2008 Honda Accord Windshield Manual Installation Instructions


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Vehicle type: Four-door sedan NAGS® numbers*: Windshield part numbers FW2814, solar, third visor, FW2815, solar, FW2816, solar, electrochromatic mirror; front door glass FD23508-09; rear door glass FD23510-11; rear vent glass FV23539-40; and back glass FB23512, solar, heated.
Preparation 1. Always wear eye and hand protection when working with glass. Make sure you have the right glass and moldings and the urethane systems you are about to use are current. Windshield part numbers areFW2814, FW2815, and FW2816. 2. Cover the front seats, floorboards, dash and steering wheel with a clean drop cloth or disposable plastic covers. 3. Drape a fender cover over the fender and tape up any vulnerable areas on the vehicle to protect against possible damage. Tape up the defroster vents to prevent debris from falling into the openings. 4. Tap the rear view mirror down and off the mirror pad. 5. Remove the windshield-wiper nut covers. 6. Remove the windshield-wiper nuts using a 17-millimeter wrench or socket. Move the wiper arm in an up-and-down motion to break it loose from the post, or use a wiper puller. Note: Wipers can sometimes be hard to remove. Use a wiper puller to avoid stressing the post. 7. Remove the five retainers on the front leading edge of the cowl panel. The retainers are a lift-up-center, pry-up-base style. 8. Release the five underside retainers by popping them up with your fingers. 9. The A-pillar moldings start at the top of the fender, travel along the roof line and end at the top of the back glass. They are held down by four two-part clip systems that resemble those on older Honda models. Use a stiff plastic stick or taped- up molding tool to release the clips from the body side of the molding, and roll the clips out of the retainers. 10. The top molding is a vinyl wraparound style that can be replaced with a universal part. Pull the molding free from the glass, or cut if off the glass edge. Note: Before beginning windshield removal, make sure the new windshield is the correct one and the urethanes and primers are current. Never use outdated products as this could jeopardize the structural integrity of the vehicle and the safety of its passengers. Removal 11. Make sure cutting blades are sufficiently sharp. 12. Before cutting out the windshield, remove contaminants from the glass and pinch weld to prevent contact with the urethane. 13. Use the cutting tools of your choice to remove the glass from the adhesive bead. Note: When using any power tool, lubricate the cutting area with water. Spray the top, sides and bottom; then make your cuts. Caution: Be careful not to hit or cut the gravity stops; mark their location with a marking pencil orretention tape. 14. Take the windshield out of the opening using vacuum cups. Note: Make sure the vacuum cups do not overlap a crack in the glass. 15. Lift the glass and place it on a windshield stand or suitable workstation. Installation 16. After cutting the windshield out, remove contaminants such as dirt, moisture and debris from the pinchweld. Clean the dashboard. 17. Attach the top molding to the new glass edge. 18. Dry fit the new glass to the opening. Mark your glass using a grease pencil or molding-retention tape. 19. Place your vacuum cups on the windshield in the appropriate location.

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