2007-2008 Toyota Tundra Rear Driveshaft/Propeller Shaft Clunk/Thunk Noise


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Download 1. Confirm that the condition is the rear driveshaft clunk/thunk noise. A. Test drive the vehicle and confirm the customer’scomplaint. B. Place the transfer casein 4WDHighwiththe center differential lock ed. Remove the rear driveshaft and test drive the vehicle. Refer to the Technical Information System (TIS), 2007 or 2008 model year Tundra Repair Manual, Drivetrain -Driveshaft/Propeller Shaft-”Propeller Shaft: Propeller Shaft Assembly (for 4WD): Removal” C. Is the clunk/thunk noise eliminated when coming to a stop and/or when accelerating froma stop? •If Yes-Replace rear driveshaft (propeller shaft assembly). Go to Step 2. •If No-This TSB does NOT apply. Continue diagnosis to isolate cause of condition. 2. Install the NEW driveshaft (propeller shaft) assembly. Refer to TSB DL 001-07 for the installation method for 3 joint driveshaftassemb lies on 2007 model year Tundra. Refer to TIS, 2007 or 2008 model year Tundra Repair Manual, Drivetrain -Driveshaft/Propeller Shaft-”Propeller Shaft: Propeller Shaft Assembly (for 4WD): Installation” NOTE Re-usethespacers provided under the center support bearing to ensure the proper alignment of the center support bearing. 3. Test drive and confirm that NO abnormal vibrations or shudders occur while driving, and that the driveshaft clunk/thunk noise is eliminated.

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