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Download POWER PACKAGE: Edelbrock Accu-Drive gear drives are part of a Total Power Package parts system that can be completed with the use of dyno- matched Performer , Performer RPM, or Torker II cams, intake manifolds, and carburetors. For competition applications, use Edelbrock Victor intake manifolds. Please refer to the Power Package Guide in the Edelbrock catalog to select all the components you need.  ACCU-DRIVE OPERATING PRINCIPAL The Accu-Drive system utilizes a free floating idler gear that is self-aligning and connects the crankshaft and camshaft gears into proper mesh. The large floating idler gear is positioned on the right side of the engine (passenger side). During normal operation, the drive power is transmitted from the crankshaft through the large floating idler to the camshaft gear. During the running operation, there is no backlash between these gears. The small idler gear (located opposite the large idler gear) is also free floating. This small gear does not carry any operating gear loading. The small idler must be allowed to float vertically as noted in Figure 1. The small idler prevents the large idler gear from being disengaged from mesh in the event the engine is rotated backwards.  GEAR ASSEMBLY CAUTION NOTES: 1. Never hammer directly on gears. You will damage the gear teeth and cause early failure. 2. Lubricate all gears and bearings with engine oil before installing front cover. 3. The small idler gear must be free to float vertically with the large idler gear in tight gear mesh with the crankshaft and camshaft gears. See Figure 1 for proper clearance. CAUTION: If gears do not have proper clearance the gear teeth will become overheated and discolored and will fail due to excessive friction between the mating gears. 4. Large idler gear shaft length may require material removal to obtain the correct clearance between the cylinder block and front cover. See Figure 2. 5. If a non-stock front cover is used be sure idler gear axles do not have more than .030″ front end clearance. Install allen head capscrews inside cover (if necessary) to obtain proper clearance. 6. Do not use aluminum hub harmonic balancer with your Accu-Drive. Use only stock or aftermarket steel harmonic balancers. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: THE FOLLOWING STEPS ARE CRITICAL FOR THE PROPER OPERATION OF YOUR ACCU-DRIVE! A. Remove stock timing cover. Rotate engine to Top Dead Center of cylinder #1 so that the timing marks on the original crank and cam sprockets are directly lined up with each other, i.e., the mark on the crank sprocket will be straight up and the mark on the cam sprocket will be straight down. Remove stock crank and camshaft sprockets and timing chain. Refer to repair manual if necessary for individual steps. B. Assemble Accu-Drive as shown in Figure 1. 1. Select the desired keyway in the crank gear “0″ (standard), “A” (4Þ advanced at the crank, 2Þ at the cam), or “R” (4Þ retarded at the crank, 2Þ at the cam). Use the “0Þ”standard keyway as a baseline for camshaft timing. Install crank gear with the large inside chamfer toward rear of engine and timing mark toward front of engine. Make certain crankshaft drive key is aligned with keyway of the crank gear before assembling. 2. See Figure 2 “Camshaft gear assembly”for correct assembly. (a) Place well lubricated thrust washer on the rear (block) side of cam gear. (b) The Edelbrock Accu-Drive system is furnished with an 0.250″ thick thrust ring that installs between the back side of the cam gear and the front side of the camshaft thrust plate. You must use the factory Ford thrust plate . Torque the thrust plate

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