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Download KIT CONTENTS: ?1Throttle Cable Bracket ?3Fuel Rail Spacers ?1MAT Sensor Block-Off Plate ?1MAT Sensor Block-Off Plate Gasket ?1Throttle Body to Intake Manifold Gasket ?2M5 x 12mm Torx Head Screws With Integral Washers 28mm x 1.25 x 40mm Allen Head Bolt (4774 ONLY) 28mm Washers (4774 ONLY) 11/8″NPT x 3/8″Hose Barb Fitting 21/8″NPT x 3/16″Hose Barb Fitting 21/8″NPT x 8mm Hose Barb Fitting 11/4″NPT x 8mm Hose Barb Fitting 11/4″NPT x 9mm Hose Barb Fitting 11/4″NPT x 10mm Hose Barb Fitting 13/8″NPT x 17mm Hose Barb Fitting With 1/8″NPT Female Side Port 41/8″NPT Pipe Plug 21/4″NPT Pipe Plug 13/8″NPT Pipe Plug 112″of 18 Gauge Yellow Wire (4771 ONLY) 112″of 18 Gauge Blue Wire (4771 ONLY) 418 Gauge Splice Connectors (4771 ONLY) BEFORE BEGINNING: If you wish to use the Performer X intake manifold with a secondary fuel system, use Edelbrock Secondary Fuel Rail Kit #4779, and perform the preparation for the secondary fuel rail before beginning the intake manifold installation. The intake manifold must be removed from the engine in order to install the secondary fuel rail kit. 1. Disconnect the battery and disconnect the air intake tube from the throttle body. Drain the engine coolant by loosening the petcock at the bottom of the radiator. Use a drain pan to collect drained coolant. Keep the coolant clean and free of dirt and debris, it can be re-used later NOTE: On some vehicles, it may be necessary to remove the oil filter (Remember to re-install BEFORE starting engine) to access the intake manifold support bracket, and to remove the bracket from the underside of the vehicle. This simplifies the removal of the stock intake manifold. The support bracket is not necessary with the Performer X intake manifold. 2. Relieve fuel pressure by loosening the banjo bolt connecting the fuel line to the fuel filter. Place a shop towel or rag over the wrench while loosening the banjo to soak up any fuel spray (See Fig. 1) . When loosening or tightening the banjo bolt on the fuel filter can, use a 19mm wrench on the hex of the fuel filter can to counteract the torque of loosening or tightening the banjo bolt. This will prevent the fuel filter can and bracket from being improperly loaded during loosening or tightening at the banjo bolt. 3. Disconnect the fuel injector wiring harness from the bracket on the fuel rail and unplug the harness from the fuel injectors. Disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor, Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor, and Idle Air Control Motor connectors. NOTE: Always mark connectors before removal. Some sensors have same plug ends. Also mark the locations of each fuel injector plug on the harness to prevent improper connection during re-installation. 4. Disconnect the purge line from the EVAP Purge Valve. Disconnect the fuel return line from the steel chassis fuel line. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter. NOTE: FUEL WILL DRAIN from the detached fuel lines. Use care to prevent fuel from spilling excessively. 5. Disconnect the coolant lines from the throttle body and manifold flange. NOTE: Some coolant will drain from the coolant lines leading into the intake manifold when they are disconnected.

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