2003 Honda Accord LX BRAKES Disc and Drum

By | January 1, 2014

Download Remove wheels. Thoroughly clean outside of caliper to prevent dust and dirt from entering inside. Support caliper with a piece of wire to prevent damage to brake hose. Remove 2 caliper bolts and caliper from bracket. Remove pad shims and pads. Using vernier calipers, measure the thickness of each brake pad lining. Measurement does not include pad backing plate thickness. See DISC BRAKE SPECIFICATIONS . Remove pad retainers. Inspection Clean caliper thoroughly; remove any rust, and check for grooves and cracks. Check brake disc for damage and cracks. Measure brake pad thickness. See DISC BRAKE SPECIFICATIONS . If brake pad thickness is less than service limit, replace pads as a set. Installation 1. Install pad retainers. Apply Molykote M77 compound onto pad side of shim. Wipe excess grease off shim. Keep grease off discs and pads. Install brake pads and shims. Install inner pad with its wear indicator facing downward. If you are reusing pads, install in original position. Rotate caliper piston clockwise into cylinder, then align cutout in piston with tab on inner pad by turning piston back. See Fig. 15 . 2. Lubricate boot with rubber grease to avoid twisting. If boot is twisted, back it out and position properly. Install brake caliper. Install and torque caliper bolts to proper specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Install brake hose onto suspension arm with mounting bolt. After installation, check for leaks. Pump brake pedal several times to seat pads. Bleed brakes as necessary. See BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM . WARNING: Frequent inhalation of brake pad dust, regardless of material composition, could be hazardous to your health. Avoid breathing dust particles. NEVER use an air hose or brush to clean brush assembly. Use an OSHA-approved vacuum cleaner. NOTE: Engagement of brake may require a greater pedal stroke immediately after brake pads have been replaced as a set. Several applications of brake pedal will restore normal pedal stroke.

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