Direct Connect iPod Adapter Ford Explorer / Sport Trac / Mercury Mountaineer Installation Instructions

By | December 14, 2013

Download Contents 1 Congratulations / Contact info 2 Radio Connection 2 Radio Configuration 3 Parts List 3 Tools Required 4 Radio / Adapter Installation Guide 13 Satellite Receiver Connection 13 Satellite Configuration 14 Parts List 14 Tools Required 15 Satellite / Adapter Installation Guide Congratulations / Contact info You’ve purchased a Brandmotion iPod Adapter System designed, engineered, and built specifically for your Ford vehicle. We have made every effort to ensure that your Brandmotion iPod Adapter meets the highest quality standards in terms of fit, durability, finish and ease of installation. Radio Connection This section pertains to Ford Explorer / Sport Trac / Mercury Mountaineer vehicles that do not have a factory-installed satellite receiver. To install the iPod Adapter you will need to access the back of the OEM radio in your vehicle. Specific instructions for removing the trim in your vehicle are included in this guide. If you are not confident that you can safely remove your interior trim to perform the installation, contact your dealer or a competent mechanic for assistance. Radio Configuration You should be installing you Brandmotion iPod Adapter into a Ford Explorer / Sport Trac / Mercury Mountaineer with an OEM radio that is similar to this picture. Parts List Adapter Box iPod Connection Cable Radio Short Harness. Lift off the shifter trim ring. Using a plastic pry tool is recommended. Remove the two 7mm hex head fasteners that hold the center console housing. Lift up the center console housing starting at the rear corners. Pry off the HVAC bezel starting at the top. Work your way down the sides to remove the bezel. Disconnect the HVAC wires on the HVAC bezel. Use a screwdriver to depress the lever snaps.

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