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AEM V2 Air Intake System Manual Installation Instructions

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Equipped with AEM Dryflow Filter No Oil Required! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PART NUMBER: 24-6001
1992-1995 HONDA Civic SI L4-1.6L C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1992-1995 HONDA Civic LX L4-1.5L Manual Trans. C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1994-1995 HONDA Civic EX L4-1.6L Manual Trans. C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1992-1995 HONDA Civic DX Hatchback L4-1.5L Manual Trans. C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1992-1995 HONDA Civic DX L4-1.5L Manual Trans. C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1992-1993 HONDA Civic L4-1.6L Manual Trans. C.A.R.B.E.O. #D-670
1. Preparing Vehicle a. Make sure vehicle is parked on level surface. b. Set parking brake. c. If engine has run in the past two hours, let it cool down. d. Disconnect all negative battery terminals. e. Raise the front of the vehicle with a jack. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper jack and jack stand placement to properly support vehicle. Support your vehicle using properly rated jack stands before wheel removal or while working under the vehicle. NEVER WORK UNDER A VEHICLE WITHOUT USING JACK STANDS.… Read More

Honda Hornet CB 600 SW-MOTECH Manual Mounting Installation Instructions

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Mounting Instructions
SW-MOTECH products should be installed by a qualified,experienced motorcycle technician. If you are unsure of your ability to properly install a product, please have the product installed by your local motorcycle dealer. SW-MOTECH takes no responsibility for damages caused by improper installation. All screws, bolts and nuts, including all replacement hardware provided by SW-MOTECH, should be tightened to the torque specified in the OEM maintenance manual for your motorcycle. If no torque specifications are provided in the OEM maintenance manual, the following torques may be used:
All screws, bolts and nuts should be checked after driving the first 50 km to ensure that all are tightened to the proper torque. Medium strength liquid thread-locker (i.e., “Locktite”) should be used to secure all screws, bolts and nuts. M6
M8 M10 9,6 Nm 23 Nm 46 Nm SW-MOTECH GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofstrasse 44d
35282 Rauschenberg
Tel.: ++ 49 (0) 6425 816 800
Fax: ++ 49 (0) 6425 816 810
All screws, bolts and nuts, including all replacement hardware provided by SW-MOTECH, should be tightened to the torque specified in the OEM maintenance manual for your motorcycle.… Read More

Honda VTX1800 S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit Manual Installation Instructions

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Statements in this instruction sheet preceded by the following words are of special significance. WARNING Means there is the possibility of injury to yourself or others. CAUTION Means there is the possibility of damage to the part or motorcycle. NOTE Other information of particular importance has been placed in italic type. S&S recommends you take special notice of these items.
INSTALLATION: 1- Remove the stock air cleaner housing according to the Honda® factory service manual. 2- Remove the intake duct control hose from the intake duct control solenoid according to the Honda factory service manual. See Picture 1. 3- Install the rubber vacuum line cap over the intake duct control solenoid fitting. 4- Remove the intake air temp sensor from the air box as shown in Picture 2. 5- Install the intake air temp sensor into the aluminum back plate with the included 10-24 x 1/2″ socket head cap screws as shown in Picture 3 making sure to use Loctite® 243 on the threads.… Read More

Swift DB-1/DB-6 Chassis HPD L15A7 Engine Manual Installation Instructions

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This manual details the steps necessary to install the Honda L15A7 engine with the HPD engine kit into a Swift DB-1 / DB-6 chassis. The converted L15A7 engine is designed to be installed utilizing the existing mounting points of your chassis without modification. For the purpose of this manual, all photos are of a DB-1 chassis. Specific parts and procedures unique to the DB-6 are explained when necessary.
Install Slave Cylinder For the DB-1 Install the HPD supplied slave cylinder using the same procedure used for the Swift slave cylinder. NOTE: Use new seals and backing rings. Install a new release bearing onto the slave cylinder. Install the HPD chassis kit input shaft using the same procedure as the Swift unit. Refer to the appropriate manual for your type of gearbox for proper installation. It is suggested that the input shaft seals be upgraded / replaced at this time. For the DB-6 Remove the release bearing from the Swift assembly.… Read More

Honda Motorcycle Digital Audio System Manual Installation Instructions

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Read this Owner’s Manual carefully before use and store it in a safe and convenient place where you can refer to the manual easily whenever necessary. •This digital audio system is specially designed for Honda motorcycles. Consult with your authorized Honda motorcycle dealer for the applicable models. Please note that American Honda Motor Co., Inc. does not assume any responsibilities for any damage (e.g. personal injury, machine failure, equipment damage, etc.) from use of this accessory on a model that is not specified. Installation of this accessory on a Honda motorcycle requires technical skill and experience. For safety, consult with your authorized Honda motorcycle dealer for installation. This Owner’s Manual should be included with this accessory when it is resold.
SERVICE PRECAUTIONS: Although this accessory was designed and manufactured with vibration-proof performance in mind, always remember to ride your motorcycle safely on paved roads. The temperature of the amplifier unit rises when it is used for a prolonged time.… Read More

1996-2000 Honda Civic D16Y8 Performer X Turbocharging System Manual Installation Instructions

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Description: The Edelbrock Performer X Turbocharging System is a complete Turbo Kit that gives 1996-2000 Honda Civic SOHC VTEC D16Y8 owners a 60-70 horsepower increase from turbocharging. The Garrett T-28 ball bearing turbo comes pre-assembled as one unit with a Ni-resist cast exhaust manifold and exhaust elbow, and inlet oil and water lines for the simplest possible installation. The system includes a high-performance Performer X intake manifold with four additional injectors and a separate electronic controller to add fuel and retard spark under boosted conditions. The Edelbrock Exhaust manifold and elbow are designed for maximum flow and high velocity for quicker turbo spool-up. We have included an intercooler, blow-off valve, windshield pillar mount boost gauge, o-ring sealed compressor flanges, a turbo oil supply adapter, and pre-assembled Russell oil, water, and fuel lines to make this one of the most complete kits on the market.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Initial Parts Removal and Intercooler Installation (See factory service manual for procedures where noted) 1.… Read More

Audi A4 B6/B7 Dynavin Installation Guide

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Download We assume no responsibility for damage caused during installation of this product. This guide is only here for reference, professional installation is recommended. This installation guide may not include all steps needed and may not be fully comprehensive. 1. Start off by un-boxing your unit and making sure all the parts are accounted for: a. i. Manual ii. Install Reference Sheet iii. Remote Control iv. Antenna Adapter(s) – Includes a few different options for specific cars v. Radio Removal Keys vi. Male Mini USB to Female USB adapter vii. GPS Antenna viii. Wiring Harnesses (1 that has all the RCA inputs/outputs, others for vehicle specific applications) ix. Stylus x. iPod Cable xi. mini SD card (may be installed in the slot in the unit already) xii. Any accessories you ordered 2. Look over the installation references provided to make sure you complete the required steps properly: 3. Now begin making the required connections by starting with the main harness for your vehicle.… Read More

Honda QH5000 Quick-Hitch Manual Installation Instructions

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This manual covers the installation and operation of the Honda QH5000 Quick-Hitch on Honda RT5000, Honda H5013, and Honda H5518 tractors. A parts list and customer service information are included on’ pages 5 and 6. Make sure this manual remains with the Quick-Hitch if resold.
1. HITCH PIVOT INSTALLATION RT5000 and H5013 Tractors: The 16.1 mm diameter hitch pivots provided with the tractor must be replaced with 22.1 mm diameter pivots. Pivot, 22.1 mm (2 required) H/C 3502374; P/N 76323-752-JO0 a. Remove the six 8 x 16 mm flange bolts from lower frame cover B, and remove cover B for access to the hitch pivot rear mounting holes. It is not necessary to remove lower frame cover A. b. Remove the three 8 mm flange bolts from each hitch pivot, and remove the pivots. c. Install 22.1 mm diameter hitch pivots in the rear mounting holes, as shown, using the 8 mm flange bolts that were removed from the original hitch pivots.… Read More

Honda Civic Vi-PEC Plug-In Engine Control Unit (ECU) VX Plug-In Manual Installation Instructions

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The VX software platform boasts an impressive list of features giving a new level of user adjustment. This flexibility allows the tuner to have complete control over the engine management system. VX software employs high resolution fuel and ignition tables with configurable load and RPM centres. When coupled with up to six dimensional fuel and ignition mapping, barometric pressure compensation and intake air temperature correction this gives an unprecedented level of tuning accuracy. All Vi-PEC VX ECUs are in field upgradeable, there is no need to return the unit for software updates.
The complete setup of your ECU can be divided into two important tasks: 1. This manual covers the installation of your VX ECU. While it is not strictly essential that this work is performed by an automotive electrician, the knowledge and tools available to these professionals makes it highly recommended. Regardless of who does the installation, it is of utmost importance that instructions provided in this manual are followed exactly throughout the installation.… Read More

2003 Hyundai Tiburon Front Big Brake Kit Manual Installation Instructions

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Hyundai Tiburon Front Axle Kit. Kit Contents Your StopTech Big Brake kit includes the following: 1 pair of ST-40 four-piston calipers, sized specifically for your vehicle 1 set of high-performance street pads (not suitable for track use) 1 pair of 328 X 28mm two-piece rotor assemblies 1 pair of aluminum caliper adapter brackets 2 pair of 7/16-20 self-locking Jet nuts 2 pair of 12mm washers 1 pair of stainless steel brake lines 1 pair of banjo bolts 2 pair of copper crush washer s 1 pair of rubber end caps.
Step 1 Raise Vehicle, and Remove Wheels : A level, stable and clean surface, suitable for supporting the vehicle on jack-stands, should be used for the installation. For a front kit installation, apply the parking brake, then break loose the lug nuts on both front wheels before jacking up the car. Refer to the Owner’s Manual to identify the correct location of the jack for raising the vehicle.… Read More

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