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2007 Honda Accord CR-V and Civic Remote Engine Starter FAQ

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Model Information Release date for Accord Remote Starter System: September 20, 2007 Release date for CR-V and Civic Remote Starter System: End of September 2007 Technical Questions Q: What does the Honda Remote Engine Starter System do? A: The Honda Remote Engine Starter is a two-way remote system that starts and stops your vehicle’s engine anywhere within a 200-foot range. It’s designed to warm up your vehicle in the winter and cool it down in the summer. Q: How much is the Honda Remote Engine Starter? A: Approximately $499.00 without installation for all applicable Honda models. Check with your Honda dealer for the installation cost. Q: Can I install it myself? A: AHM does not recommend that customers install the Honda Remote Engine Starter due to the complexity of its electrical components. Authorized Honda Technicians are professionally trained to safely install the Remote Engine Starter. Q: Can I have my neighborhood audio shop install the Honda Remote Engine Starter?… Read More


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Download Compatibility The HON-SC1 is designed to be compatible with select Honda/Acura vehicles. Please consult table for compatibility listing. Compatible Headunit Types: • CD only Headunits* • CD + Cassette Headunits* • 6-CD changer Headunits* • Touch Screen Monitor Headunits • Non-Touch Screen Monitor Headunits * Note: Radio must have a “SAT” or “XM” button to access SIRIUS audio modes. In addition, the HON-SC1 is compatible with most additional factory audio accessories that might be included, such as: • Rear Seat Audio Control Center • Rear Seat Entertainment (DVD/Monitor) System • Heads up display (HUD) • Steering wheel controls Note: Kit not recommended for vehicles with Technology Package (Please see Acura’s website for details). The HON-SC1 is not compatible with the factory satellite radio antenna that might be installed in the vehicle. For best operation you must install a SIRIUS compatible antenna as supplied with the compatible SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner.… Read More

2007 Ford Focus Accessories List Guide

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Download “Mobile-ease™” Hands Free System Connector Wiring Harness Required for Installation of “Mobile-ease™” Hands Free System 3W4Z-14A411-AA 2005-2007 Hands Free System Requires Connector Harness 14A411 for Installation3W4Z-19G399-AA2005-2007 “Street Appearance Package” ZX3/ZX5 Includes Front & Rear Bumper Fascia & Chromed Exhaust Tip, Primed 6S4Z-6120049-AA 2006-2007 ZX4 Includes Front & Rear Bumper Fascia & Chromed Exhaust Tip, Primed 6S4Z-5420049-BA 2006-2007 Bug Shield Styled Smoke-Color (Single-Pack) 5S4Z-16C900-A 2005-2007 Cargo Area Protector 3-Door/5-Door Black 1M5Z-6111600-AA 2001-2007 Sedan Black 1M5Z-5411600-DA 2001-2007 Wagon Black 1M5Z-7411600-CA 2001-2007 Cargo Logic System Without Logo Sedan, Heathered Black Ink (00) 3M5Z-5411600-AA 2003-2007 3-Door Hatchback, Heathered Black Ink (00) 3M5Z-6111600-AA 2003-2007 Wagon, Heathered Pebble (65) 3M5Z-7411600-AA 2003-2007 Wagon, Heathered Flint (64) 3M5Z-7411600-BA 2003-2007 Wagon, Heathered Black Ink (00) 3M5Z-7411600-CA 2003-2007 Cargo Net, Retention 4-Door/Wagon Envelope Style YS4Z-54550A66-AA 2000-2007 Cargo Organizer 3-Door/5-Door/Sedan Black, For Use Without Subwoofer 5M5Z-54115A00-AAA 2005-2007 Cargo Organizer, Interior Wagon Black, With Ford Logo F8CZ-54115A00-BAA 2000-2007 Cargo Security Shade For Wagon, Med.… Read More

2007 – 2009 Hornet CB600F/FS Options Genuine Honda Accessories

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The Honda Hornet 600cc machines have claimed the hearts and souls of many For your peace of mind Genuine Honda Accessories are carefully designed, researched and stringently tested to the highest standards. And since they’re Honda approved you’ll know that they’re just as tough and well made as your Honda motorcycle. 1 Magnetic Tank Bag 13ltr Useful magnetic tank bag providing 13 litre capacity. Stores an A4 size file, plus personal belongings. Complete with rain cover. 2 Fly Screen Compact, stylish, brown- tinted acrylic offering substantial relief from the blast of wind at high speeds. Fits CB600F only.3 Sports/Touring Windshield This polycarbonate screen dramatically improves wind protection, offering greater comfort at high speeds. Fits CB600FS only. 4 Meter Ring Chromed ornamental meter ring to add a little extra to the meter panel. Fits CB600F only. Radiator Cap Decorative chrome radiator cap. Cargo Net Useful net to secure luggage to rear carrier and/or pillion seat.… Read More

Honda / Acura Transponder Interface: TYPE “C”

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Download DATA to DATA PORT (D 2D) : of D2D Cable plugs into the upgradeable vehicle interface module. OPTION A: – D2D Port used to connect to USB Bootloader adaptor & computer to download & flash vehicle interface firmware. OPTION B: – D2D Port used to connect to the data port of a remote control system equipped with ClearCode V ehicle I nterface P rotocol. Remote control systems designed with ClearCode VIP can securely communicate via the D2D cable to transmit & receive data commands which initiate specific vehicle function such as doorlocks & immobilizer override and /or request information from the vehicle such as status of entry points (doors) or ambiant température, diesel glow plug etc… ClearCode VIP represents the doorway to vehicle integration…As an enhanced security feature, this upgradeable vehicle interface module automatically detects when the Vehicle Interface Protocol is present and deactivates the analogue override input wire (brown wire) ensuring that this module can only be activated by an authorized user.… Read More


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Download Acura CSX, CSX Type S, MDX, RDX, RL, TL, TL Type S, TSX; Honda Accord, Accord Hybrid, Civic, Civic Hybrid, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline OE: 80292-SEC-A01 Fits: 2007-on Acura CSX, CSX Type S, MDX, RDX, Honda CR-V 2005-on Acura RL, Honda Odyssey 2004-on Acura TL, TSX 2007-08 Acura TL Type S 2003-on Honda Accord 2005-07 Honda Accord Hybrid 2006-on Honda Civic, Ridgeline 2 006-09 Honda Civic Hybrid 2009-on Honda Pilot. 1. Open passenger side door. 2. Open glove compartment. 3. Detach damper rod from glove compartment. 4. Push in on left and right sides of glove compartment to release glove compartment. If equipped with tabs: a. Close glove compartment part way to relieve pressure on tabs. b. Push in tabs on outside of glove compartment to release glove compartment. c. Remove tabs. 5. Remove screws on left and right sides (if equipped) while holding glove compartment. 6. Flip down glove compartment.… Read More


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ATV’s can be dangerous. EPI has no control over the use of any part. EPI expects the customer to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any part. EPI assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of misuse, improper installation and improper application of any parts in any way by any person. Contact your local dealer to schedule installation of this clutch kit if you are not a qualified ATV mechanic. This product is NOT to be installed on any ATV that will be used by any person under the age of 16. Tools needed to install clutch kit – Metric socket set – 27mm socket – 1/2″ impact wrench – Torque wrench – Phillips and flat tip screwdrivers – Spring tool or bent pliers – 5mm Allen wrench – 10mm & 14mm wrench – 2 C-Clamps – Honda clutch tool #07933-HB3000A – Honda motor oil – Honda coolant – Honda Bond or Yamabond Semi-drying liquid gasket (or similar semi-drying liquid gasket) GASKETS NEEDED TO INSTALL CLUTCH KIT – None, only need tube of semi-drying liquid gasket ENGAGEMENT – 25-2,600 rpm’s 1.… Read More

2007 Honda Odyssey MusicLink For i-Pod Installation Manual

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TOOL AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED #2 Phillips screwdriver Flat-tip screwdriver Diagonal cutters Scissors Ratchet 10 mm Socket 10 mm Combination wrenches Drill motor Drill bit (3 mm) 19 mm Hole saw (3/4″) Electrical tape Felt-tip pen Pushpin Eye protection Isopropyl alcohol.
INSTALLATION 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, then write down the frequencies for the preset buttons. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. If the your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, go to step 22 ; if not, continue with step 3. 3. Place the shift lever in the N (Neutral) position. 4. Remove the center panel (ten clips and disconnect the connectors). 5. Remove the audio unit (three self-tapping screws, two clips, and disconnect the vehicle connector). 6. Remove the damper arm cover and disconnect the arm. 7. Open the glove box and remove the two stoppers by releasing the two retaining tabs.… Read More

2005-2007 Honda Odyssey BX2237 Base Plate Manual Installation Instructions

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Tools Required 8MM Socket 10MM Socket 17MM Socket Phillips Screwdriver Vise Grips Utility Knife LOCTITE Red.
Removable Tabs: Due to the design of the removable tabs, the RangeFinder II tow bar can not be used. Adapters, except for the BX8833 and the BX88151, can not be used with this baseplate. Instructions: The front fascia, headlight assembly, and the metal bumper are removed and reinstalled for the baseplate installation. Drilling is required. The metal bumper will not be reinstalled. The dimensional variations between otherwise identical vehicles can be considerable. While the baseplate was designed for easy installation, it may be necessary to tailor the baseplate slightly to compensate for auto manufacturer’s tolerances. These minor adjustments may include filing a hole slightly, bending electrical rods, and/ or bending end plates. The BX8869 Bulb and Socket Wiring Kit is available for this vehicle.
Installation Instructions 1. Remove the five push pins from the black plastic cover on the top side of the fascia.… Read More

2001-2002 Honda Odyssey Idle Fluctuation and/or the MIL Is On With DTC P1129

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Download : 2001-02 Odyssey – ALL 2003 Odyssey – From VIN 5FNRL1…3B000001 thru 5FNRL1…3B159953 2003 Odyssey – From VIN 2HKRL1…3H500001 thru 2HKRL1…3H514354 2003 Pilot – From VIN 2HKYF1…3H500001 thru 2HKYF1…3H520648 Idle Fluctuation and/or the MIL Is On With DTC P1129 and/or P0505 (Supersedes 04-007, Idle Fluctuation With DTC P1129 , dated February 6, 2004, to update the information marked by the black bars) SYMPTOM The idle fluctuates, and/or the MIL is on with DTC P1129 (high manifold absolute pressure [MAP] sensor signal) and/or P0505 (faulty IAC valve). PROBABLE CAUSE The idle air control (IAC) valve sticks open, the power steering pressure switch wire is broken, or both. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the IAC valve, repair the power steering pressure switch wire, or do both. DIAGNOSIS 1. Start the engine, and let it idle until it warms up. Does the idle fluctuate, or is there a customer complaint of an intermittent idle fluctuation?… Read More

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