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Download -IMPORTANT LUBRICANT NOTE- The Auburn Gear limited-slip differential design has been extensively tested with high quality non-synthetic 80W90 hypoid oils treated with GM or Ford friction additives (3 oz. of additive will treat 1 quart of oil). To avoid differential clutch chatter (noise) and for optimum performance, use the oil and additive described above. Use of other additive and oil types may cause differential clutch chatter. Ford Part Number: C8A219B546A GM Part Number: 1052358 PINION SHAFT MODIFICATION Certain “C” clip axle applications with high gear ratios will require pinion shaft modification due to the thickness of the ring gear. The thick ring gear will prohibit the pinion shaft from being removed making “C” clip installation impossible. Use the following procedure to modify the pinion shaft. 1. Modification to be 90┬║ to the pinion shaft lock screw hole as shown. It is recommended that this be accomplished through grinding. 2. Remove sharp edge from modified section by buffing. 3. Pinion shaft should not be re-hardened after modification. Reinstall the pinion shaft prior to installing the ring gear. With the ring gear installed, rotate the pinion shaft so that the ground flat is parallel to the ring gear face. Pull the pinion shaft outward as far as possible. Install an axle shaft and check that the end of the axle will pass the end of the pinion shaft. SPECIAL NOTES – Ford 8″ applications require the use of the following carrier bearings: LM 102949 (Bearing Cone) LM 102910 (Bearing Cup) Same bearings used in certain Ford 9″ applications – Ford 8″ & Ford 9″ applications require the use of ring gear bolts from an open type differential, Ford Part Number D802-4216-B. Ford limited-slip type bolts are too long. – Be sure to torque the pinion shaft lock screw to 20 – 25 lb-ft. The lock screw is not torqued prior to shipment on most models. – Chrysler 8-3/4 applications require the use of the following carrier bearings (Stock bearing for 1969-1973 applications): LM 104949 (Bearing Cone) LM 104912 (Bearing Cup) – Ford 7.5 applications require special “C” washers, which are supplied with the differential. – Some AMC 20, Dana 44, and Chrysler 8-3/4 applications require the use of an axle spacer, which is included with these units. – Some applications use a Tone Wheel for the anti-lock braking system. In most instances, this Tone Wheel is fitted to the outer diameter of the ring gear flange. Remove the Tone Wheel from the original differential and install onto the new differential. Refer to vehicle service manual for detailed removal and installation procedures. CAUTION: Be careful not to damage Tone Wheel teeth during removal and installation. NOTE: GM 7-5/8 applications use two (2) different Tone Wheels, depending on the differential case series. 3.08:1 & down gear ratios – Series 2 case 3.23:1 & up gear ratios – Series 3 – Chrysler 8-1/4 applications require modification to the axle housing as shown to provide clearance for the differential case. Clean housing after grinding.

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