2009 Honda Odyssey Roof Box, Short Installation Manual


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PARTS LIST Roof box 4 Brackets A 4 Brackets B 4 Plates 8 Knobs 8 Bolts 8 Washers 2 Straps Seal 2 Keys 4 Large pads 4 Small pads SUPPLIES REQUIRED Isopropyl alcohol Shop towel.
INSTALLATION NOTE: •Be careful not to damage the roof and other finished surfaces of the body when installing the roof box. •The maximum load capacity for this product is 110 lb (50 kg); approximate product weight is 29 lb (13 kg). •Do not allow the combined weight of the accessory and cargo to exceed the carrying capacity of the roof rack. •Honda roof racks or crossbars are required to install the roof box. 1. Open the roof box. Attach an adhesive seal over each of the unused mounting holes along the bottom of the box. The seals will help prevent water from entering the roof box. 2. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, clean four brackets B where the small pads will attach. Remove the adhesive backings from the small pads and attach them to the brackets B. 3. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, clean four plates where the large pads will attach. Remove the adhesive backings from the large pads and attach them to the plates. 4. Under the roof box, insert a bolt through bracket B, through the plate and into the predrilled hole in the bottom of the roof box. Install bracket B with the cutout facing the outside. 5. Fit bracket A over the threads of the bolt where it protrudes through the roof box. Install a washer over the threads, and loosely install a knob. Install a second bolt the same way. Repeat this at the other three positions. Install bracket A with the right and left strap eyelets directly across from each other.

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