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Download Acura RSX/2001-2004 Honda Civic, Civic Si. Note: Any vehicles with metal upper strut bearings require the plastic OEM upper strut bearing adapter kit. Honda P/N 51726-S5A-004 1. Park vehicle on a smooth, level concrete or asphalt surface. Set the parking brake and block the rear wheels. Raise the front of the vehicle using a floor jack, and support the frame with jackstands. Remove front wheels and tires. Remove the brake lines and/or ABS lines from the strut bodies. Loosen the two large spindle bolts and nuts that hold the strut to the spindle (steering knuckle), but do not remove at this time. Remove the tie-rod end from the steering arm located on the strut housing. Remove the three nuts that hold the upper strut mount in the body (located under the hood). Remove the two large spindle bolts, and remove the strut assembly being very careful not to damage the CV boot. 2. Using a McPherson strut type coil spring compressor, compress the spring far enough to relieve the pressure on the upper strut mount. Carefully remove the center nut from the upper strut mount, and remove the upper strut bearing and spring hat. Carefully release the spring tension and remove the strut and spring from the compressor. 3. Install the spring collar over the top of the Progress front strut (the front struts are the shorter units), and thread it down the strut body, near the middle of the threads. Install it with the spring locator up, as shown in the illustration. If the spring collar is tight, you may wedge a small screwdriver into the slot to ease assembly. Loosely install the socket head clamp bolt into the spring collar, but do not tighten at this time. 4. Install the spring bumpstops onto the shock rods as shown by sliding them onto the strut rod. Next, assemble the front springs (they are marked “Front” and “Rear”) onto the front struts as shown. Install the bearing adapter, washer, strut mount/bearing, 12 mm flatwasher, and 12mm locknut (provided) as shown. Tighten the locknut securely.

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