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2004 Ford Expedition/Navigator Brake Pads REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION

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Download NOTE: Verify if the anchor housing spring has 1. CAUTION: Install a new lining if worn 1 end with 2 tabs. If yes, the LH side anchor to or past the specified thickness above the housing spring must be installed with the metal backing plate or rivets. Install new 2-tabbed end in the upper brake caliper cavity. pads in complete axle sets. For the LH brake caliper, release the lower If necessary, using a suitable suction device, portion of the anchor housing spring. remove the brake fluid in the master cylinder •Apply force at the center of the anchor reservoir until it is half filled. housing spring and pull outward at the bottom of the anchor housing spring to 2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. For remove it from the lower brake caliper additional information, refer to Section 204-04. cavity. 3. Inspect the brake pads for wear or contamination.… Read More

1999 – 2002 Ford F-150 2WD and Ford Expedition Front Big Brake Update

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Download Kit Contents Your StopTech Big Brake kit includes the following: 1 pair of ST-40 four-piston calipers, sized specifically for the vehicle 1 set of high-performance street pads (not suitable for track use) 1 pair of 355 X 32mm two-piece rotor assemblies 1 pair of aluminum caliper adapter brackets 2 pair of 7/16-20 self-locking Jet nuts 2 pair of 12mm washers 1 pair of hub assemblies 1 pair of stainless steel brake lines 1 pair of Adel clamps 1 pair of 10mm button-head bolts (for use with the Adel clamps) 1 pair of self-locking nuts (for use with the Adel clamps) 1 pair of banjo bolts 2 pair of copper crush washer s 1 pair of rubber end caps. Tools and Equipment Required Different models and years of vehicle use different-sized fasteners, and every effort has been taken to correctly identify the proper sized tool for each step of the installation.… Read More

2003 Volvo S40 Replacing The Rear Brake Pads

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Download 2003 Volvo S40 L4-1.9L Turbo VIN 27 B4204T4 Vehicle Level Brakes and Traction Control Disc Brake System Brake Pad Service and Repair Rear Brake Pads. Replacing The Rear Brake Pads Special Tools: 999 5782, 951 2834 General CAUTION: Replace the brake pads when the minimum thickness is 2 mm . Removing the rear brake pads Remove * the hub cap and the wheel * the retaining clip and the brake hose from the support * the upper bolt from the locating pin for the brake caliper . Twist the brake caliper backwards. Remove the brake pads. NOTE: Do not depress the brake pedal while the brake pads are removed. Checking and cleaning the rear brake calipers. Clean brake pad contact surfaces in the brake caliper and on the caliper mounting. Check the dirt guard for the piston. Replace the dirt guard if it is worn. Recondition the brake caliper if the dirt guard is defective.… Read More

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit Brake pads, removing and installing

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Download 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit BRAKES Brake System. Brake pads, removing and installing Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required. Brake pads, removing When removing, mark brake pads that will be used again. Install in the same position, otherwise braking effect will be uneven! * Remove wheels. * Disconnect connector – 1 – for brake pad wear indicator. * Remove caps – arrows -. * Loosen both guide pins – arrows – and remove from brake caliper. * Remove brake caliper and secure with wire so that the weight of the brake caliper does not burden or damage the brake hose. * Remove brake pads from brake caliper. Cleaning: * Thoroughly clean contact surfaces for brake pads at brake carrier, remove corrosion. * Clean brake caliper. Use only appropriate solvents for cleaning brake caliper. Brake pads, installing Before pressing piston into cylinder using piston resetting tool, brake fluid must be extracted from brake fluid reservoir.… Read More

1997 F150 – Ford Expedition Radio Replacement Installation Instructions

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Download Parts REQUIRED for the install Description Snap on in dash wire harness ** Please read instructions first Radio dash installation kit 1999 Ford F150/Expedition kit Optional parts for this install None. Remove Factory Radio STEP 1 : The plastic dash panel surrounding the radio must be removed. This dash panel simply unsnaps by pulling. With your hands, grab one corner and pull until the plastic dash panel completely pulls away from the main body of the dash. The Ford radio is snapped into the vehicles dash. With the proper tool, known as Ford radio removal keys, the Ford radio can be pulled forward out of the dash. A clothes hanger can be used instead of actual Ford radio removal keys. Cut the clothes hanger and bend 2 pieces in a ‘U’ shape. For more information on how to remove the radio, see the diagram below. STEP 2 : Pull the radio from the dash.… Read More

2005-2007 Ford Focus Front Brake Rotors Installation Instructions

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Download Tools used in this guide 7 mm Allen Wrench (1) 8″ Needle Nose Plier (1) C-Clamp (1) Flat Head ScrewDriver (1) Hydraulic Jack (1) Jack Stands (1) Racheting Socket Wrench (1) Tire Iron (1) Torque Wrench (1) Turkey Baster (1) The steps in this guide are used to replace the brake rotors on all Focus models in the 2005-2007 generation, except for the ST model, which has slightly different brakes. Caution should be exercised when working with brake and suspension components, and proper safety goggles should be worn at all times. Step 1 – Front Wheel Put the car in park (automatic) or neutral (manual). Apply the parking brake. Place chocks behind the rear wheels. Step 2 Use a tire iron to loosen each lug nut a half turn. Step 3 Use a hydraulic jack on the car’s frame to jack the car. A small notch shows where to place the jack.… Read More

1993 Ford Truck F 150 Drum Brake Assembly

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Download 1. Raise and support vehicle. 2. Remove wheel and tire assembly. 3. Remove brake drum . 4. Install suitable clamp over ends of wheel cylinder . 5. Contract brake shoes as follows: Backing Off Brake Adjustment a. Disengage adjusting lever from adjusting screw. b. Move outboard side of adjusting screw upward and back off pivot nut as far as it will go. 6. Pull adjusting lever, cable, and automatic adjuster spring down and toward rear to unhook pivot hook from large hole in secondary shoe web. Do not pry pivot hook out of hole. 7. Remove automatic adjuster spring and adjusting lever. 8. Using suitable tool, remove secondary shoe to anchor spring, then the primary shoe to anchor spring. For additional information see Brake Spring Removal and Installation Notes. 9. Unhook cable anchor and remove anchor pin plate. 10. Remove cable guide from secondary shoe. 11. Remove shoe hold-down springs, shoes, adjusting screw, pivot nut, and socket.… Read More

Model 2010 Ford F150 Heritage Style Short Bed 1997 – 2004 TONNEAU INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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Download PRE-INSTALLATION NOTES TONNEAU INSTALLATION GUIDE INSTALLATION KIT CHECKLIST A B C D G H I E F A: Hydraulic Struts B: Stainless Steel Bolts 5/16″ x 1 1/4″ C: J-Hooks & Wall Mounting Screws D: Clamps E: Spiral Rings F: Stainless Steel Washers 5/16″ G: Stainless Steel Lock Washers 5/16″ H: Forward Mounting Brackets I: Rear Mounting Brackets Page 1 Model 2010 Ford F150 Heritage Style Short Bed 1997 – 2004 Page 1 FORM # IG2010 Modified May 2008 Be sure to use only cleaners, waxes, etc., which are labeled ‘Safe for Plastics’. Make sure that chemicals or substances, which are not labeled ‘safe for plastics’, do not come in contact with your Undercover. Failure to do so could cause discoloration and/or structural damage to your Undercover and will void your warranty. Paint rubbing of the truck is normally not a problem, but is always a possibility with any tonneau.… Read More


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Download 2009-2010 Ford Expedition LOW FREQUENCY ENGINE KNOCKING NOISE AT HOT IDLE. FORD: 2009-2010 Expedition, F-150 LINCOLN: 2009-2010 Navigator. 6. Open Data Logger. ISSUE Some 2009-2010 F150 vehicles equipped with a 7. Select Powertrain Engine. 4.6L 3V or 5.4L 3V engine, Expedition and Navigator vehicles may exhibit a low frequency 8. Select PCM Data Logger. knocking noise from the engine at hot idle only. The 9. Clear the preselected items by clicking the noise is predominately heard from the right front eraser icon button. wheel well area and/or the right hand (RH) engine cam cover. This noise may be generated from the 10. Select variable cam timing desired angle RH variable camshaft timing (VCT) phaser number (VCT_DSD). assembly. This procedure was created to diagnose the RH VCT phaser assembly. 11. Go to live display and press the tick mark. 12. Make sure the parameter identification (PID) is ACTION highlighted with the dark lines above and below Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the the data being displayed.… Read More


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DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS FORD Edge 2007-2010 / Expedition 2007-2010 Explorer 2006-2010 / Explorer Sport Trac 2006-2010 F-150 2004-2008 / E Series 2009-10 / F Series 2005-2009 Five-Hundred 2005-2007 / Focus 2005-2007 / FreeStar 2004-2007 Freestyle 2005-2007 / Fusion 2006-2011 Mustang 2005-2009 / Super Duty 2008-2011 Taurus 2008 / Taurus X 2008-2009 MERCURY Monterey 2004-2007 / Milan 2006-2008 Montego 2005-2007 / Mountaineer 2006-2010 Sable 2008-2009 LINCOLN Mark LT 2005-2008. WIRING AND ANTENNA CONNECTIONS (Sold Separately) Harness: • 70-5520 – Ford Harness 2003-up • 70-5521 – Ford Amplified Harness 2003-up • 70-5522 – Ford Sub Harness 2003-up • XSVI-5520 NAV – Ford Interface 2006-up Antenna Adapter: • 40-CR10 – Chrysler/GM Antenna Adapter 2002-up. DASH DISASSEMBLY FORD F-150 2004-2008 LINCOLN MARK LT 2005-2008 FORD EXPEDITION 2007-2010 FORD EDGE 2007-2010. 1 Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent an accidental short circuit. Unsnap and remove entire panel surrounding the radio and climate controls. (Figure A) Remove (4) 9/32″ screws to remove the factory radio.… Read More

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