Honda CB 550 SOHC 8v Performance and Racing Camshafts


Filed Under (Honda) by Doe Namblas on 12-02-2014

Download Upon installation of your WEB-CAM camshaft, check the following. These operations are very important to engine life, please follow instructions! If your cam is described as a bolt-in in the WEB-CAM catalog, you may skip 1-5 below. Check piston to valve clearance. Provide the necessary clearance by removing material from the piston Minimum .050″ intake, .080″ exhaust. 1. Check valve to valve clearance. It may be necessary to remove material from the valves or sink valve seat height in head. 2. Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Remove material from the top,of valve guides to provide a minimum of .030″ clearance. 3. Check for valve spring coil bind at maximum valve lift. Clearance at every coil should be at least .015″ 4. Be certain that cam and/or rocker arms rotate freely in head or block. Remove material from head,block, or rocker arms where necessary. 5. Engine and cam life depend on proper installation. New or reground followers should be used when installing WEB-CAM profiles. Apply the provided assembly lube to cam lobe and follower surfaces. 6. For proper break-in, after installation of a new camshaft, do not allow your engine to idle below 2000 RPM for the first 15 minutes of use. Honda 550 SOHC 8v Part #: 55-360 ; 55-361 Grind: 58a Intake Exhaust Valve Lash (Inch): .005 .005 Valve Lift (Inch): 0.330 0.330 Valve Lift (mm): 8.38 8.38 Advertised Duration: 280° 280° Duration @ 0.050″: 255° 255° Lobe Center: 103.5° 103.5° Intake Opens 24° Before TDC Exhaust Opens Intake Closes 51° After BDC Exhaust Closes

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