1993-1997 Peugeot 306 Timing belt replacement intervals


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Download Apart from the visible condition of the belt, which is explained fully in the General Instructions/Toothed Timing Belts section, there are several other factors which must be considered when checking a timing belt: Is the belt an original or a replacement. 1. When was the belt last replaced and was it at the correct mileage. 2. Is the service history of the vehicle known. 3. Has the vehicle been operated under arduous conditions which might warrant a shorter replacement interval. 4. Is the general condition of other components in the camshaft drive, such as the tensioner, pulleys, and other ancillary components driven by the timing belt, typically the water pump, sound enough to ensure that the life of the replacement belt will not be affected. 5. If the condition of the existing belt appears good, can you be satisfied that the belt will not fail before the next check or service is due. 6. If the belt does fail, have you considered the consequences. If the engine is an INTERFERENCE type then considerable expensive damage may well be the result. 7. The cost of replacing a belt as part of a routine service could be as little as 5 to 10% of the repair cost following a belt failure. Make sure your customer is aware of the consequences. 8. If in doubt about the condition of the belt – RENEW it. 9. Refer to the Toothed Timing Belts/Service Replacement section for further information relating to arduous or adverse operating conditions, inspection and service replacement. 10. Removal Raise and support front of vehicle. 1. Remove: RH front wheel. Engine undershield (if fitted). Lower inner wing panel. Auxiliary drive belt(s). 307: Engine tie-bars. Crankshaft pulley [1] . Timing belt upper cover [2] . Timing belt centre cover [3] . Timing belt lower cover [4] . 2. Turn crankshaft to setting position. Insert timing pins in camshaft sprocket and flywheel [5] & [6] . 3. Slacken tensioner nut to release tension on belt [7] . Lightly tighten nut. 4. Remove timing belt. 5. Installation – -1997 Installation – -1997 Ensure timing pins located correctly [5] & [6] . 1. Fit timing belt in following order: Crankshaft sprocket. Camshaft sprocket. Water pump sprocket.

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