Peugeot 106 Dog Engagement Gear-Box Mounting Instructions


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Changes to be made to the original parts in order to have a correct mounting of the Bacci-production gear-box. 1. Installation of the supplied lock plate for the two ball bearings. In the kit we supply n° 4 hexagonal head bolts, n° 2 bearing locking rings (Seeger- type) and a lock plate (see photo n°1). The kit has to be applied to the central box of the gear group (photo n°2) and it modifies the production model bearing locking system. The 4 bolts and the 2 rings replace the original parts. Mount the Bacci gear-box and lock the two ball bearings with the supplied Seeger- type rings. After that, lock the two bearings with the plate and the bolts you found in the kit (photo n°3). Be careful to screw the 4 bolts at 3 kgm with a dynamometric wrench and to lock them with Loctite. 2. Application of the support (supplied with the kit) to the central box. Mount, now, the two gear selector rods, without assembling the gear box. Apply the support supplied with the kit (photo n°4) externally to the central box. Mark the distance of the two support holes on the central box upper side (photo n°5) with a maximum Ø = 4.5 mm drill bit (be careful not to damage the threads). Take away the gear selector rods and the support, and make 2 passing holes with the same Ø = 4.5 mm drill bit, using the marks just made. After that, widen the 2 holes with a Ø = 6.5 mm drill bit (photo n°6). After the bore has been made, mount again the 2 gear selector rods and the support, screw the 2 bolts (supplied with the kit) from the central box internal side and block firmly the support to the box. Screw the 2 self-locking nuts too. When screwing the 2 bolts, be careful to centre the support with the 2 gear selector rods, in order to cause no friction amongst the parts. After locking the support, take away the 2 gear selector rods, and mount all the Bacci gear box. After finishing the mounting of the gear-box and the gear selector rods, insert (photo n°7) in the support the ball and the spring and screw firmly the dowel (all these components are supplied with our kit). After all these operations, end the mounting, installing the 5th gear.

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