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2007 Honda Accord CR-V and Civic Remote Engine Starter FAQ

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Model Information Release date for Accord Remote Starter System: September 20, 2007 Release date for CR-V and Civic Remote Starter System: End of September 2007 Technical Questions Q: What does the Honda Remote Engine Starter System do? A: The Honda Remote Engine Starter is a two-way remote system that starts and stops your vehicle’s engine anywhere within a 200-foot range. It’s designed to warm up your vehicle in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Q: How much is the Honda Remote Engine Starter? A: Approximately $499.00 without installation for all applicable Honda models. Check with your Honda dealer for the installation cost. Q: Can I install it myself? A: AHM does not recommend that customers install the Honda Remote Engine Starter due to the complexity of its electrical components. Authorized Honda Technicians are professionally trained to safely install the Remote Engine Starter. Q: Can I have my neighborhood audio shop install the Honda Remote Engine Starter?… Read More


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Download Compatibility The HON-SC1 is designed to be compatible with select Honda/Acura vehicles. Please consult table for compatibility listing. Compatible Headunit Types: • CD only Headunits* • CD + Cassette Headunits* • 6-CD changer Headunits* • Touch Screen Monitor Headunits • Non-Touch Screen Monitor Headunits * Note: Radio must have a “SAT” or “XM” button to access SIRIUS audio modes. In addition, the HON-SC1 is compatible with most additional factory audio accessories that might be included, such as: • Rear Seat Audio Control Center • Rear Seat Entertainment (DVD/Monitor) System • Heads up display (HUD) • Steering wheel controls Note: Kit not recommended for vehicles with Technology Package (Please see Acura’s website for details). The HON-SC1 is not compatible with the factory satellite radio antenna that might be installed in the vehicle. For best operation you must install a SIRIUS compatible antenna as supplied with the compatible SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner.… Read More

2007 – 2009 Hornet CB600F/FS Options Genuine Honda Accessories

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The Honda Hornet 600cc machines have claimed the hearts and souls of many For your peace of mind Genuine Honda Accessories are carefully designed, researched and stringently tested to the highest standards. And since they’re Honda approved you’ll know that they’re just as tough and well made as your Honda motorcycle. 1 Magnetic Tank Bag 13ltr Useful magnetic tank bag providing 13 litre capacity. Stores an A4 size file, plus personal belongings. Complete with rain cover. 2 Fly Screen Compact, stylish, brown- tinted acrylic offering substantial relief from the blast of wind at high speeds. Fits CB600F only.3 Sports/Touring Windshield This polycarbonate screen dramatically improves wind protection, offering greater comfort at high speeds. Fits CB600FS only. 4 Meter Ring Chromed ornamental meter ring to add a little extra to the meter panel. Fits CB600F only. Radiator Cap Decorative chrome radiator cap. Cargo Net Useful net to secure luggage to rear carrier and/or pillion seat.… Read More


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STEP 1: REMOVE CONTENTS & PLYWOOD PACKAGING Remove the canister and top cover from the box. Remove components from inside the canister. Perform a quick inventory to insure all parts are there. Using the 3/8″ wrench or socket remove the 2 bolts holding the plywood packaging supports on the ends of the canister. Discard plywood packaging supports and bolts. DISCARD PLYWOOD PACKAGING AND BOLTS! STEP 2: INSTALL WIRING HARNESS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3 HARDWARE USED: WIRE HARNESS x 1 ZIP TIES x 5 (If the optional wire harness Part# BL1120 is used, you may want to tape it to the main harness to ease having to pull them through the bottom of bed separately). In the truck bed, remove the 2 factory bolts from both of the front upper tie down brackets using a #50 torx bit and set aside (for step 4). Remove the 6 factory bolts using a #40 torx bit that hold the front bed panel to the cab.… Read More

Honda Ridgeline 2WD/4WD ReadyLift Manual Installation Instructions

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Position truck on a flat surface and lift vehicle by the frame so that the front wheels are off the ground. Use a minimum of 3 ton jack stands and place under frame for safety or use a (2) two post lift if available. Make sure that the emergency brake is on and the rear wheels are blocked to prevent a rollout.
FRONT SUSPENSION 1. Remove the front wheels. Remove axle nut to prevent the CV joint from coming apart. 2. Unclip the ABS line at three points. Two places on the strut, one place on the frame. Unbolt the brake line support bracket from the strut. 3. Remove three nuts from under plastic plugs under hood. These attach the upper strut to the truck 4. Place rags or some other cushioning over the axle, to prevent the sharp bottom of the strut from cutting the CV boot. 5. Remove the sway bar end link from the truck.… Read More

Honda Ridgeline Noise Reduction Manual Installation Instructions

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1. Roll cover to the front: Begin by unlatching the rear header and start rolling the cover to the front, stopping at the first cross support tube.
2. Remove cross support tubes: Detach the rear cross support tube. Next clean the cross support tube with alcohol. Lay the detached cross tube on a flat surface. Rotate the tube so that the nylon loop on ether end has the separation split facing up. See picture below.
3. Apply nylon loop strip: With the split in the nylon loop ends still facing up. Peel the plastic backing away from the 1.00″ x 47″ nylon loop strip and apply it to the cross support tube. Position the strip between the two nylon end pieces. See picture below. Next reattach the cross support tube back in place on the cover. Make sure the nylon strip that was just applied is facing the cover. Continue to roll cover and repeat step two and three for the front cross support tube.… Read More

2006 Honda Ridgeline Air Intake Kit Manual Installation Instructions

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Tools Required 5/16″ nut driver Slotted screwdriver 10mm socket or wrench Ratchet and extension
Part List: 1 Air filter (replacement # 24-90035) or Pro Dry STM 21-90035 1 Housing 1 Housing Cover 3 Button Head Screws 2 Screws, M6x1x25 5 M6 Washers, flat 2 M6 Washers, lock
INSTALLATION: 1. Complete kit. Make sure all components listed are included prior to beginning installation. 2. Complete stock intake. 3. Remove the lower 10 mm bolt securing the air box. 4. Remove the 10mm bolt securing the back of the air box. 5. Remove the airbox assembly out of the engine compartment. 6. Loosen but do not remove the bolt securing the air intake snorkel. 7. Position the new housing inside the engine compartment. Make sure the lower mounting tab slide in the snorkel mount. 8. Secure housing with supplied bolts and washers. Connect intake duct to the housing. 9. Install intake filter into housing.… Read More


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Download STEP 1: INSTALL BULKHEAD ADAPTER A. Remove the forward upper Tie Down Brackets (Photo 1) . B. Remove the two (2) upper Bedrail bolts per side (Photos 2 & 3) . C. Remove the three (3) upper Bulkhead bolts (Photo 4) . NOTE: There are a total of eleven (11) bolts to be removed. STEP 2: INSTALL MOUNTING FLANGES ON BEDRAILS AND BULKHEAD Note: Notice that two sizes of metric bolts have been provided. The four (4) large 8mm x 40mm bolts are to be used in the forward positions of the Track Mounting Flanges where the tiedown brackets were removed (Photo 1) . The seven (7) smaller 6mm x 40mm bolts are to be used in all the other locations. A. Begin by applying the Butyl caulking strips to the cab end of the Track Mounting Flanges (Photo 5) . Place the strip on the Flange edge, and press the material onto the Flange so that caulking material is equally distributed on both sides of the Flange (Photo 6) .… Read More

2006 Honda Ridgeline Bull Bar Manual Installation Instructions

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PARTS LIST: 2 Frame Brackets 8 12mm Washers 4 12*30mm Hex Bolts 4 12mm Hex Nuts 4 12mm Lock Washers
PROCEDURE: 1. Remove push type retainers from lower splash shield. Remove plastic splash shield to access to mounting location. 2. Locate and remove bolts that hold the frame brace and bumper brackets to vehicle. 3. Install frame bracket between lower radiator support and frame brace using (3) existing bolts. As shown. 4. Cut plastic splash shield to allow brackets to pass through. See Cutting Instruction sheet for guidelines on cutting. Reinstall plastic splash shield over brackets in this same order removed. 5 . Position the bull bar assembly to the lower frame brackets (outer side) using 12*30mm hex bolts,12mm hex nuts and12mm washers. 6 . Align the bull bar assembly with the front of the vehicle and tighten all fasteners.
The template works best is placed on top side-of splash shield (the side towards the vehicle).… Read More

2006-2009 Honda Ridgeline UnderSeat Storage Manual Installation Instructions

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Gray P/N // 50039 Beige P/N // 50040 Olive P/N // 50041 Black P/N // 50074
Installation Instructions: Flip up rear seats by pulling handle on the side of each seat. Place the DU-HA under the rear seat, as pictured. Slide organizer/gun racks into channel slots inside the DU-HA, if desired. Flip down rear seats by pulling handle on the side of each seat. Safety Instructions: Safety Instructions: Warning: Seat must be down and latched at all times while vehicle is moving. Make sure the DU-HA is secured according to the installation instructions. Do not store explosives or hazardous materials in the DU-HA. Do not place loaded guns in the DU-HA.… Read More

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