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1999 – 2004 Ford F-250 / F-350 V8, V10 Diesel 2.5″ Leveling Kit INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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Download Prior to Installation inspect vehicle’s frame for stress cracks paying extra attention to the steering box and sus- pension to frame attaching points. Carefully inspect track bar, steering system, drive line system, ball joints and wheel bearings–the entire vehicle must be in top working condition. Repair or replace any broken or worn parts. Always wear safety glasses and use proper precautions to secure and block vehicle prior to installation. Parts List Match parts and hardware to parts lists before starting kit install. Jack-it Accessories will be happy to replace any missing or defective parts (replacement parts are shipped no charge UPS Ground–express shipping is offered for an additional charge). Qty Item# Description 2 TUF 82201 Leaf Packs (5 leafs for V-10 & Deisel, 4 leafs for V-8) 2 AAACB71660 7/16″ x 6″ center pin bolts with nuts 1 JAC 1003 U-Bolt Kit (JAC 1003 for trucks with build date of 1999 or earlier) or  4/ea 9/16″ x 3″ x 11.5″ (square u-bolts – JAC 1003; or semi-round – JAC 10031) JAC 1031  8/ea 9/16″ high nuts  8/ea 9/16″ flat washers 1 TUF 20905 Track bar bracket with hardware for trucks with 1″ diameter track bar  1/ea track bar bracket (upper drivers side)  1/ea sleeve  1/ea adjustable cam bolt  1/ea cam bolt washer  1/ea Uni-torque nut 1 FAB FTS451 Adjustable Track Bar for trucks with 3/4″ diameter track bar OR upgrade for 1″ bar If your truck has factory 2″ rear blocks, your kit will also include: 1 TUF 82950  2/ea 2″ rear add-a-leafs  2/ea 7/16 x 6 center pin bolts  1/ea separate instruction sheet for add-a-leafs Foot Pound Torque Readings (These readings must be followed) 5/16″ bolts 13ft-lbs 3/8″ bolts 19ft-lbs 7/16″ bolts 30ft-lbs 1/2″ bolts 70ft-lbs 9/16″ bolts 112ft-lbs 5/8″ bolts 115ft-lbs.… Read More

2002 Chrysler 300M Special GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL

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Download 2002 Chrysler 300M Special V6-3.5L VIN G Vehicle Level Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Shift Linkage Shift Cable Service and Repair Floor Shift. 42LE – Automatic Transmission GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL 1. Using suitable size allen wrench, remove the shift handle retaining screw (Fig. 251). 2. Remove shift handle from shifter assy. 3. Remove console bezel from vehicle. 4. Loosen nut on shift cable adjust lever (Fig. 252) 5. Remove retaining clip from shift cable conduit bracket (Fig. 253). 6. Disconnect shifter cable from cable attach stud (pin) (Fig. 253). 7. Remove cable from center console routing. Leave flat on floor for ease of removal. 8. Raise hood. Remove gearshift cable from throttle/gearshift cable bracket (Fig. 254) 9. Unseat cable grommet at firewall and remove cable from interior of vehicle (Fig. 255). 10. Raise vehicle on hoist and disconnect fill tube bracket from transaxle. Rotate fill tube to gain access to shift cable clamp.… Read More

AUDI TT Sport Sway Bar Kit 22806

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Download Installation of Hotchkis Front Sway Bar 1F Raising Vehicle Raise front of the vehicle by using a 4 post lift or drive-on ramps. Securely block the rear wheels of the vehicle. Do not remove the front wheels during installation for safety. 2F Observe Orientation Of the Bar Remove the lower splash shield, and observe the location and orientation of the front swaybar. 3F Remove End Links Locate and remove the lower end link nuts from both sides, and push links aside. 4F Remove Engine Mount Locate and remove lower engine mount that attaches to subframe. The engine may want to shift forward which is ok. 5F Remove Exhaust Hanger Use a pry bar to remove the exhaust hanger located behind subframe. 6F Ride Height Sensor Locate the ride height sensor located on the drivers side lower control arm, and remove the nut from the stud that attaches the sensor to the arm.… Read More

2008 Ford F-250, 350, 450 2-Bag Rear Installation Instructions

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Download 1. Place the truck on a flat surface and chock the front wheels. Jack up the rear of the truck so the rear wheels are about 1/4″ off the ground. Place a jack stand under each side of the frame in front of the rear wheels. 2. Remove the spare tire. Next unhook the wires that go to the license plate light and to the rear back up sensors (if the truck has them). Also remove the trailer hitch wiring harness from the trailer hitch. Remove the two bolts in each side of the frame that hold the bumper bracket and bumper in place. Remove the bumper. 3. Remove the bolts that hold the trailer hitch in place and remove the lower shackle bolt. Next use a torch, plasma cutter or rivet buster to break the rivet heads off the factory shackle hanger. 4. Locate the upper bag framework. Slide the framework in place where the factory hitch originally set.… Read More

2006 RIDGELINE AIR DEFLECTOR P/N 08P47-SJC-100 Installation Instruction

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Download TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Tape measure Felt-tip pen Shop towel asking tape Clip remover Center bracket 2 Front brackets A 2 Front brackets B 2 Side brackets 6 Plastic grommets 6 Screws, 5 x 13 mm 2 Screws, 6 x 11 mm 7 Protective tapes Air deflector 2 Alcohol pads center stopper AII 28583 All 28583 (0502)
1. Using the front “H” emblem, locate the center of the hood. From the bottom of the hood, measure up 2 in. (52 mm), and clean the area where the center support will attach with one alcohol pad from the kit. 4. Turn over the rubber molding and locate the six square holes in the hood. Push one plastic grommet into each square hole. 5. Clean the front edge of the hood with the other alcohol pad from the kit. INSTALLATION Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle.… Read More

2000 Audi A6Q S6 #22822 Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit Installation Instructions

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Download 1/ Drive the vehicle onto a 4-post lift or floor ramps. THE CAR NEEDS TO BE AT NORMAL RIDE HEIGHT FOR PROPER INSTALLATION . You cannot have the suspension hanging while installing this bar! 2/ Once vehicle is raised, take a moment and observe the stock rear bar and the way in which it is mounted . 3/ Release rear exhaust hangers and middle hangers then let hang. (ok to use small amount of WD40 to loosen) Or, you may unbolt the hanger brackets using an extension and 13mm socket. 4/ Remove the four bushing bracket nuts and bolts (13mm wrench) attaching the anti-roll bar brackets to the sub-frame and save. 5/ Remove the two end link bolts and nuts (16mm wrench) which attach the bar ends to the end links and save them. To clear the shocks with the bolts, pull the bar towards the rear of the car.… Read More

Honda Goldwing 1100cc InstaTrike Manual Installation Instructions

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Important Notices y Remove all preload from rear suspension of motorcycle after initial installation of InstaTrike. Readjust preload as needed. y InstaTrike is designed for use on paved surfaces only . Use of InstaTrike on unpaved terrain may void warranty. y Installation of InstaTrike requires your motorcycle to be level. Some motorcycles are not level when on the center stand. Level the motorcycle by placing spacers under the center stand as needed y When installing trailer hitch attach all bolts and brackets loosely. After all bolts and brackets are in place tighten all bolts. y Using the enclosed wooden risers under each InstaTrike wheel may make installation and removal easier particularly if traction kit is installed.
Installation Checklist Review entire installation manual, Remove saddle bags and rear fender cover, Install receiver hitch and double check all bolts, Remount saddle bags, Assemble InstaTrike hitch cart, Attach InstaTrike to motorcycle via receiver hitch, Attach leanstop brace bolts to receiver hitch, Align InstaTrike wheels, Double check all bolts for tightness, Test ride InstaTrike slowly in an open area to familiarize yourself with handling characteristics.… Read More

1997 Taurus/Sable Shock Absorber Strut Assembly

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Download 1. CAUTION: Do not raise vehicle by rear suspension tension strut and bushing (5A952). Damage to strut may result. Raise hoist or jack only enough to contact body. Refer to Section 00-02 . 2. Remove package tray trim panel and loosen but do not remove three nuts retaining the upper rear shock absorber bracket (18192) to body. 3. Raise vehicle. Remove wheel and tire assembly. 4. Remove bolt retaining brake load sensor proportioning valve (2B547) to rear suspension arm and bushing (5500). 5. Remove clip attaching rear brake hose (2282) to shock strut bracket and carefully move rear brake hose out of the way. Disconnect electronic shock actuator, if equipped. 6. Remove stabilizer bar bracket (5486) from body. 7. Remove nut and washer attaching rear stabilizer bar (5A772) to rear stabilizer bar link (5664) and separate rear stabilizer bar from rear stabilizer bar link. 8. Remove nut, washer and rear suspension tie rod bushing (5K897) retaining rear suspension tension strut and bushing to rear wheel spindle (4A013).… Read More

2000-2004 Ford Focus Engine Torque Damper Installation Instructions for 93028

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Download Estimated Installation Time: One Hour Technical Rating: Easy Kit Includes: Tools Required: (1) Stiffy™ Engine Torque Damper Metric and/or SAE Socket Set (1) Engine Mounting Bracket Metric and/or SAE Open/Closed Wrench Set (1) Chassis Mounting Bracket Specific sizes 18 mm/17 mm/ 15 mm/ 10 mm (1) Hardware Kit Floor Jack and Jack Stands Installation: 1. Support the motor from underneath the passenger side. Make sure to use wood or rubber blocks to distribute the load of the engines weight on the jack. 2. Locate and remove the coolant overflow tank. This tank is removed using a 10 mm socket and a large flathead screwdriver. Be cautious not to damage clip on the coolant overflow tank. 3. Locate and remove the two (18 mm socket) M12 hex head motor mount nuts, shown in Illustration 1 . As you remove these nuts watch for movement in the engine, if you see movement STOP and recheck that the motor is supported.… Read More

Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper W21-760-2207 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

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Parts List Description Quantity Description Quantity 255 Air Spring 2 3/8-16 Flange Lock Nut 16 Upper Bracket 2 3/8-16 Nylon Insert Nut 4 Lower Bracket 2 Thermal Sleeve 2 Bracket Strap 4 Cable Ties 16 3/8 x 4 Poly Conv 2 Inflation Valve 1 ¼ Tubing 1 Metal Valve Cap 1 3/8-16 x 6 Carriage Bolt 4 3/8-16UNC x 1 Hex Head 2 M10 x 1.25 x 30 Hex Head 2 Elbow ¼ NPT to ¼ 2 3/8 Lock Washer 8 ¼ Tee Piece 2 3/8 Flat Washer 8.
1. PREPARATION: This suspension kit consists of all parts necessary to make a successful installation onto your Vehicle. All parts have been tested thoroughly. Please make sure you take all necessary safety precautions while fitting the kit. Note: you should first read these instructions carefully and then take all parts out of the box and pre-assemble them as far as possible before fitting them onto your vehicle.… Read More

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