Ford Big (Torino) Bearing Rear Disc Conversion Installation Instructions


Filed Under (Ford) by Doe Namblas on 21-06-2013

Download This kit is for Ford 9″ rear axles with the large Torino (3.15″) style bearing. This kit is designed to work with axles with either GM 5 x 4.75 Bolt Pattern and 7/16″ wheel studs or Ford 5 x 4.5 Bolt Pattern and ½” wheel studs. Rotor center measures 2.78″. Attention: Before modifying, painting, or powder coating any part of this kit, please trial fit all components and check rim clearance. We recommend you run 15″ or larger wheels with this kit. We do not support the use of 14″ wheels on this kit. 1. Prepare the car Begin by securely supporting the car on jack stands. Chock the front wheels to be sure vehicle does not roll. Always work on a flat, even surface. Remove the wheels to gain access to the factory drum brakes. 2. Remove the old drum brakes Remove the original axles from the vehicle. After the axles are out, you can unbolt the drum brakes and remove them as a complete assembly. There is no need to remove the drum shoes and hardware before removing the backing plate. Dress the front and back of the axle flange with some steel wool or a wire brush to prepare it for the new caliper brackets. Make certain to keep your original T-Bolts, you will need them for the installation of the caliper mounting brackets. You may need to remove the factory bearing retaining plate that is between the wheel stud flange and the pressed on bearing. The axle flange plate that is included in this kit (bracket #1) replaces the plate that is on your axle. If you do need to remove the plate it will need to be cut off of the axle because it is between the pressed on axle bearing and the wheel stud flange. If you do not want to cut it off you will need to remove your pressed on bearing, remove the plate, then repress your bearing onto the axle. 3. Re-install the axles Reinstall the axles into the rear end housing. When you are finished removing all of the drum hardware and reinstalling the axles your rear end should look like the picture below and you should be ready to install the new caliper mounting brackets. 4. Install the new axle flange bolts The new caliper brackets mount to the back (inboard) side of the axle flange. Take four of the 1/2in T-bolts and place them in the holes of the bracket the axle tube is on the car (shown below). The threads of the T-bolts should be facing towards the outside of the car away from the gas tank (shown below).

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