as shown in figure 5. After the installation is complete you will use the supplied Velcro┬« to secure the Juice module to the fuse box. 3. Connect the MAP “Y” connector between the wire harness and the sensor as shown in Figure 6. This connection is located in front of the passenger side of the vehicle in the engine compartment. 4.… Read More

2000-2002 Acura Integra 556H Honda/Acura Immobilizer Bypass Module

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Download Honda Accord 2003-2004 ? Honda Accord 1998-2002 ? Honda CRV 20026? Acura Integra 2000-2002 ? Acura TL 2004 ? Acura MDX 2001-2002 ? Acura MDX 2003 ? Acura TL 1998-2002 ? Acura 1.7EL 2001-2004 ? Acura 1.6EL 1998-2000. Installation Instructions 1. Remov-2004 ? Honda CRV 1998-2001 ? Honda Civic 2001-2004 ? Honda Odyssey 1998-2003 ? Honda Element 2003-2004 ? Honda Pilot 2003 ? Acura RSX 2002-2004 ? Acura CL 1998-2003 ? Acura TSX 2004 ?? steering column shroud to gain access to the wire harnesses at the rear of the ignition switch. 2. Locate the appropriate wires exiting the ignition switch and immobilizer receiver. The wire colors are listed in the Wire Color Guide. 3. Wire the 556H as shown in the wiring diagram. GROUND BLACK (+) 12V BATTERYRED IGNITION IN PINK IGNITION OUT PINK/BLACK DATA YELLOW/BLACK DATA YELLOW N.C. ORANGE DATA 2 IN ORANGE/BLACK (-)GROUND IN BLUE/WHITE REFERENCE GREEN ?… Read More

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