2004 Ford Expedition/Navigator Brake Pads REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION

By | December 28, 2013

Download NOTE: Verify if the anchor housing spring has 1. CAUTION: Install a new lining if worn 1 end with 2 tabs. If yes, the LH side anchor to or past the specified thickness above the housing spring must be installed with the metal backing plate or rivets. Install new 2-tabbed end in the upper brake caliper cavity. pads in complete axle sets. For the LH brake caliper, release the lower If necessary, using a suitable suction device, portion of the anchor housing spring. remove the brake fluid in the master cylinder •Apply force at the center of the anchor reservoir until it is half filled. housing spring and pull outward at the bottom of the anchor housing spring to 2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. For remove it from the lower brake caliper additional information, refer to Section 204-04. cavity. 3. Inspect the brake pads for wear or contamination. 4. CAUTION: If the anchor housing spring is to be reused, do not force the anchor housing spring off the brake caliper. Do not install a damaged anchor housing spring. Remove the anchor housing spring. 6. Rotate the spring upward then remove it from the brake caliper. 9. NOTE: Do not allow the brake caliper to hang from the brake hose. Remove the brake caliper. 7. NOTE: On the RH side, the anchor housing 1 Remove the zero-drag spring. spring must be installed with the 2-tabbed end in the lower brake caliper cavity. The 2 Remove and discard the brake illustration below shows the anchor housing caliper-to-anchor plate bolts, guide pins and spring end with 2 tabs. boots. For RH brake caliper, release the upper portion of the anchor housing spring. •Apply force at the center of the anchor housing spring and pull outward at the top of the anchor housing spring to remove it from the upper brake caliper cavity. 10. Remove the brake pads from the brake caliper. 11. NOTE: Use a wood block or used brake pad to protect the brake caliper piston boots. Compress the brake caliper pistons. 8. Rotate the spring downward then remove it from the brake caliper.

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