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2002 Ford Escort Cooling System Draining, Filling and Bleeding Workshop Manual

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Download Draining 1. Bring the engine to normal operating temperature and turn the engine off. With the cooling system under pressure, inspect cooling system hoses and clamped hose connections for leaks, excessive deterioration or contact wear. Inspect radiator installation retention. Note any discrepancies and proceed. 2. WARNING: Never remove the pressure relief cap while the engine is operating or when the cooling system is hot. Failure to follow these instructions can result in damage to the cooling system or engine or personal injury. To avoid having scalding hot coolant or steam blow out of the degas bottle when removing the pressure relief cap, wait until the engine has cooled, then wrap a thick cloth around the pressure relief cap and turn it slowly. Step back while the pressure is released from the cooling system. When you are sure all the pressure has been released, (still with a cloth) turn and remove the pressure relief cap.… Read More


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Download 1. Raise the front of the vehicle with a floor jack or lift (lift is preferred) and then support the suspension under the A-arms with jack stands. CAUTION! DO NOT BEGIN THIS INSTALLATION UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIDENT THAT THE VEHICLE IS SECURE AND SAFELY SUPPORTED! 2. From the top of the vehicle using the two 5/16″ x 2″ hex bolts with the 5/16″ fender washers supplied locate the top radiator mounts. Thread the bolts into the mounts until they touch the core support, this will hold the radiator up while you are removing the front Lower Radiator Cradle. Remove horn and any wiring that is attached to the old front Radiator Cradle. Next, remove the four bolts that fasten the radiator cradle to the frame using a 10mm socket. Unbolt and remove the cradle from vehicle (Disconnect wire clips on plastic shields if needed) and set cradle aside. This will no longer be needed while using Lakewood Traction Bars.… Read More

2000-2002 Ford Focus ZX3 Edelbrock Header INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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Download Disassembly 1. Raise and support the vehicle on a flat stable surface using the floorjack and proper load rated jackstands. 2. Disconnect the battery. 3. Remove three nuts that retain catalytic converter to the stock manifold. 4. Unplug and unclip oxygen sensor wires. There are two sensors; one is located above the catalytic converter, and the second sensor is located below the catalytic converter. The wiring for the lower sensor is clipped to the electric fan bracket. 5. Remove E.G.R. line from catalytic converter. 6. Remove the two bolts retaining the catalytic converter pipe to the intermediate pipe and the two bolts for the catalytic pipe bracket. 7. Remove the two nuts to the catalytic converter retaining bracket and remove the catalytic converter. 8. Remove the dipstick tube, power steering line INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS brackets, and the E.G.R. line bracket. Remove the stud from the driver’s side of the cylinder head that was used to hold the power steering line and the E.G.R.… Read More

2000 Mazda MPV ES General Cooling System Service

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Download DESCRIPTION The liquid cooling system consists of a radiator, water pump, thermostat, electric or belt-driven cooling fan, pressure cap, heater, and various connecting hoses and cooling passages in the engine block and cylinder head. MAINTENANCE DRAINING Remove radiator cap and open heater control valve to maximum heat position. Open drain cocks or remove plugs in bottom of radiator and engine block. In-line engines usually have one plug or drain cock, while “V” type engines have 2, one in each bank of cylinders. FLUSHING Radiator Connect flushing gun to water outlet of radiator. Disconnect water inlet hose. To prevent flooding engine, use a hose connected to radiator inlet. Use air in short bursts to prevent damage to radiator. Continue flushing until water runs clear. Engine Block To flush engine, remove thermostat. Connect flushing gun to water outlet of radiator. Use air in short bursts to prevent damage to radiator. Continue flushing until water runs clear.… Read More


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Download FORD: 2008-2010 F-Super Duty This article supersedes TSB 10-4-5 to update the a. With EOT at 195 °F (91 °C) drive on the Dealer Coding base part numbers. highway unloaded at 55-70 MPH (89-113 Km/h) constant speed to observe EOT and ISSUE ECT temp. Some 2008-2010 F-Super Duty vehicles built on or b. Test results/next steps: before 9/14/2009 and equipped with a 6.4L diesel engine may exhibit repeat radiator leaks due to (1) If EOT is less than 8 °F (4.4 °C) malfunctioning (hyper-extended) high temperature higher than ECT, and the coolant temp thermostats. fluctuates roughly 5 °F (2.7 °C) – the thermostats are okay and do not need ACTION to be replaced. Replace just the Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the radiator. Refer to WSM, Section 303-03 condition. (Engine Cooling). SERVICE PROCEDURE (2) If EOT exceeds ECT by greater than 8 °F (4.4 °C) or if the ECT readings 1.… Read More

2002-2004 Ford Focus SVT COLD AIR SYSTEM

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Download Part Number 21-451. Read and understand these instructions BEFORE attempting to install this product. 1) Getting Started a) Make sure vehicle is parked on a level surface. b) Set parking brake. c) Jack the front of the vehicle and support using properly rated jack stands d) If engine has run with in the past two hours let it cool down. 2) Removal of the stock intake system. a) Stock system installed on vehicle. b) Remove the wiring harness from the MAF Sensor. c) Remove the clamp securing the primary intake pipe to the throttle body. d) Disconnect the breather hose from the vehicle. e) Remove the stock intake system from the vehicle. f) Upper Stock system removed from vehicle. g) Remove the MAF sensor from the stock intake system. h) Remove the 90 degree plastic fitting from the stock system. i) Remove the battery cover from the vehicle. j) Disconnect the battery.… Read More


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Download Cleaning procedure using a paper towel and grease remover or lacquer thinner, thoroughly clean area on car where the double face tape will come in contact with the painted surface. Do not allow thinner or cloth to remain on car too long as it can cause damage to the painted surface. Using either of the recommended adhesion promoters on a clean lint free cloth, apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface, using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface. Allow promoter to dry completely before attempting installation of the part. 1) front bumper replacement open the hood and remove the factory clips along the center of the factory front bumper. Remove one screw in each wheel well and also remove the two ten millimeter bolts located on the underside of the bumper. Remove the factory front bumper and discard the styrofoam absorber. Remove the grill from the factory bumper and place it on the new wings west front bumper.… Read More

COMP Cams® Ford Timing Set Installation Instructions

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Download Ford Timing Set Installation Instructions Thank you for choosing COMP Cams® products! We know you have options in valve train component selection and we are proud to be your manufacturer of choice. Please read this instruction sheet carefully before beginning installation, and also take a moment to review the included limited warranty information. Engine Application High Energy Magnum Hi-Tech Ford V6, 144-200 3223 Ford V6, 171 (2600-2800cc) 3236 Ford V8, 255, 289, 302 & Boss 302, 1965-1988 2120 3120 Ford V8, 289-351W & Boss 302, pre 1972 3220 Ford V8, 302-351W, 1972 & up 3230 Ford V8, 352-428, 1964-1974 3208 2108 3108 Ford V8, 351C, 351M, 400M, 1970-1982 3221 2121 3121 Ford V8, 429-460, 1968-1971 3222 2122 3122 Ford V8, 429-460, 1972-1987 2130 3130 Ford V8, 429-460 w/nine keyway crank gear 2134* Ford V8, 351W, 351W H.O., 1969-¹84 2135 3135 Ford V8, 5.0L 302 H.O., 1980-March 21, 1984 2131 3131 Ford V8, 5.0L 302, 351W, March 22, 1984-1992 2138 3138 Notes: * #2120 or #3120 should not be installed on 351W engines as they are designed for 255, 289, 302 or Boss 302 engines.… Read More

FORD FOCUS SEDAN HATCHBACK Installation Instructions

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Download FORD FOCUS SEDAN, FORD FOCUS 5 DR -ZX5 (HATCHBACK) FORD FOCUS 3 DR -ZX3 (HATCHBACK) Part Numbers: 77114 24692 60870. 1. Raise hitch into position. Note: the driver’s side bracket is positioned inboard of the tie down hook, passenger’s side bracket is posistioned outboard of the tie down hook. Note: placement of the block with 2 holes varies by model. See figure 1. 2. Install carriage bolts and blocks thru vehicle tie down hooksas shown and loosely install flat washers and hex nuts. Sedan model: 3. Fishwire carriage bolt and block thru end of frame rail and into existing hole in frame. 4. Install remaining fasteners as shown. Hatchback: 3. Using the hitch as a template, drill 1/2″hole in the forward most end of slot in side bracket on passenger side. 4. Fishwire carriage bolt and block thru access hole on the bottom of frame rail. 5. Install remaining fasteners as shown.… Read More

FORD Focus Edge Fusion Interface Installation Manual

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Download This interface can insert RGB navigation/2AV/Camera signal onto Ford Focus, Edge ,Fusion and other ford screen. Features of this interface: ? It is compatible with all Ford 4Pin LVDS screen CD/screen systems which are available in Focus, Edge? ,Fusion and more, they have separate CD unit and screens. ? 64Mega dynamical memory is used inside for 2-dimensional spatial zoom and guarantee stable video signal to panel no matter what the input video source the installer use.[PAL/NTSC/No signal] ? Plug and play installation without hurting the original circuit and warranty label, Special PPS shell makes this interface stable against noise, Low EMI, and very reliable.[the black plastic shell is actually conductive] ? Optional Touch operation to installed DVD/TV tuner can be activated, so the installer can operate DVD without using the remote controller. ? Optional control port for installer’s expanding convenience, the control port has a Audio Relay selection trigger voltage ,also one touch screen selection trigger voltage, so the user can original touch screen for installer navigation unit, this is especially good for imported ford cars.… Read More

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