2003 Kia Rio CYLINDER HEAD Service and Repair


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Download COMPONENT DISASSEMBLY 1. Drain the coolant and disconnect the upper radiator hose. 2. Remove the breather hose (between the air cleaner and the head cover). 3. Remove the air-intake hose. 4. Remove the vacuum hose, fuel hose and coolant hose 5. Remove the cables from the spark plugs . The cables should be removed by holding the boot portion. 6. Remove the ignition coil. 7. Remove the power steering oil pump and bracket. 8. Remove the intake manifold . 9. Remove the heat protector and exhaust manifold assembly. 10. Remove the coolant pump pulley and the crankshaft pulley. 11. Remove the timing belt cover. 12. Remove the timing belt tensioner pulley. 13. Remove the timing belt . 14. Remove the head cover and cam carrier assembly. 15. Remove the cylinder head assembly. The cylinder head bolts should be removed by using Special Tool, Cylinder Head Bolt Wrench, in the sequence as shown in the illustration in two or three steps. 16. Remove the gasket pieces from cylinder block top surface and cylinder head bottom surface. NOTE: Make sure that the gasket pieces do not fall in the engine INSPECTION 1. Clean all components. 2. Remove gasket fragments, dirt, oil, grease, carbon, moisture, residue, and other foreign materials. CYLINDER HEAD 1. Inspect cylinder head for damage, cracks, and leakage of oil and water. Replace cylinder head if necessary. 2. Measure cylinder head mating surface in six directions as shown in figure. Distortion: 0.0012 inch (0.03 mm) maximum NOTE: Before resurfacing cylinder head, check following repair or replace cylinder head if necessary * Sunken valve seats. * Damage at intake and exhaust manifold mating surfaces. * Camshaft oil clearances and end play. 3. Grind cylinder head mating surface if distortion exceeds specification. Distortion: 0.0012 inch (0.03 mm) maximum 4. Check cylinder head height by measuring from cylinder deck surface to cylinder head cover gasket surface. 5. If cylinder head height is not within specification, replace cylinder head. Height: 5.031 – 5.039 inch (127.8 – 128 mm) 6. Measure intake and exhaust manifold mating surface distortion at two directions shown in figure. Distortion: 0.002 inch (0.05 mm) maximum

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