Honda VFR750 Electronic Cruise Control Manual Installation Instructions


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1. INTRODUCTION: Before installing your cruise control, take the time to read and understand each installation step in this manual. Several steps are dependant on others, so it is important know where and how each component is to be mounted before installation commences. Your kit has been designed for a specific motorcycle. Even if you have installed kits before, take note of where and how components should be installed – particularly the wiring harness layout and connections.
3. TOOLS REQUIRED: Your cruise control can be successfully installed using: • a standard metric socket set; • a metric spanner set including an 11mm ring spanner; • a metric hex key set; • a screwdriver set. • A flat file, a grinder or sandpaper; • Loctite ’243′ or equivalent.
6.1 MOUNTING THE COMPUTER: CAUTION: Never attempt to disconnect electrical connectors by pulling on the wires. • Thread a cable tie (supplied) through one of the screw holes in the computer case until the clip end meets the hole; • Position the computer against the right hand side rear frame rail as shown in the photo, thread the cable tie under the rail (left hand side of computer in the picture) and do it up loosely; • Repeat for the right hand side cable tie but thread it over the top of the rail and do it up loosely; • Check the position of the computer against the photographs before pulling the cable ties tight.
6.2 INSTALLING THE VACUUM ACTUATOR WARNING make sure the engine and exhausts are cold while undertaking the following work. • Remove the rubber cap from the left hand rear carburettor manifold – and store it safely; • Connect one end of the vacuum hose (item 3 in the parts list) to the carburettor manifold outlet; • Run the vacuum hose to the RHS of the bike through the valley between the front and rear carburettor banks. Cut the hose in a convenient location as far from the actuator as possible and install the vacuum stop valve with the black end towards the carburettor; • Continue running the vacuum hose down the RHS crankcase and forward through the overflow bottle bracket which locates the overflow hose; • Place the actuator in the space next to the RHS front exhaust header and attach the vacuum hose to it; • Run the flexible cable across to the LHS of the bike and lay the brackets on the ground until later; • Return to the RHS of the bike; • Remove the two bolts on the RHS belly pan support bracket and radiator overflow bottle support bracket;

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