Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper W21-760-2207 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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Parts List Description Quantity Description Quantity 255 Air Spring 2 3/8-16 Flange Lock Nut 16 Upper Bracket 2 3/8-16 Nylon Insert Nut 4 Lower Bracket 2 Thermal Sleeve 2 Bracket Strap 4 Cable Ties 16 3/8 x 4 Poly Conv 2 Inflation Valve 1 ¼ Tubing 1 Metal Valve Cap 1 3/8-16 x 6 Carriage Bolt 4 3/8-16UNC x 1 Hex Head 2 M10 x 1.25 x 30 Hex Head 2 Elbow ¼ NPT to ¼ 2 3/8 Lock Washer 8 ¼ Tee Piece 2 3/8 Flat Washer 8.
1. PREPARATION: This suspension kit consists of all parts necessary to make a successful installation onto your Vehicle. All parts have been tested thoroughly. Please make sure you take all necessary safety precautions while fitting the kit. Note: you should first read these instructions carefully and then take all parts out of the box and pre-assemble them as far as possible before fitting them onto your vehicle. 2. INSTALLATION Pre-assemble the air bellows as shown in the diagram on the left. Turn Air Fitting away from the two threaded studs. Place the two 10 x 150 bolts into the drilled holes on the lower bracket. Now bolt the base of the Air Bellow to the Lower Bracket using the 3/8-16 UNC hex head bolts Place one of the bracket straps under the lower bracket. Position the lower bracket in such a way that it stands parallel to the axle. Fasten the upper bracket to the framework using M10 x 30 bolts. Ensure the two flanges of the Upper Bracket are pushing away from the inside of the chassis as shown. Now take the pre-mounted Air Bellow/Bracket assembly, squeeze the Bags together (for ease of installation) and place each assembly in the centre of the axle. Bolt the Bellows to the Upper Bracket. The lower bracket now rests loosely on the axle. The actual attachment of the Lower Bracket is made with one additional Bracket Strap under the axle. Use the M10 lock nuts to fasten to axle. The position of the lower bracket must take place in such a way that it stands parallel to the axle. Place thermal sleeves over the air lines for protection. See Diagram. LSV – Model type 230 After the assembly of the air bellows the LSV must be pre-loaded to increase the automatic Load Sensing. The original bracket must be exchanged by a longer bracket, which is included in the kit. The position of this bracket must be made in such a way that the distance between the upper and the lower points as shown amounts to 155 mm. See Photograph. LSV – Model type 244 After the assembly of the Air Bellows the LSV must be pre-loaded to increase the automatic Load Sensing. The LSV clamp must be shifted 25mm toward the end of the rod as shown. In order to achieve this, the clamping screws (Fig 1) must be loosened and moved 25 mm towards rod end

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