2006 Honda Civic 4-Door Side Under Spoiler Manual Installation Instructions


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TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Phillips screwdriver Tape measure Felt-tip pen Shop towel Isopropyl alcohol Masking tape Scissors Utility knife Touch-up paint 8 mm Wrench Gloves Heat gun
INSTALLATION: 1. Trial-fit the left side under spoiler on the vehicle body to check the installation position. Set the under spoiler aside, then, using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, clean the surface of the vehicle thoroughly where the left side under spoiler will be attached to ensure secure adhesion of the double- sided adhesive tape. 2. Using a tape measure and felt-tip pen, measure and mark the body area shown. 3. Using a utility knife, measure and cut both ends of the adhesive backing attached to the inner side of the side lower bracket. Remove the cut pieces of the adhesive backing from both ends. 4. Using a utility knife, cut the center of the adhesive backing attached to the side lower bracket. 5. Attach a piece of adhesive tape to each of the cut ends of the adhesive tape and temporarily attach them to the surface side of the side lower bracket. 6. Open the left front door. Align the first rib on the front end of the side lower bracket with the mark (front) you made in step 2. 7. Temporarily adhere the side lower bracket to the vehicle body by pressing the front end of the side lower bracket (where you removed the adhesive backing) against the vehicle body. •Position the side lower bracket on the vehicle body with care so you do not bend it, and adhere it to the vehicle body securely. •Wear gloves to protect your hands during this operation. •It is not a problem if the side lower bracket is slightly slanted, as vertical adjustment of the side lower bracket is not made in this step of the procedure. •If the side lower bracket comes off after temporarily adhering it, again clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol where the side lower bracket will attach. •When the workshop room temperature is below 60°F(15°C), warm up the side lower bracket to 60°F(15°C) or above before attaching it to the vehicle body.

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