1988 Jeep Cherokee Clutch Hydraulic Installation Guide


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REMOVAL & INSTALLATION TRANSMISSION Removal 1) Remove the shift knob and lock nut from transmission and transfer case shift levers (if equipped). On Wrangler models, remove screws attaching transmission and transfer case shift lever boots and remove both boots. 2) On all other models, raise outer gearshift lever boot and remove upper part on center console. Remove lower part of console, remove inner boot and gearshift lever. 3) On Wrangler models, remove transmission shift tower dust cover. Remove transmission shift lever and stub shaft. DO NOT remove shift lever from stub shaft. 4) On all models, raise and support vehicle. Drain transmission lubricant. Mark rear drive shaft for reassembly and remove rear drive shaft. Support transmission assembly and remove crossmember. Disconnect speedometer cable and wiring from back-up light switch. 5) On 4WD models, drain transfer case lubricant. Disconnect transfer case vacuum hoses and linkage. Tag vacuum hoses for reassembly. Disconnect front drive shaft and secure out of way. 6) On all models, remove clutch slave cylinder. Position transmission jack under transmission assembly. Remove bolts securing clutch housing to engine and remove transmission assembly. Remove throw-out lever, bearing, and pivot ball from clutch housing. Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. CLUTCH Removal Remove transmission assembly. Mark position of clutch cover on flywheel for reassembly reference. Evenly loosen clutch cover bolts one or 2 turns at a time until clutch cover spring tension is released. Remove cover bolts, clutch cover, and disc. See Fig. 1. Installation 1) Check all components for wear or damage and replace as necessary. Using clutch alignment tool, align clutch disc and loosely install clutch cover. Be sure marks made during removal are aligned. 2) To avoid warping clutch cover, tighten each cover bolt a few turns at a time. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fig. 1: Exploded View Of Cherokee, Comanche & Wagoneer Hydraulic Clutch Assembly Wrangler has a one-piece slave cylinder. CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER Removal 1) Disconnect hydraulic line at master cylinder. Plug openings to prevent dirt from entering system. Remove cotter pin and washer holding cylinder push rod on clutch pedal. 2) Slide push rod off pedal pivot. Remove nuts attaching clutch master cylinder to studs on dash panel and remove cylinder. Installation To install, reverse removal procedure. Bleed hydraulic system.

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