1995 Nissan-Datsun 200SX Engine-Timing Chain/Front Cover Revised Procedure


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Download 1991-94 Sentra (B13) w/GA16DE 1991-93 NX1600 (B13) 1995-99 Sentra (B14) w/GA16DE 1995-98 200SX (B14) w/GA16DE SERVICE INFORMATION A revised service procedure for the engine front cover/timing chain has been adopted for the GA16DE. It is no longer recommended to remove the cylinder head when removing the timing chain/front cover(s). Utilize the following steps when servicing the front cover, timing chain, guides or tensioner(s) PARTS INFORMATION CLAIMS INFORMATION Please reference the “Revision C” pages of the Nissan “1992-1999 Warranty Flat Rate Information Manual”, Section “AG”, Op Codes AG12AA, AG14AA, AG142A, AG143A, AG144A and AG24AA. Also reference Section “CA”, Op Codes CA20AA and CA22AA. You will note that the descriptions and flat rate times applicable to the B13 and B14 vehicles (with GA16DE engines) for these Op Codes have been revised to reflect this new procedure. Caution ^After removing the timing chain, do not turn the crankshaft and camshaft separately or the valves will strike the piston heads. ^When installing chain tensioners or other sliding parts, lubricate contacting surfaces with new engine oil. ^Apply new engine oil to bolt threads and seat surfaces when installing the camshaft sprockets and the crankshaft pulley. ^Do not spill engine coolant on the drive belts. ^Please refer to the Service Manual for the correct tightening torque. Removal 1. Set # 1 piston at TDC on its compression stroke. 2. Remove the spark plug wires. 3. Remove the rocker cover (see Figure 1). 4. Remove the coolant reservoir tank with bracket and reposition it for clearance. 5. Support the engine with a suitable jack. 6. Remove cylinder head front mounting bracket. 7. Remove engine front mounting, then the engine front mounting bracket. 8. Remove cylinder head front cover. 9. Remove the upper chain tensioner (see Figure 2). 10. Wipe off the links of the upper timing chain next to the timing marks on the sprockets. Put paint marks on the timing chain, matching them with the timing marks on the cam sprockets and idler sprocket (see Figure 3) 11. Remove the four (4) front cover to cylinder head bolts. 12. Remove side and lower engine compartment splash covers. 13. Remove the accessory drive belts. 14. Remove the crankshaft pulley. 15. Drain coolant by removing the cylinder block drain plug and opening the radiator drain cock (Refer to MA section of the Service Manual). 16. Drain engine oil. 17. Remove intake manifold support of engine front side. 18. Remove power steering pump, pump bracket and tension rod. Position pump aside for clearance.

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