2000 audi tt slave cylinder installation

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1996 Ford Bronco/F-Series Clutch Hydraulic Line

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Download SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Description Tool Number Clutch Coupling ToolT88T-70522-A. Removal 1. Note the routing of the clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube (7A512) line from clutch master cylinder (7A543) to the clutch slave cylinder. 2. Remove retainer pin from clutch master cylinder holding clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube in place. 3. Raise the vehicle and install suitable safety stands. 4. Disconnect clutch slave cylinder to clutch master cylinder tube from external clutch slave cylinder. On vehicles equipped with concentric clutch slave cylinders, remove tube using Clutch Coupling Tool T88T-70522-A. Installation 1. Follow the removal procedures in reverse order. 2. Bleed system. Refer to appropriate clutch hydraulic system bleeding procedure in the Adjustments portion of this section. Hydraulic Clutch Control System, 4.9L, 5.0L and 5.8L Gasoline Engines with Mazda R2 and S5-47 ZF Light-Duty and 7.3L and 7.5L S5-47 ZF Heavy-Duty Transmissions Section 08-02: Clutch Controls 1996 Bronco/F-Series Workshop Manual REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Procedure revision date: 05/18/2000 SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Description Tool Number Clutch Coupling ToolT88T-70522-A Item Part Number Description 1 2450 Brake Pedal and Bracket Assembly 2 N804443-S100 Clip 3 7A512 Clutch Slave Cylinder to Clutch Master Cylinder Tube 4 N806880-S100 Clip, Double 5 N620481-S2 Nut, M8-1.25 6 7A543 Clutch Master Cylinder 7 7A564 Clutch Slave Cylinder 8 7513 Clutch Release Lever Dust Shield 9 7515 Clutch Release Lever 10 7A554 Clutch and Brake Pedal Pivot Shaft Lever 11 620483-S2 Nut A — Tighten to 10-14 Nm… Read More


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Download 1. Install the pilot bushing into the engine crank. 2. Bolt the flywheel-153/168 tooth to the engine crank using special flywheel bolts. 3. Assemble the clutch assembly and special disc to the flywheel using special clutch bolts. 4. Assemble the clutch release arm to the inside ball pivot of the bellhousing. 5. Bolt the slave cylinder to the outside of the bellhousing. 6. Test fit the bellhousing assembly over the clutch assembly and onto the engine block. 7. Place the N1430 release bearing onto the clutch arm fork. 8. Adjust the length of the slave cylinder push rod to a length that provides a minimum of 1/8″ clearance between the release bearing face and clutch fingers. 9. This test fit over the clutch assembly is primarily done for establishing the push rod length. If this procedure is eliminated, you will not have any visual inspection for verifying the push rod adjustment.… Read More

1996 Audi/Volkswagen Bose Integration Harness

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Download 1996-Up Audi / Volkswagen Bose Integration Harness For models amplified without Bose: 1996-03 Audi A4 / 1996-03 Audi A6 2000-01 Audi S4 / 2002-03 Audi S6 Use the White, White/Black, Gray, and Gray/Black speaker wire for the front speaker output and use the Green and Purple RCA’s for the rear speaker outputs. Be sure to connect the Blue/White wire to the aftermarket radio’s amp turn-on wire. The White and Gray RCA’s will not be used. For models amplified with Bose: 1996-03 Audi A4 / 1996-03 Audi A6 1997-03 Audi A8 / 2000-01 Audi S4 2002-03 Audi S6 / 2001-03 Audi S8 2000-03 Audi TT Use the White and Gray RCA’s for the front speaker output and use the Green and Purple RCA’s for the rear speaker outputs. Be sure to connect the Blue/White wire to the aftermarket radio’s amp turn-on wire. The White, White/Black, Gray, and Gray/Black speaker wires will not be used.… Read More

1988 Jeep Cherokee Clutch Hydraulic Installation Guide

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REMOVAL & INSTALLATION TRANSMISSION Removal 1) Remove the shift knob and lock nut from transmission and transfer case shift levers (if equipped). On Wrangler models, remove screws attaching transmission and transfer case shift lever boots and remove both boots. 2) On all other models, raise outer gearshift lever boot and remove upper part on center console. Remove lower part of console, remove inner boot and gearshift lever. 3) On Wrangler models, remove transmission shift tower dust cover. Remove transmission shift lever and stub shaft. DO NOT remove shift lever from stub shaft. 4) On all models, raise and support vehicle. Drain transmission lubricant. Mark rear drive shaft for reassembly and remove rear drive shaft. Support transmission assembly and remove crossmember. Disconnect speedometer cable and wiring from back-up light switch. 5) On 4WD models, drain transfer case lubricant. Disconnect transfer case vacuum hoses and linkage. Tag vacuum hoses for reassembly. Disconnect front drive shaft and secure out of way.… Read More

1995-2000 Audi A4 Cabin Filter Installation Guide

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Download VW*Passat*B5*from*1997-2000; * Audi*A4*from*1995-2000 P3740,*C3740 Replacement interval 15.000 km/10,000 miles or after 12 months Intervalo de cambio 15.000 km o despues de 1 año Intervalle de remplacement 15.000 km ou une fois par an Assembly is the reverse order of operation Para concluir la instalacion, seguir el orden inverso Le remontage s’effectue dons l’ordre inverse Tools needed are a Phillips screwdriver. Open the hood. Notice the cover for the cabin filter is on the cowl on the passenger side. Remove the screw form the cover. Remove the cover by pulling toward the front of the vehicle. The filter is now visible. Remove by pushing up on the filter to loosen from housing and then pulling out toward the front of the vehicle. Replace with clean cabin filter. Replace cover by lining up the notches on either side of the cover plate to the grooves in the filter housing. Replace the screw in the cover plate.… Read More

Audi A4 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Installation Instruction

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Download Audi A3 (8P) Sportback, Cabrio Audi A4 (8E) B6, B7 Audi A6 (4B)* Audi TT (8J) Roadster, Coupe´ Audi A4 (8K) Audi A5 (8T) Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Installation Instruction. Installation instruction – A3 (8P), A4 (8E), A6 (4B), TT Please remove the head unit using suitable tools, after removing disconnect the necessary wiring. With a plug & play connection you will complete the fitting of the hands free kit. Please see scheme below. Unlock the connection and put the delivered wiring between the head unit and the connector coming from the vehicle. Wire the loom for the interface connection towards the glove box. Find a suitable location for the interface box within the vehicle. Make sure you will reach the interface at any time (regarding to software updates). ATTENTION: Does the vehicle have airbags fitted along the A-column it is essential to wire the loom for the microphone BEHIND the airbag.… Read More


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Download Prior to installing the PES G2 supercharger system there are a few steps that are recommended to make the installation as safe and easy as possible. ? Make sure that the engine is completely cool. ? The car should not have been started for at least 2 hours to minimize any residual fuel pressure. This will reduce the fuel leakage that occurs while removing the fuel injectors. ? Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal before and during the installation procedure. ? Please save all parts and fasteners you remove from the car during installation. The system has been engineered so that the car may be returned to its stock configuration if so desired. INSTALLATION 1) Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2) Remove all plastic engine covers. 3) Remove ECU and send it to PES for chip conversion. (See picture 1-3) 4) Remove air box intake ducts. 5) Disconnect PCV tube from passenger side valve cover.… Read More


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Download FOR: 2008 + Audi A4. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION 1. LOCATION ( See Diagram below ): Using masking tape, run the tape as seen in Diagram below from POINT A to POINT B. Press tape against the vehicle, making sure that the tape is straight from POINT A to POINT B. 2. CLEAN AND PREP : For proper installation of Custom Body Side Molding, clean the surface where the molding is to be installed using the alcohol pads enclosed. Wipe off excess residue with a clean cloth. Apply PRO- BOND ADHESIVE PROMOTOR in the crush swab self-applicator. Squeeze the applicator until you feel the applicator “crush”. The applicator will become wet on the end and is ready for use. Quickly apply a thin coat of PRO-BOND below the masking tape line, no further than 1 ¼” below the tape. Be careful not to go lower than 1 ¼” because PRO-BOND could dull the paint surface.… Read More

2000-2002 Audi Quattro StartupRacing Contest and Competition Suspension Installation Manual

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Download B5 Audi Quattro (2000-2002 Audi S4 and 1996-2001 Audi A4). Suspension Removal General 1. Loose wheel bolts 2. Raise the car and support it with two or four jack stands (if only using two, support front first, then rear) 3. Remove wheels Front 1. Remove the bolt that attaches the shock clevis to the control arm. (18mm and 19mm) 2. Remove upper control arm bolt (16mm) 3. Disconnect the upper control arms from the upright (WD40 helps here) 4. Open the hood, and remove the plastic piece hiding the battery, along with the pollen filter cover (8mm) 5. Remove these three identical bolts. They hold the upper control arm plate, as you remove the last bolt, make sure you hold the shock body as it will be loose. (16mm) Remember the orientation of washers as you remove them. 6. Remove the OEM shock along with the spring, and place on a clean flat surface.… Read More


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Download AUDI A4, A6, S4, QUATTRO (2000-2002) AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO (2001-2002) PART NUMBER: AU-54-00. STEP1. Begin by removing the radio. CAUTION: Do not disconnect any wiring to the radio at any time. Insert four (4) radio removal tools into the removal slots. (See photo #1.) There is an anti-vibration o-ring located behind the radio trim bezel that needs to be loosen in order to slide out the radio. With the radio removal tools in place, insert a smooth , thin, flat bladed screwdriver in between the radio trim bezel and the dash pad on the right side of the radio. (See black dots in photo # 1). Wiggling the screwdriver gently will release the o-ring and radio from the dash. After completing the same procedure on the left side, slide the radio forward enough to access the two (2) 5/16″ hex bolts on the right side of the radio cavity. (See photo # 2).… Read More

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