M-2300-RS 2000-2004 RS Focus Conversion Kit INSTRUCTION SHEET


Filed Under (Ford) by Doe Namblas on 27-02-2014

Download NOTES: Purchase of front brake calipers is required. Ford Racing part number M-2320-C required. Be sure to read the instructions completely before beginning any work. Unless specified otherwise, reuse the existing hardware. Access to a 2000 Focus workshop manual or equivalent is strongly recommended. Shop manuals can be purchased from Helm, Inc. 1-800-782-4356. Many O.E. wheels will no longer clear the brake calipers after this kit is installed. A minimum wheel diameter of 17″ will be required. Unique service tools can be purchased from 1-800-ROTUNDA. STEP 1: Disconnect battery. STEP 2: Raise and support the vehicle. STEP 3: Remove front wheels (See Pic. 1). REMOVAL FRONT: NOTE: For easier removal on some vehicles, spray penetrate on axle nuts, strut-to-knuckle pinch bolt, lower ball joint retaining bolt and nut, and tie rod nuts. STEP 4 : Remove the right and left side hub retaining nuts (See Pic. 2). STEP 5: Remove the lower ball joint retaining bolt (reuse) from the knuckles and disconnect the lower ball joint ball stud from knuckle (See Pics. 3 and 4). Use a T-50 torque bit and 15mm socket. STEP 6: Disconnect both tie rod ends from the knuckles (See Pic. 5). Use 15mm wrench. STEP 7: Loosen brake line at caliper for later removal. Use 15mm wrench (See Pic. 6). STEP 8: Remove calipers from the knuckles. Remove plastic caps and loosen 7mm hex pins (See Pic. 7). Disengage caliper retainer clip and remove caliper (See Pic. 8). STEP 9: Separate the rubber brake line (loosened in STEP 7) from caliper and cap rubber lines with plastic caps (See Pic. 9). STEP 10: Remove rubber line from hard chassis line (See Pic. 10). STEP 11: Disconnect sway bar link from strut (See Pic. 11). STEP 12: Remove anti-lock sensor from knuckle if equipped with one.

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