1999-2000 Honda Civic Si Supercharger System Manual Installation Instructions


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TOOLS NEEDED : 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, and 22-mm socket and wrenches, and an 11-mm (7/16″) socket or wrench, 8- mm Allen wrench, Phillips and straight blade screwdrivers, vice grip pliers, a drill, a 5/8″ drill bit, and a timing light. You will also need an electric or air impact gun to remove the alternator pulley (using the 22-mm socket). Most of these tools are available at your local hardware or auto parts store.
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : 1. VERY IMPORTANT! Remove the negative battery cable. If you have a coded alarm on your radio, retrieve the code before removing the negative cable. On our test vehicle, both the alarm and radio codes were on a card received at vehicle purchase. Removing the negative cable shuts down the entire electrical system and is the safest way to work on your vehicle. But, you will lose all of your preset radio stations and alarm codes. There is one other option. If you open the “under- hood” fuse box on the passenger side of the inner fender you will find two main wires entering the fuse box. Each of the two wires is held in place with a Phillips head screw. One of the wires is the main supply wire to the alternator. It is usually the wire on the right hand side when looking from the passenger fender. It is this wire that you will be working near. For safety, Jackson Racing has you remove the entire ground system so that the entire car has no power. But, by removing the Phillips screw and the main power wire to the alternator you can save your radio codes and still be safe from electrical shock or sparks from the top alternator power lead. The danger to using this system is that the fuel pump system still has power. It could be turned on inadvertently causing a fire and bodily harm. If you choose to use the power lead removal method, instead of the shutdown of the entire system as Jackson Racing recommends, you do so at your own risk. 2. Put your car on jack stands. NEVER WORK UNDER ACAR NOT SUPPORTED BYJACKSTANDS OR RAMPS. 3. Drain the cooling system as you will be replacing some hoses and the intake manifold.

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