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Download 1. Confirm the Skyview Roof Glass needs to be replaced as follows: For Vehicles With A Production Date Of October 2003 Or Before: • Replace the Glass. Continue with step 2 of this procedure. For Vehicles With A Production Date Of November 2003 Or December 2003: • Replace the Glass if the dots around the “CARLEX” name (located at the driver’s side rear corner of the Glass) look like any one of the examples shown in Figure 1. In this case continue with step 2 of this procedure. Remove Skyview Roof Glass CAUTION: Use suitable covers to protect upholstery, carpet, paint, etc. when performing this procedure. 2. Apply masking tape around the edges of the Skyview Roof Glass (see Figure 2). • This will help protect the body paint. • Use Scotch 3M Safe-Release Painters’ Masking Tape #2090 (or equivalent). 3. Using a suitable windshield removal tool, carefully cut the adhesive around the Skyview Roof Glass (see Figure 3). CAUTION: Be careful, don’t scratch painted areas, and don’t get the original adhesive on the headliner. NOTE: The windshield removal tool shown below is available from Snap-On (#YA109A) and MAC (#PK160A). IMPORTANT: Before removing the Glass, take note of the Nissan logo position on the glass. The new glass must be reinstalled with the logo in the same position (see Figure 4). Write “Logo” on the masking tape at the driver’s side rear corner to help you remember the logo location. 4. Remove the Skyview Roof Glass. CAUTION: Use suitable eye and hand protection when performing the below procedure. 5. Destroy the original Glass as follows: a. Put the original Glass into the box that the new Glass came in. c. Hit the face of the box with a hammer until the Glass shatters. d. Discard the box. 6. Use a Plastic Pry Tool (J-46534 or equivelant) to remove the Plastic Glass Clips from the vehicle body (see Figure 5). NOTE: • The original Glass may have 4 or 8 Clips depending on when it was produced. • The new replacement Glass only has 4 Clips.

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