1997 – 2001 Infiniti Q45 ENGINE WILL NOT START


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Download 2000 – 2001 I30 (CA33) 1999 I30 (CA32) 1999.5 – 2001 QX4 (JR50) 1997 – 2001 Q45 (FY33) 2000 – 2001 G20 (P11) APPLIED VINS: All APPLIED DATES: Start of production SERVICE INFORMATION This bulletin describes and introduces new features of the Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System/Nissan Anti-Theft System (IVIS/NATS). The system is standard equipment on each of the applied vehicles listed above. The IVIS/NATS will not allow the engine to start without the use of a registered ignition key. If a vehicle will not start and the Security lamp is on solid, it may be because the ignition keys were not properly registered into the vehicle’s NATS IMMU (Immobilizer control unit). In this case, there will be a “DIFFERENCE OF KEY” code stored in the NATS IMMU. When the NATS ignition key, IMMU, or ECM (ECCS control unit) are replaced, C/U initialization is necessary. It is also necessary when registering keys and as part of many NATS Service Manual diagnostic procedures. If the NATS ignition key, vehicle’s ECM or NATS IMMU have been replaced, C/U Initialization and Key Registration MUST BE PERFORMED OR THE VEHICLE WILL NOT START. THE FOLLOWING POINTS MUST BE FOLLOWED IF C/U INITIALIZATION AND KEY REGISTRATION ARE BEING PERFORMED: • Before proceeding with Key Registration all existing ignition keys to the vehicle must be collected from the customer. All prior key IDs will be erased once the process is started and the earlier keys will not start the vehicle. All ignition keys that are going to be used for the vehicle must be present, available and registered during Key Registration or THEY WILL NOT START THE VEHICLE. • To prevent transponder interference keep all NATS ignition keys and other transponders away from the key being registered during the Key Registration process (see NOTES ABOUT TRANSPONDER INTERFERENCE, below). This ensures the proper ID code for each key registered is stored into the NATS IMMU memory. For more details see “NATS C/U Initialization and Key Registration ” later in this bulletin. Refer to the specific model and year you are working with. NOTES ABOUT POSSIBLE TRANSPONDER INTERFERENCE: • If an NATS-equipped vehicle experiences an intermittent no start incident, the cause may be the close proximity of another transponder with a frequency similar to the transponder in the NATS key. Transponders such as the Mobil Speedpass® (see Figure 1) may operate on the same frequency as the NATS transponder in the NATS key head. These transponders may cause frequency interference, putting the vehicle into anti-theft mode and creating a no start condition. Figure 1 • To cause this no start condition, the incident transponder must be within 2-3 centimeters of the Infiniti key head. For example, a customer may have the Mobil Speedpass® on the same keyring as the NATS key. • Transponders may be a stand-alone device such as the Mobil Speedpass® or it may be incorporated into the head of another key. In addition to the Mobil Speedpass®, other transponders that may cause this incident are keys (vehicle immobilizers) for: Lexus, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mercedes Benz. A key for a second NATS-equipped vehicle may also cause this incident. • Once the vehicle is started, transponder interference will not cause the engine to stall. There is no MIL “on” for this incident. CONSULT – will display “Difference of Key”. • To avoid these occurrences advise the customer to keep all other transponders on separate keyrings.

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