2003 – 2004 Honda Pilot OEM grille Installation Instructions


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Download Tools Required: small flat blade screw- driver, and diagonal cutters (for trimming tie wraps) Step 1: It is important that you install the UPPER grille BEFORE the LOWER!!! You will not be able to access the back of the upper grille once the lower grille is installed. Step 2: Once the hood is opened you will see a multitude of quick-lock fasteners holding the shroud and the upper grille in place. Using the small screw-driver, pop-the center out of the fastener and then pull the fastener completely out. You will need to remove the shroud and the upper grille. Note that there are some fasteners located along the bottom of the grille on the backside. You will need to feel around to find some of these. Use the lower opening to reach up from the bottom to locate these. Step 3: There are 3 clips that clamp down on some tabs on the back of the OEM grille. You will have to pry these clips open to remove the grille. You will want to crimp these upon reinstall (so don’t forget or it will probably rattle). Step 4: If you want to apply the Honda symbol (the “H”) to the front of your Upper grille, you will need to remove it from the OEM grille. There are 2 screws holding it in place. Step 5: The upper grille is then attached to the OEM grille using the supplied tie wraps. Be sure to fasten them from the backside of the grille to hide the heads from view. If you are attaching the “H” you will have to cut the material that is blocking the 2 screw holes and the 2 pin holes so that the H can be inserted over the aluminum grille. Diagonal cutters will work for this cut. Keep the tie wraps located around the edge for minimal visibility. Step 6: Place the lower grille in place, but do not attach at this time as you will need to get your hands up through the lower opening to reattach the upper OEM grille. REMEMBER taking it off? You can go ahead and route the toe wraps through the aluminum material at the locations where the vertical bars are located. Some will need to be at the top of the bars and some at the bottom to prevent the grille from moving up or down. Step 8: Replace the OEM Upper grille. Replacing all of the quick fasteners and crimping the clips. To fasten the lower grille you need to remove some of the quick fasteners from the bottom of the car so that you can get your hand behind the grille to fasten the tie wraps. Replace all of the lower fasteners that were removed and your DONE!

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