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Tools needed: 7mm hose clamp driver T30 screwdriver Phillips head screwdriver 4mm and 5mm allen key/allen socket 10mm socket.
1. Lift the bonnet and begin by undoing the two jubilee clips holding the hose between the airbox and turbo inlet. Pull off the breather to the cam cover and remove the whole hose assembly from the car. 2. Remove the airbox by undoing the single bolt on the left hand side, then pulling it upwards to remove it from the rubber grommets that hold it to the top of the inlet manifold, giving you access to the cold air feed that simply pulls off the right hand side. 3. Remove the MAP sensor from the top of the inlet manifold as shown, then push it firmly into the supplied Forge MAP sensor boss. A little silicon spray will make it easier. Attach the length of silicon vacuum hose supplied to the vacuum nipple on the side of the boss, then reattach the whole assembly back to the inlet manifold with the brass screw provided. 4. Remove the stock valve from the side of the turbo by first removing the electrical plug, then the three 5mm allen head bolts. They can be awkward as they will have been thread locked in place. On the Mini this is harder as the valve is on the bottom of the turbo. You may find it easier to move the expansion tank from the slam panel to give you room to work. Peugeot 207: 5. Offer up the Forge valve to the turbo – IT WILL ONLY FIT IN ONE ORIENTATION. For reference you can check the OEM valve to match the holes up. If you are using the FMDV207/FMDVMCS blow off spacer (to give the psssssst sound) then fit it between the valve and the turbo before reassembly, using the bolts supplied with the spacer. 5. Offer up the Forge valve to the turbo – IT WILL ONLY FIT IN ONE ORIENTATION. For reference you can check the OEM valve to match the holes up. If you are using the FMDV207/FMDVMCS blow off spacer (to give the psssssst sound) then fit it between the valve and the turbo before reassembly, using the bolts supplied with the spacer. Cut a short length of vacuum hose and connect it between the dump valve vacuum nipple and the vertical nipple on the solenoid. The dump valve nipple can be rotated around the body by loosening the top and rotating it.

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