2006-2007 Honda Civic Uneven or Rapid Rear Tire Wear


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Download 2006-07 Civic 2-Door – ALL Except Si and Honda Accessory HFP Package. 2006-07 Civic 4-Door – ALL Except Si. Uneven or Rapid Rear Tire Wear NOTE: To ensure a proper repair and proper reimbursement, you must read this entire service bulletin before doing any work. SYMPTOM The customer may complain of uneven or rapid rear tire wear, a roaring noise from the rear, and/or a vibration at highway speeds. PROBABLE CAUSE The combination of the tires and the rear suspension geometry may cause rapid and uneven rear tire wear. Tires in an advanced stage of this diagonal or inner edge wear may cause vibration and/or a bad bearing type noise. (For more details, see TIRE INSPECTION AND QUALIFICATION on page 2). CORRECTIVE ACTION Install a rear upper control arm kit, replace the flange bolts, replace the worn tires (see the Tire Replacement Information chart on this page), and do a four-wheel alignment. PARTS INFORMATION Rear Upper Control Arm Kit: P/N 04523-SNA-A00, H/C 8820698 Bolt, flange (four required): P/N 90397-SNA-A00, H/C 8481012 Bolt, flange (two required): P/N 90396-SNA-000, H/C 8178576. Tire Replacement Information American Honda will pay a prorated amount as shown in the chart below for replacement of tires due to uneven or rapid rear tire wear, based on the vehicle’s mileage. To qualify for tire replacement: •The tires must have been properly maintained (correct inflation and balancing). •Tires must not show signs of abuse (such as from racing or other physical damage). Abused tires are not covered by this service bulletin. •Tires must show signs of diagonal or inner edge wear and fall within the abnormal wear range, based on tread depth measured and mileage shown on the Tire Replacement Information chart on page 1. TIRE INSPECTION AND QUALIFICATION Diagonal Wear Lines The tire is no longer round. There are high and low spots on the tire, worn in a diagonal pattern across the tread.

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