1997-2001 Honda CR-V Noise From the Rear Differential

By | December 30, 2013

Download SYMPTOM A screech or whine from the rear differential when making a tight turn at low speed (for example, in a parking lot when 4WD engages). PROBABLE CAUSE The differential fluid is contaminated or broken down, providing insufficient lubrication. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the dual pump fluid, and test-drive the vehicle. If necessary, replace the rear differential clutch, replace the oil pump assembly (1997 model only), and add a flow collar. PARTS INFORMATION Flow Collar Kit: P/N 41431-P6R-000, H/C 6839724 Differential Clutch Set: P/N 48010-P6R-305, H/C 6627566 Oil Pump Set (1997 model only): P/N 48100-P1D-305, H/C 6839716 REQUIRED MATERIALS Dual Pump Fluid: P/N 08200-9002, H/C 6512644 Liquid Gasket (Hondabond HT): P/N 08718-0001, H/C 2963817. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Drain and refill the rear differential with Dual Pump Fluid. 2. Check the tires for proper inflation (recommended cold inflation front and rear is 26 psi) and any variation in tire size or type. 3. Test-drive the vehicle in a parking lot. Make tight, low-speed turns. If the noise is eliminated, return the vehicle to the customer. If the noise is still present, go to step 4. 4. Remove the rear differential assembly (see page 15-16 of the 1997-01 CR-V Service Manual). 5. Remove the torque control differential case, then remove and discard the 30 mm shim and the clutch assembly (see steps 1 thru 10 on pages 15-20 thru 15-22 of the service manual).6. Remove the thrust needle bearing, the oil pump driveshaft, and the oil pump body assembly (see steps 11 and 12 on page 15-22 of the service manual). 7. Install the new flow collar over the drive pinion shaft. Make sure the tabs of the flow collar align with the oil pump pin. 8. For 1997 models: Assemble the new oil pump (spring, O-rings, piston, and pump body assembly). 9. Align the rear oil pump grooves with the oil pump pin and the flow collar tabs, then install the oil pump body assembly on the differential carrier. 10. Tighten the oil pump body assembly bolts to 12 N·m (8.7 lb-ft). 11. Align the oil pump driveshaft tabs with the grooves of the front oil pump in the oil pump body assembly, then install the oil pump driveshaft.

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