1999-2000 Honda 1.6L DOHC Civic Si VORTECH Supercharger System Installation Instructions


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Download For best performance and continued durability, please take note of the following key points: 1. Use only premium grade fuel 92 octane or higher (R+M/2). 2. The engine must have stock compression ratio. 3. If the engine has been modified in any way, check with Vortech prior to using this product. 4. Always listen for any sign of detonation (pinging) and discontinue hard use (no boost) until problem is resolved. 5. Perform an oil and filter change upon completion of this installation and prior to test driving your vehicle. Thereafter, always use a high grade SF rated engine oil or a high quality synthetic, and change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles or less. Never attempt to extend the oil change interval beyond 3,000 miles, regardless of oil manufacturer’s claims as potential damage to the supercharger may result. 6. Before beginning installation, replace all spark plugs that are older than 1 year or 10,000 miles with original heat range plugs as specified by the manufacturer and retard timing from factory specifications (follow the procedures indicated within the factory repair manual and/or as indicated on the factory underhood emissions tag). Do not use platinum spark plugs unless they are original equipment. Change spark plugs every at least 15,000 miles and spark plug wires at least every 50,000 miles. TOOL & SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS: •Factory Repair Manual •3/8″ Socket and Drive Set: SAE & Metric • 3/8″ Swivel Head Ratchet •1/2″ Socket and Drive Set: SAE & Metric •3/8″ NPT Tap and Handle •Adjustable Wrench •Open End Wrenches: SAE & Metric •Center Punch and a 5/8″ Tapered Punch •Springlock 5/16″ Fuel Fitting Disconnect Tool •5 Quarts SH/CF Rated Quality Engine Oil •Oil Filter and Wrench •Flat #2 Screwdriver •Phillips #2 Screwdriver •Heavy Grease •Silicone Sealer •Drill Motor •1/8″, 3/16″ Drill Bits •Hex Key Wrench Set •Wire Strippers and Crimpers •Utility Knife If your vehicle has in excess of 10,000 miles since its last spark plug change, then you will also need: •Spark Plug Socket •New Spark Plugs. P/N: 4HC020-010 ©2001 Vortech Engineering, LLC All Rights Reserved, Intl. Copr. Secured 18APR01 V2.0 (99 Honda Civic SI (4HC V2.0)) A. Disconnect the negative cable at the battery. B. Remove the plastic pan underneath the radiator and set aside. C. For aftercooled vehicles, remove the front bumper cover and driver’s side headlight. (This step is not required but aids in the installation of the supercharger kit). D. Remove the air box and all of the inlet ducting up to, but not including, the throttle body. E. Remove the air temperature sensor from the inlet duct and set aside. F. Remove the valve cover breather hose. G. Remove the power steering belt, pump and mounting brackets. H. Remove the A/C drive belt and belt tensioner. It is necessary to remove and set aside the two bolts holding the lower driver’s side engine mount to the frame so that the belt can be removed between the engine mount and the frame. I. Remove the coolant reservoir and bracket.

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