Ford-Toyota-Lexus 555F Interface Module Wiring Installation Instructions

By | January 13, 2014

Download The 555F interface module is used when installing remote start products in Ford, Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with factory immobilizers. The 555F allows for easy interfacing between the remote start and the factory immobilizer, while maintaining the integrity of the OEM system. WIRE CONNECTION GUIDE FOR FORDS RED (+)12V: Connect this wire to a fused (+)12V source. BLUE (-) ACTIVATION INPUT: Connect this wire to the (-) through activation output of the remote start system. 555FCAPSULE: The 555F capsule should be placed on the outside of the antenna ring as close to the ribbon cable as possible. LEARNING THE 555F CAPSULE FOR FORDS To program the 555F capsule for a Ford vehicle, use the procedure that corresponds to the appropriate vehicle year. 1996 and 1997 Ford Vehicles: 1. Install the remote start and make the appropriate wire connections on the 555F. 2. Make sure that the 555F capsule can reach the front of the key cylinder where the key is inserted. 3. Turn the ignition to the RUN position and wait until the security light goes out (approximately 3.5 seconds). Then turn the ignition to the OFF position and remove the key. 4. Within 10 seconds, hold the 555F capsule in front of the key cylinder, approximately a half inch away from the key hole, and remote start the vehicle. If the vehicle starts, then proceed to Step 5. If it does not start, go back to Step 3 and repeat Steps 3 and 4. 5. Place the 555F capsule against the PATS antenna ring and activate the remote start. 6. If the vehicle remote starts, attach the capsule securely. If the vehicle does not start, move the capsule and try to remote start the vehicle again. Repeat this process until the vehicle starts, and then secure the capsule. 1998 and Newer Ford Vehicles: NOTE: When programming the 555F for 1998 and newer Fords, you must have two separate keys that are already coded to the vehicle. Using the same key twice will not work. Also, make sure the two keys are not on the same key ring, because this may also cause the vehicle not to learn the 555F capsule. 1. Install the remote start and make the proper wire connections on the 555F. 2. Make sure that the 555F capsule can reach the front of the key cylinder where the key is inserted. Programming the 555F for Fords. Programming the 555F for 1998 and Newer Lexus and Toyota WIRE CONNECTION GUIDE FOR LEXUS AND TOYOTAS NOTE: The Ignition Key Sense wire must be isolated from the 555F. (See the following diagram.) LEARNING THE 555F CAPSULE FOR LEXUS AND TOYOTAS IMPORTANT! You must use the Master Key to program the 555F to the vehicle. On Lexus vehicles, the Master Key is usually the black key. (Valet keys will not work for this operation.) 1. Power the RED wire on the 555F with constant power, and ground the BLUE wire. 2. Check to make sure the 555F pellet can reach the front of the key cylinder. Leave the pellet hanging under the dash, away from the key cylinder. 3. Next, locate the vehicle’s Ignition Key Sense wire at the ignition switch. Connect the Ignition Key Sense wire to a length of primary wire long enough to accommodate grounding, which is described later in this programming procedure.

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