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Download 2009-2010 Ford Expedition LOW FREQUENCY ENGINE KNOCKING NOISE AT HOT IDLE. FORD: 2009-2010 Expedition, F-150 LINCOLN: 2009-2010 Navigator. 6. Open Data Logger. ISSUE Some 2009-2010 F150 vehicles equipped with a 7. Select Powertrain Engine. 4.6L 3V or 5.4L 3V engine, Expedition and Navigator vehicles may exhibit a low frequency 8. Select PCM Data Logger. knocking noise from the engine at hot idle only. The 9. Clear the preselected items by clicking the noise is predominately heard from the right front eraser icon button. wheel well area and/or the right hand (RH) engine cam cover. This noise may be generated from the 10. Select variable cam timing desired angle RH variable camshaft timing (VCT) phaser number (VCT_DSD). assembly. This procedure was created to diagnose the RH VCT phaser assembly. 11. Go to live display and press the tick mark. 12. Make sure the parameter identification (PID) is ACTION highlighted with the dark lines above and below Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the the data being displayed. condition. 13. Press number symbol: (output state control SERVICE PROCEDURE mode) of the VCT_DSD number PID. The Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) tests were 14. Press the Control Item Activate (finger on the developed specifically for the vehicles and Power button) icon to enable manual control of the Control Module (PCM) strategies for these vehicles. PID. Per Workshop Manual (WSM), Powertrain Controls 15. Use the plus button to command to 4 degrees. and Emissions Diagnostics (PC/ED) and Scheduled (One click is equal to 1 degree) When Maintenance Guide, review customer service history commanding the advance, both banks will for use of any aftermarket oil filters. normally adjust. 1. Check for possible diagnostic trouble codes a. If degrees will not advance, or there is an (DTCs). exclamation point after the PID selected, a. No DTCs present, proceed to Step 2. conditions are not being met. Check for possible VCT solenoid circuit faults, DTCs, b. If DTCs are present, discontinue with this incorrect engine timing, or a mechanically procedure and refer to the PC/ED manual broken VCT phaser. for diagnostics. b. Listen carefully to the low frequency knock 2. Engine must be at full operating temperature noise while commanding the VCT_DSD from over 190 °F (88 °C) cylinder head temperature 0 to 4 degrees. (CHT). (1) If noise level is noticeably reduced as 3. Connect IDS diagnostics tool and verify the VCT desired angle is commanded software version is at the latest level (63 or from 0 to 4 degrees, the noise source later required). is the RH VCT phaser assembly. Proceed to Step 17. 4. Begin a new vehicle session. FORD: LINCOLN: 2009-2010 Expedition, F-150 2009-2010 Navigator

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