Honda Rune Smuggler Trunk System Installation Instructions


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Download Tools Required Loc-tite® or similar thread lock. REMOVABLE STRENGTH Flat Head Screwdriver 10mm socket with driver or open end wrench 14 mm socket with driver and ext. or open end wrench 4 mm allen wrench. Parts List license plate holder 6 8″ tie wraps 1 M6x1x50 1 M6x1 nylock nut 2 M6 washers 4 each, male and female electrical connectors. SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: We recommend disconnecting the negative lead from the battery terminal while working on your motorcycle. 1. Remove the stock seat plus the covers on each side of the battery. Unplug all wiring connected to the rear fender. Remove the side covers and rear fender. Refer to your owners manual when removing stock items from the bike. 2. When removing the rear stock fender, please note the (2) front 5mm x 20mm bolts located at the top, on the front of the fender and the (4) 10mm x 60mm bolts on the bottom left and right side, will be used again for the Corbin fender. 3. Once you have the stock fender off, you will be able to transfer the stock left and right LED taillights and the seat latch mechanism to your new Corbin fender. You will NOTbe using the stock dust covers when transfering the tail lights to the Corbin fender. NOTE: LED light mounting brackets in the Corbin fender are rubber mounted so the lens can be adjusted to the body lines of the fender using the flathead screws. (Figure 1) Don’t forget the threadlock. 4. Transfer the key lock mechanism by routing the cable through the fender as shown in Figure 2. Reassemble the lock on the Corbin latch lock-mounting bracket #A00553. After positioning the lock barrel into the bracket, insert the barrel end of the cable through the black rubber grommet then back into position in the lock. (Figure 2) Slip the cable into its retainer as shown in Figure 3. Replace the retaining clip securing the lock barrel. Remount the bracket to the fender. (Figure 4) Remember to use your removable strength thread lock product. Check the lock for proper function. 5. Remove the wiring harness from the OEM fender and attach it to the chassis left side under the tube using the provided tie straps. (Figure 5) You should now have the left and right turn signal plugs ending up at the left rear side of the tube, ready to connect with the fender once it’s in place. (Figure 6)

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